10 Yum Snacks To Munch On This Monsoon

Monsoon, a season that people either love or completely abhor!

While one bunch waits the entire year to get drenched by a monsoon cloud (preferably with someone they love), the other group cannot stop cribbing about how hard it is for them to wake up in the morning or travel to work during the rainy season.

So one thing is clear: whether you love or you hate this season, you just cannot ignore it! And that’s why we thought, why not pay it attention while munching on something yum?

Sounds like a good idea, right? We knew we’d get you on board!

Here are some of the easiest hot snacks for rainy days that you can prepare at home and snuggle into bed with, while the rain clouds do their job outside.

  1. Pav bhaji

Craving spicy food, anyone? The pav bhaji with its toasted buns and fiery bhaji masala will definitely lighten up your mood, this season.

  1. Aloo tikki  

Want to beat the rainy blues? Try potato tikki. Mashed potatoes, ginger, garlic, channa dal, cumin seeds, and chillies, this crispy dish is the perfect side to your hot cup of tea.

  1. Sweet corn masala

Monsoon means an abundance of corn! We say make the most of it, and try fried corn, sweet corn chat, corn masala, or may be create your own recipe and share it with us!

Here’s something you can try if you really can’t think of anything: Boil sweet corn. Add to it finely diced tomato, green chilies, ginger and garlic paste, and cumin seeds. You can add fennel seeds for flavor if you want. Mix all the ingredients, and then squeeze in a dash of lemon for that ultimate kick!

  1. Mini samosas

This one’s among the classic monsoon vegetarian recipes, and no one can go wrong with this! Serve the hot mini samosas with a spicy coriander chutney or a mint chutney, it completely depends on what you prefer.

  1. Rajma pakoras

It is not as hard as it sounds, people! All you have to do is boil some rajma, and mash it. Add herbs and spices of your choice. In the end, you need to coat the pakora mix with oats and some bread crumbs. Simple, eh?

  1. Roasted fruits

A lot of your favorite crunchy fruits have come out in the market? Well, get them home, coat them with honey and roast them to prepare some yummy snacks for your evening cup of tea with the family.

  1. Corn fritters

An irresistible snack, corn fritters made with corn, gram flour and spices is one of our top picks for this monsoon. Try it with freshly made bell pepper sauce in case you are trying to impress someone… that somebody could be yourself!

  1. Masala kachori

A perfect snack to devour when it is pouring buckets outside.

Try a stuffing made of gram flour, coconut powder, cinnamon powder, cardamom and other spices, and some peanuts. Dip them in a chutney of your choice while watching your favorite Bollywood classic.

  1. Chicken pakora

A snack that you can carry to your favorite corner with your beverage and enjoy while watching the sky outside – chicken pakoras can brighten up any gloomy day!

For the batter, use besan flour, rice powder, a paste made of ginger and garlic, and some traditional fiery Indian spices. Make sure the chicken pieces you use are juicy ones. For the perfect crispiness, deep fry the pakoras without worrying about calories. Everyone’s allowed one cheat day a week!

  1. Dahi vada

An article on snacks to try during Indian monsoons is incomplete without this traditional dish.

Who doesn’t love these bread balls soft as cotton dipped in tasty veggies and topped with creamy mouth-watering yogurt. Too good to resist, eh?