Scone 6 Seater Solid Wood Dining Set

6 Seater, With Cushion - Omega Pearl, Irish walnut


₹40,500   MRP ₹56,628  (28% off) (Incl of all taxes)


Dining Table and Dining Chairs Online

Buying a dining table and chair for your living room has never been easier. Choose from our range of wooden dining chairs and tables online that are designed for urban Indian homes and get your dining tables and dining chairs home delivered. Our dining chairs and dining tables designs are stylish, yet practical and work as smart display units. With furniture from Wakefit, you can really create a contemporary living space with affordable furniture that looks great and is durable too.

Our range of dining chairs and dining tables online are made from strong teak wood and are available in a variety of textures, finishes and colour tones. Choose from dining chairs set of 4 or dining chairs of 6, these modern wooden furniture would be perfect for your home in all its glory. Our dining table and chair variety provide you the option of choosing variants that offer space and style, in modern designs that are versatile with every style of decor. Our dining chairs online are made to ergonomically fit your lifestyle. So when you are looking for the perfect fit in your dining room, explore the range of dining chairs that Wakefit has to offer and create a living space that is stylish, practical and cost effective. They are super easy to maintain, only requiring a quick wipe with a soft, dry cloth. For long lasting results, keep it out of direct sunlight and avoid liquid spills on the furniture.

Wakefit Modern Dining Chairs

Wakefit is known for curating innovative products at the most affordable prices. Dining chairs and dining tables have been in the industry for years. With a plethora of dining chair options available in the market, our wooden dining tables and dining chairs make it to the topmost level with superior quality and innovation. Wakefit’s dining chairs are made from the highest and safest quality Teak wood that makes the unit sturdy and long-lasting. Along with the unique and superior make, our wooden dining chairs come with a natural wood finish colour that will suit any quintessential Indian home. The dining chairs price is affordable and worthy for any modern Indian household. On the other hand the wooden dining tables are spacious and curated by our experts with the understanding that every Indian dining space deserves the best.

Wakefit range of wooden dining chairs and wooden dining tables

Our super-innovative wooden dining chairs come in a variety of options. If you’re looking for a durable yet sturdy dining chair with sophisticated seating, you have come to the right place. Our dining chairs are modern and scream classy in every household. The different types of wooden dining chairs and dining tables come at a super-affordable price to help you save your wallet and give your family the best memories for a lifetime.

Wakefit Dining set online

Buy from a range of Dining Sets online and binge watch all day, in style! Our Dining Set designs are crafted to suit the quintessential Indian home. The Wakefit Cinnamon dining table is a classic set that is the perfect piece for your dining room. It is sturdy and super- affordable for any Indian dining set-up. Speaking about our other invention, the Clove dining table set is sleek and sturdy. Choose the best dining table set for your home with our wide range of products.

Wakefit Dining Furniture Price

Dining Furniture Price (Starting from)
4 Seater Dining Set ₹ 23884
6 Seater Dining Set ₹ 20978
Dining Table ₹ 8356
Dining Chair ₹ 3890

Wakefit Products

Wakefit has now been in existence since 2016. During this time, we have serviced over 5 lakh customers, sold over 7 lakh products, and spent at least 1500 hours in research and development. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric and providing our customers with the very best of service. We have spent our initial years talking to our customers to understand their needs better and creating products that cater to those needs. This is the ethos of our company and we believe that the only way to succeed is to solve a problem our users face in their daily lives. After building a successful line of sleep products online, we now have a line of home products online, designed to be ergonomic solutions for the modern Indian household. We believe in creating and selling products of the highest quality at the very best of prices, so that true comfort is accessible to everyone in India. What you see is what you get!

Our other products include Shoe Racks, Wall Hanging Shelves, Study Tables, Study Chairs, Wardrobes… the list goes on.

Explore more now on Wakefit.co and find solutions that work for you in creating the perfect home, without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which type of wood is used in the manufacture of the product?

→ The dining table is made from teak wood. The chair is also made of teak wood except the seat support material which is of plywood.

2. Can I buy only the table or the chair?

→ Yes, you can. If you want to buy only the dining table, visit the dining table section and if you want to buy only the dining chair, visit the dining chair section.

3. How to clean the chair upholstery?

→ The chair cushion can be vacuumed to remove dust. To remove any stain please hire an expert upholstery cleaner to clean the product. Also, please avoid spilling any liquid in the upholstery as it might ruin the foam inside.

4. Can I place hot items on the dining table?

→ Yes, you can but it is recommended to place a dining cloth underneath or a coaster to protect the colour of the wood from fading.

5. Can customers have an option to view the Wakefit product before delivery?

→ Customers can visit Wakefit Experience Centers available in selected cities to get a touch and feel of the products.

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