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How to get more sleep while social distancing

As nature changes its timings, we get ready for longer days and shorter nights. How does our body cope up with such a change in daylight exposure? How can we ensure that we get more sleep this Spring? Not just is it Spring, we are all socially distancing ourselves, which means our routines are going to change drastically, our physical activities will be lesser, and anxiety might be heightened due to the pandemic and news about it. 

Here are some healthy sleeping habits that you can adopt in order to prevent sleep deprivation due to changes in seasons and change in our ways of life. Try including these to your bedtime routine, and see how it allows you to get more sleep this Quarantine period. 

Tips to help you sleep better while social distancing 

  •  Exercising is key 

Exercising regularly is key to ensure that you do not have difficulty sleeping. We will not be going out for a while, and so we may have to replace our daily physical activity such as commuting to work or going for walks, etc. with indoor workouts. Try incorporating at least a 20-minute workout into your daily routine to ensure you sleep on time and get good quality sleep as you stay at home.

  • Calming activities before bed 

Before you hit the bed, calm yourself down. Some exercises that can help you do the same are maintaining a gratitude journal, doing some breathing routines, listening to soothing music or a relaxing podcast, maybe something about sleep, meditation, sleep meditation, etc. These activities will help you prepare yourself for bed, making it easier for you to fall asleep. 

  • Read some books

Remember all the books that you bought but could never find time to read, now is when you take them off the shelf. Replace your habit of scrolling through electronic devices before sleep with a paper book. This will help you protect your sleep from the blue light emitted by the devices while also helping you calm yourself with a nice book instead of some news that will leave you anxious and sleepless.  

  • Get a good mattress 

Investing in the right mattress for you is another oft-overlooked way to improve your sleep. Most of the time, a bad mattress does not make it to the list of usual suspects causing poor sleep or sleep deprivation, and wrongly so. A good mattress will help you improve your sleep by resetting your body’s internal clock. The mattress will adapt to your body shape and give you the ultimate snuggly feeling during sleep. However, it will not suffocate you or make you feel stuck as it will distribute your bodyweight uniformly throughout ensuring no pressure points are created in your body. The mattress will also keep away mites, molds and other allergens that are in abundance during spring and summer. The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress offers all of these features and more. You can check it out here.

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