Which Mattress Suits Me?


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When you are considering buying a mattress, it is essential to find the bodyweight especially if your weight is in the above-average range of more than 230 pounds. The best mattress recommended by experts from WakeFit is that which offer more support to areas where the weight is more like the hip and the abdomen. Moreover, the sleeping surface should be such that it helps in relieving pressure and also prevents sagging. Though there are not many options specifically meant for heavier people, they can select from an assortment of firm mattresses. Read below to find out the considerations to make while buying a mattress for heavier sleepers.

Firmness: A person who weights more than 230 pounds when sleeping puts pressure on the mattress, and thus it sinks more than 2 inches than it would when a sleeper with average weight sleeps. Due to this, a mattress which is firmer tends to be more comfortable for heavy-weight sleepers as it alleviates pressure points and giver them a more comfortable sleep. The sleeping position also greatly matters when considering the firmness, a back sleeper’s weight is equally distributed and thus can opt for a medium-firm to a firm mattress, a side or a stomach sleeper is more prone to pain in neck, shoulders, and back.

The firmness rating of a mattress is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest. All the best mattress available in the market lie in the range of 3 to 8 with 3 being soft and 8 being firm. For a heavy sleeper, the ideal firmness will be between 6 (medium-firm) to 8 (firm).

Foam density: The durability of a mattress that you buy depends on its density. It determines the amount of weight the mattress can support. Most mattresses will have a minimum of one layer of memory or polyfoam in the comfort layers. The density specifications are not disclosed when you buy a mattress online and can obtain it only when you contact the manufacturer. A heavy sleeper should opt for a high foam density of 5 pounds or up, per cubic foot and it gives a soft feel.

Thickness: The thickness of most of the mattress for sale lies in the range of 6 to 14 inches and depends on the type of materials it is made from with the foam mattresses being the thinnest when compared to innerspring or hybrid. As heavy-set people apply more pressure on the bed while sleeping, they prefer to have beds which are thicker as they provide greater compression support. If the bed is thin, it leads to sinking and results in pain, aches and a night of disturbed sleep. A sleeper who weighs more than 230 pounds should opt for a mattress of a thickness of 12” or 13” for optimal support.

Temperature neutrality: Most sleepers tend to get hot during the night, and the same is true even for heavier sleepers. They tend to produce more heat due to their higher body mass. So while choosing the best mattress, it is essential to consider if it traps heat during the night.

Apart from considering the above factors, manufacturers also mention a weight limit. Most of the king and queen sized beds can accommodate 600 pounds. If the weight limit exceeds the mentioned limit, there is a chance that it could wear out the mattress early. So while shopping online or otherwise apart from checking the mattress price in India and other factors, do check the weight limit and note that it varies based on the model and brand.

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