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Memory Foam Pillow

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Wakefit Memory Foam Pillow - Height Adjustable

INR 1299.00
  • 5 Years Wakefit Warranty.
  • Made using shredded memory foam.
  • Hygienic - Machine Washable.
  • 400 GSM Cotton cover (Washable).
  • Aligns your Spinal chord with Neck - Comfortable Sleep.
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Different people have different choices for pillows. Some like to sleep with a thicker pillow, some with a very thin and some even without it. We thought of making a pillow that you can adjust yourself on the basis of your own requirement - height and hardness. Basically we designed a DIY pillow - Do It Yourself Pillow. You can choose to adjust the height of pillow by manually adjusting the memory foam pieces inside pillow - Make it comfortable to your needs. Shredded memory foam is a new technology which gets you the benefit of memory foam i.e. taking shape of your neck and help you align spinal cord with it. It also gets you the special benefit of extra breath ability with memory foam.

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