The Importance of Using a Mattress Protector


Buying the right mattress for your bed is very important as it plays an important role in facilitating a good night’s sleep. However, most people undermine the importance of a mattress protector or cover. Not only does a mattress protector render aesthetic functionality, but is also beneficial in other ways. It will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and enjoy better sleep, in the long run.

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Listed below are the major benefits of using a mattress cover/protector:

  • Protection from dust- No matter where you live, your mattress is bound to become dusty over prolonged usage and this can only be avoided if you use a quality mattress cover. The cover can be washed and this will help in keeping the mattress clean. If you have dust allergy, then this is something you should keep in mind.
  • Protection from mold/mildew- Every person, regardless of age and gender, perspires. If you sweat excessively, and your mattress does not have a protector, the sweat from your body will begin to seep into it with time. That is not all! If you are someone who loves watching your favorite soap lying in bed, you must also factor in accidental spills. There is nothing like sipping on a can of cola or munching on snacks while watching an action flick, but that can come to a rude halt when the cola or snacks land on your precious mattress. This is where a mattress protector comes into the picture. It will instantly soak up the spill and protect your mattress. This will also prevent the growth of mold and mildew which can lead to respiratory infections and allergies.
  • Warranty factor- A number of mattress manufacturing companies do not cover damage caused by spills and/or burns under the warranty period. Your warranty can become void even if it has stains! When you buy a waterproof mattress protector you can protect your mattress from taking a beating due to spills and/or pet accidents.
  • Protection from other elements- It is not just dust that accumulates on the surface of your mattress over the years. Depending on the pollution level and where you live, many other types of particles can get trapped in the mattress. For example, your mattress could be inundated with fur if you have a furry pet at home. Pollen from plants can also get trapped in the mattress. A mattress topper can be effective in keeping your mattress squeaky clean.
  • Forever New- When you use a mattress cover, it keeps your bedding protected from stains and dust. This ensures that the mattress looks brand new, no matter how old it may be. If you are someone who likes to keep your house spic and span, bring home a mattress protector today!
  • Ease in cleanup- When you use a quality mattress protector, clean up becomes easier. The dust, dirt, and stain marks accumulate only on the cover that can be dumped in the laundry for a quick wash. This means no more vacuuming or beating your mattress to get rid of dirt!

Things to keep in mind

You need to keep a few things in mind when buying a bed protector or cover for a mattress. While using a cover will safeguard your mattress from liquid, stain, dust and other particles, you will still need to occasionally clean the mattress. Using a vacuum cleaner is the way to go, but it would be even better if you hire a professional mattress cleaning agency. It is also important that you buy a mattress cover after analyzing your needs as well as the budget. Buying a waterproof mattress cover will serve the purpose, but you can also shop for anti-microbial covers that are resistant to dust mites and particles leading to allergy.

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