Add panache to your living room with these budget-friendly ideas


Are you looking for modern living room ideas that you can implement without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, you have found your way to the right article! 

Here are the ultimate living room ideas 2021 has to offer. These modern living room ideas are perfect for small rooms that need a touch of oomph

Ultimate living room ideas on budget

Some of the easiest and pocket-friendly living room ideas that you can try to give your living room the panache it deserves: 

Add green corners 

wall shelf | Wakefit

Nothing brightens up a modern living room with its advanced gadgets and equipment more than a corner reserved for greens. 

If the floor space is an issue as it generally is with modern apartments, buying a wall shelf could serve you immensely. 

Phoenix Tic Tac Toe wall shelf | Wakefit

Wakefit’s Phoenix Tic Tac Toe wall shelf, for instance, allows you to display your small potted plants in a unique fashion. The Columbian Walnut shade upgrades the style quotient of any space it occupies. The shelf comes with a manufacturer warranty of one year, and can be yours this month at a special price of INR 1563 only. 

Modernize your leisure game 

Wall Mount tv unit | Wakefit

You can make the television in your living the center of attraction (as it very well should be!) by investing in an ergonomic TV unit with storage. wooden Gotham Wall Mounted TV Unit| Wakefit

Wakefit’s wooden Gotham Wall Mounted TV Unit is created with good quality engineered wood. It has two compartments for you to store DVDs or TV-related gadgets or anything that you fancy. The dark walnut makes the piece really stand out, drawing the attention of anyone who finds themselves in your living room. With a manufacturer warranting of one year, this TV unit entertainment essential will cost you only INR 1995.

Bring home the perfect bro for your brew 


Imagine gathering around the perfect coffee table with your friends and enjoying never-ending cups of coffee, doesn’t that sound like a cozy corner? You can have that on a budget! 

Robusta Coffee Table | Wakefit

Wakefit’s Robusta Coffee Table will cost you only INR 6499, but it will make a heaven of a difference to your living room. This ergonomic wooden furniture for the living room marries comfort with convenience. It has an open drawer and a closed drawer which slides out very gracefully. Though it looks compact, it can store a world in it. It is designed at a perfect height for the quintessential Indian home. You will love the rich dark walnut shade and the grains on the surface that give the table a stunning appearance. 

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Create a cozy nook 


A bookshelf that sits in the corner and allows you to organize your books beautifully is what your living room needs in order to up its style ante! 

Prose Bookshelf | Wakefit

Wakefit’s Prose Bookshelf comes with a manufacturer warranty of one year. The engineered wood is tested against warping as well as is resistant to termites. With a 12-inch shelf space, this bookcase can store all your favourite novels and so much more. Consider using one of its shelves for a decorative piece and your home decor is sorted. This bookshelf comes at a supremely attractive price of INR 3203 only. 

Small Living Room Ideas That Can Be Done For Free

Some ideas to spruce up your living space without spending a single coin include:

  1. Rearrange your furniture and instantly give your room a new look. 
  2. Think about getting rid of things that are no longer serving a purpose, that is aesthetically or functionally. 
  3. Create a display corner with all your best figurines and souvenirs and make this the centre of attention. 
  4. Add plants in different areas. 
  5. Turn glass bottles into vases and put in wild flowers to create a unique ensemble.

Let us know if you found this article helpful. You can have a look at all our living room furniture sets and home decor items that can turn your home into a designer’s paradise without breaking a sweat.