Give your home a new year makeover

Bedroom decor

New year is round the corner. In 2020, we spent most of our time indoors. Our homes protected us from the pandemic outside and juggled between being our workplace and our abode with perfection. As a return gift then, don’t you think sprucing up the decor of your home is a great idea? If this excites you, then keep reading to find out how you can give your home the ultimate makeover this new year. 

Wakefit makes style simple 

Our homes deserve way more attention than we give them. And the best way to make up for this, is to style them right. Usually, we think home decor is really tricky, but with the correct guidance it can be not just simple but also a great deal of fun. At the end of the day, nobody knows your home better than you, and nobody knows what you want better than you. When you bring these two elements together and sprinkle some home solutions pixie dust on the mix, you get yourself the ultimate home makeover. 

Here are four easy but effective ways to transform your home into your dream home in the coming year. 

  •  Bring home the right sofa 

Wakefit Napper L Shape Sofa

Getting the right sofa for your home can amplify the chic level in a jiffy. One thing to understand when buying a new sofa is that you need to strike the right balance between comfort and style. A stylish sofa need not be agonizing to lounge on, and a snuggly one need not be shabby. The right sofa looks great and feels even better. 

  • Get a no-fuss coffee table 

Wakefit Kent Coffee Table

Nothing accentuates your sofa set like an aesthetic coffee table. An ergonomic coffee table design is both stylish to look at and practical in its utility. Pay attention to the texture, colour, and finish of the coffee table if you are going for a wooden one. From dark walnut and Columbian walnut to ash light, you have a plethora of shades to choose from. Make sure these elements complement the overall look of the room. 

  • Upgrade your shoe rack game 

Wakefit Bianca Shoe Rack

Too many shoes are something that nobody ever said. Nonetheless, the clutter that shoes can make can dampen the style of any home. To solve both, that is have as many shoes as you can possibly hoard and keep your home looking crisp and neat at the same time, give yourself a shoe rack upgrade. You can pick from various choices of storage units, such as a shoe storage bench, an open shoe rack, shoe cabinet, etc. A cabinet that allows you to display your beautiful collection while hiding the ones that you wear for comfort, can be the ideal find. 

  •  Give your wall a statement piece 

Wakefit Hamlet Wall Shelf

Tired of staring at a bare wall? Want your walls to be the conversation starter at your next house party? Buy a statement wall shelf. A grid wall shelf not only elevates the decor game of any home but also gives you a storage unit that allows you to save space. Plus, the best part is that you can display your favourite souvenirs and with them the story behind how you acquired each one of them. 

If you are looking for a good place to start your home makeover hunt, may be just the right choice. 

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