How Is Online Mattress Shopping Better Than Offline Stores?

online mattress shopping

What is it you look for when you do online mattress shopping? The main thing is how it feels when you lie down on it. But since you can’t touch or feel or physically see the dimensions of the mattress you see in an online store, you’re hesitant to go for online mattress shopping for that matter. However, there are many benefits to buy a mattress online.

But first, let’s just look at the factors that you look for when you buy mattress online, and how mattress buy online makes much more sense.

I. Touch and feel factor

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When it comes to the selection of bedding/mattresses, you want to be able to touch and feel the mattress, and then choose it. Well, let us break the convention here: Deciding on a mattress by sitting and/or bouncing on it, touching/pressing it with your hands, lying down for 10 mins – these things don’t help at all, or rather, they might even lead to a wrong decision.

Let me start explaining it further. There are two basic things to understand here

  1. How is it different when I touch the mattress v/s when I sleep on it?
  2. When I sleep on a new mattress for a few minutes, will it help me make a decision?

1. Sleeping v/s Touching the mattress: Ever heard of the pascals law, the pressure is equal to force per unit area? What we mean is, the pressure that we apply by pressing the foam/coir/latex/spring with our fingers, is much higher when compared to when our full body puts pressure on the mattress.

Let us explain it with an example. Say, your body weight is 75kgs, and you have a foam mattress that is 6ft by 3ft. When you sit on the mattress, you are putting 75kgs on a very small portion, which will make the foam compress much more. When compared to when you sleep on it. That is, 75kgs distributed more uniformly on the mattress. What we want to convey here is that if you are easily able to compress the foam with your fingers or by sitting on the mattress, please don’t conclude that the mattress is soft. The mattress is designed for you to sleep, and the actual softness is when you sleep on it and feel.

online mattress shopping

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2. Is sleeping on a brand new mattress for a few minutes enough to decide to purchase it?: This might sound a little technical, but let us try explaining it in an easy way. Be it any kind of material used in making the mattress – coir/cotton/spring/foam/memory foam/latex, etc., they all have their break-even period, that is for an individual to find out.

The break-even period is the time taken by a human body to adapt to a sleeping surface. This is one of the most important things which is ignored by many of us when we go to buy mattress online or offline. For example, spring mattresses might feel luxurious and soft to touch, and you may even sleep for a week or two on it. But when your body breaks even (generally happens within 1-3 weeks, varies from individual to individual), you get to know that sleeping on such a soft surface is not good for your body. It might actually hurt you!

The above mentioned issues are well taken care of if you go for online mattress shopping. A few of the brands are offering trial periods, which will not just let you touch and feel the mattress you’re buying, but spend some time on the mattress and get to know the suitability of your body type and sleeping surface.

II. Pricing

This is a known fact that to buy mattresses online is way more effective and economical, considering the plethora of options available with just a few clicks, available 24×7, easy delivery choices, and most importantly, reduced prices. In the case of mattresses, it might not sound true that a branded mattress can be delivered on the same day, or the prices are lower than what you could get in offline stores, but there are a few companies who are offering genuine products at affordable prices.

III. Biased sales pitch by offline stores

There is no single mattress in the whole world which is good for every human being. Everybody type is different, and everyone has different sleeping cycles and sleep patterns. You need to test the mattress by sleeping on it, and not go by a sales pitch made by a salesman at some store. Reading reviews of genuine customers who have used the product would help immensely, but it is you who has to see whether it really suits you or not!

In short, online mattress shopping gives you much more liberty to experience the sleeping surface and then make a decision, when compared to the biased sales pitch combined with soaring prices at an offline store.

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