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Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedroom Interior Design In India: Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Cosier

Tired of staying in the same old bedroom? Looking to spruce things up on the home decor front? Wakefit has just what you need to turn your plain old bedroom into a paradise. From state-of-the-art beds and mattresses to stylish bedsheets and curtains, we’ve got everything you need to create your dream bedroom.
Let’s start with the basics. The main part of a bedroom interior design in India is the bed and the mattress. So to kick off your bedroom’s decor, let’s begin with bedroom furniture ideas.

Thoughtful Ideas for Bedroom Interior Design In India

To begin with, you must know the purpose of the room. And of course, the bedroom should speak of comfort and warmth. So accordingly, you can think about designing your own space that is conducive to sleep. Here are certain areas that you can look into to design your bedroom. However, for something in-depth, you can also understand the items to consider while thinking to do bedroom makeover.

Smarten Up With Right Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Furniture, wall art, cabinets, shelves, cupboards, colours and decorative pieces are must-haves for any bedroom. Every bedroom needs furniture, storage solutions, lighting apart from accessories like rugs, throw pillows, a good display case, a nightstand to complete the look.
Room insides are like gems in a crown that make a space sparkle. Pieces of furniture like bed, mattress, wardrobes, bedside table and dressing units are basic requirements for any bedroom. These are basic requirements for bedroom interior design in India, but apart from that we also need to think about incorporating simple bedroom decor ideas that will complete the look of the room. Let's look at the basic requirements for bedroom interior design in India in detail

1. Get A Strong Wooden Bed

One of the basic requirements is the bed, the centre of attraction when it comes to bedroom interior design in India. It’s the sole star of the room and the entire purpose lies there mostly. You can also look at which side is best to sleep on and optimise your comfort. Each one of us deserves the best double bed design or design that suits our sleep and comfort needs. While some require the latest bed design that comes with a headboard to die for, others would prioritise storage space. What if we told you that you could get all of that in one place at the click of a button?
At Wakefit, we offer you different types of bed that turn your sleep haven into a paradise by upping the style quotient and comfort level of your bedroom by several notches. You are invited to explore the plethora of bed design options available, from a wooden bed design with storage and sleek metal beds to our best double bed design that transforms your room into the cuddliest space one could ask for.

2. Mattress For Your Comfort

Specialists acknowledge that getting sound sleep is one of the absolute and most ideal ways to keep up with and work on our wellbeing. A sleeping mattress is a core element in our ability to have a sound sleep and bedroom interior design in India .Yet, many individuals neglect its significance and continue to utilize a sleeping mattress that does not offer sufficient comfort and support.
Investing in a new sleeping mattress can open your capacity to sleep better. But first, you must understand the different types of mattresses available in India. It's always essential to think about your own requirements and inclinations while choosing from different types of mattresses . We’ve created the ultimate Wakefit mattress comparison for you so that you can make the right choice.

3. Wardrobes For Your Storage

One of the main aspects of bedroom interior design in India is that each bedroom needs the appropriate capacity to keep the room mess-free and make living more agreeable. You can accomplish good bedroom furniture ideas by adding wardrobes to your main room. There are huge loads of wardrobe designs that you can browse to utilize your space.
A story to roof pantry will boost stockpiling in your room. Put your bags and carriages over the wardrobe and dress inside. A bedroom with a mirror fills a double need in little rooms. You can also look at some wall mirror designs for bedroom and get clearer cues! It saves space and makes the room spacious as well. A built-in cabinet is not difficult to tweak, and it looks delightful as well!

4. Bedside Table

Where do you keep your alarm clock, spectacles, and phones? In the event that your bed is the response, it's time for you to consider a bedside table for a bedroom interior design in India. In addition to the fact that it is practical & can possibly turn into an improving piece as well as holding furniture for bedroom decor lights such as lamps or an indoor plant. In the event that you are a fanatic for a practical plan, settle on the bedside a table with drawers to keep important pieces of stuff like medicines, hand creams and more.
Now that we’ve got the basics of bedroom interior design in India covered, let’s move on to the other important piece of decor curtain ideas for bedroom.

Curtain Ideas For Bedroom For Cosy Space

One of the main bedroom interior design in india is picking the right curtain ideas for bedrooms that can now feel overpowering with heading type, texture, length, example, shading and functional contemplations all requiring a practical thought. Nonetheless, prior to getting hindered in the better subtleties, it is critical to recall that the essential job of curtains is to shut out the light and keep your room comfortable. While considering any bedroom interior design in India thoughts and style choices should be kept at the rear of your psyche.

1. Get linen curtains for casual look

Linen draperies unquestionably last longer than cotton ones. Additionally, they are impervious to dirt and don't permit build up from getting aggregated on drapes.

2. Add a wooden pelmet to a conventional botanical plan

In a little room, such a strong example could be overpowering, but the pelmet guarantees it looks slick and clean.

3. Match your drapes to your walls

Offer an intense expression by colour blocking in your room and matching your drape tone to your walls.

4. Pick a curtain that goes with the view

Pick a curtain material that upgrades your view, Accordingly one should match cushions for bedrooms.

Master Bedroom Colour Ideas

Another great bedroom interior design in India is that you can change the look and feel of your room instantly by following the proper master bedroom colour ideas. Furthermore, for a room, which is your own space, it becomes indispensable to get what is generally essential to you. While choosing the furnishings of your bedroom, we suggest that you choose soothing colours that will create an environment or an atmosphere that is conducive to sleep.

1. Blue

Blue is a decent shading to use on walls or potentially roofs of little rooms or rooms without windows to forestall an enclosed vibe.

2. Green

IA pastel shade of green can help in promoting positive thoughts, which relaxes you and puts you in a better mood when you fall asleep.

3. Yellow

Soft shades of yellow are known to encourage relaxation by stimulating our nervous systems by creating a cosy atmosphere.
So choose your furnishings in a manner that will help create a sanctuary for you, where you feel calm, relaxed and ready for a night of deep sleep.

Bedroom Decor Lights

Of the relative multitude of rooms in your home, your bedroom is likely the only one you invest energy in when it's totally dim, totally brilliant. Thus, getting your room lighting configuration spot on is crucial for making it an agreeable spot to rest your head around evening time, to get going every morning and to approach your day.

The main part of a bedroom interior design in India is the beddings used for your bed. So to kick off your bedding ideas, let’s begin with collating those decors.

Bedding Ideas For Your Bedroom

We burn through 33% of our lives sleeping and incalculable hours laying in bed, so why not make it a five-star extravagance experience? We need to impart bedding thoughts to you to make your bed agreeable, present-day and delightful, very much like a lavish hotel bedding. Moreover, you can get more cues from some thoughtful bedding decor ideas.
When we checked out what specialists revealed on what makes a bed agreeable and welcoming, we discovered a few amazing and supportive tips on the best way to make a lovely dozing space loaded up with great bedding ideas. The best bedding thoughts address each of the five of the bed's layers.

-> Start layering your bedding with these layers of sheets, pillow, bed covers and throw blankets. For stopgap style use cushions for bedrooms. You can understand the different types of pillows for sleep and bring home that is ideal for you!

-> A premium quality bed sheet with a simple pattern and a great feel is the right way to go. Wakefit offers high quality 180 thread count fitted bed sheets to give your room a classy yet simplistic look, while also providing comfort with a soft and premium feel.

-> A fitted bed sheet is easy to tuck in, which makes it way more convenient than flat ones. Moreover, once you have tucked these in, the elastic weaved across the periphery of the sheet ensures that it stays in place. As a result, the bed looks neat and tidy throughout the day.

Wakefit offers bedroom decor ideas India like the best bed sheets, comforters and pillows so you can shop for high-quality home decor online and have it delivered at your doorstep so that you can easily create and style the bedroom of your dreams.
Moreover, in India households the vastu of the house or the room comes first. According to the traditional belief, the vastu is crucial to maintain good health, peace and clarity. So, keeping in mind the vastu of your home , you can think of bringing in the bedroom decor elements!

How To Decor Bedroom Wall

The huge and empty wall over your bed is most likely the explanation for something that's absent. It's difficult to improve the region over your bed - it's a long and now and then tight region. Here are a few simple ways to decor bedroom wall that can take your simple bedroom decor ideas to higher levels.

1. Paint The Wall With A Rich And Dynamic Tone

Rich-look paint is extraordinary for adding aspect, detail, and profundity.

2. Set A Wall Mural

Wall murals are eye-catching and make a statement.

3. Hang A Decorated Rug

Hanging a decorated rug will cover the empty wall space

4. Create A Gallery With Photographs

Hang the favourite moments of your life and fill up your empty space with photo frames.

5. Hang A Mirror Or Artwork

Hanging a mirror or artwork can fill up the empty space above your bed. Wall mirror designs for bedrooms have the ability to make your home appear more sophisticated and spacious.

You can make your space cosier with these small additions. And they don’t have any age bar. Yes it’s for everyone. You can use these elements as kids bedroom ideas or even for your guest room! Both will love the comforting essence in the room.

Get All Your Decor Needs to be Fulfilled Only at Wakefit

In 2016, two young minds founded Wakefit to help fellow Indians sleep better. Since the first day, we have put in everything to ensure that quality memory foam mattresses are made available with just one click of a button, at a price that does not muddle your sleep. Our 100-night free trial only helped us embolden the trust that sleepers show in us and our products.
We are now embracing the title of a one-stop solution brand for bedroom interior design in India. Your favourite sleep product port is not only transforming into a one-stop destination for all your furniture requirements but also bedroom decor ideas India. From sofas, ergonomic work-from-home furniture, wall shelves, bookshelves, tv units, shoe racks and more. At Wakefit, you will find anything you need, that too at a very reasonable price.
You can have a look at all our products here.

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