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Waterbed Mattress

Best Water Proof Mattress Protector

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Wake-Fit Water Proof Mattress Protector (72*36)

INR 899.00
  • Our Mattress Protector offers protection to the Mattress from accidents. Wakefit Mattress protector is 100% waterproof and protects mattress against any liquid spill over by a Young Child, Pet or during regular usage. Doesn't Contain PVC, Vinyl or Pthalates.
  • Terry Cotton layer on the top provides smooth feel and keep the sleeping surface cool. It absorbs all the natural moisture and doesn't let it seep thorugh mattress.
  • It has Cotton Lycra casing with elastic strap - Makes it easy to hold the protector with mattress.
  • TPU Film is used for to make it 100% waterproof and at the same time Breathable. It allows air to pass through but not the water. Helps you maintain Hygiene by protecting against any allergens like Bacteria, Pollens, Dust Mites, Any Fluid.
  • Easy to care - Wash it gently in Washing Machine.
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Your Mattress is costly and it needs to be safe with the best. Wake-Fit - Water Proof Hypoallergic Colling Terry Mattress Protector. - Water Proof : 100% Water Proof and absolutely no sound. - Hypoallergic : Prevents Allergens like Pollen or Dust Mites and Bacteria to enter the Mattress. - Cool and Breathable : Terry Cloth keeps it cool through out night. While TPU layer beneath keeps it breathable. Not like conventional plastic films. - Quality : Made using 200 GSM High Quality Terry Fabric with TPU film. The feel is very soft. Person sleeping on it will not realize if he/she is sleeping on a mattress protector. It feels like a nice cover to mattress. Mattress protector is good for Kids, Pets, pregnant mothers, grand parents and any accidental spill over of liquid on mattress.

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