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Amazing Wooden Dressing Table Designs For Bedroom

wooden dressing table designs for bedroom

No one will disagree when you say a bedroom without a dressing table is like a bed without a pillow. A dressing table complements the bedroom like nothing else. A dressing table with a mirror helps you get ready for the day or for the outing that you were looking forward to or simply to groom yourself to look beautiful and confident. Additionally, a dressing table modern style adds to the bedroom’s interiors and makes it look more attractive. When a piece of furniture has so much to give, it is important to choose the right wooden dressing table design so that it matches the interiors but also serves the purpose. A dressing table can be part of the wardrobe or a separate unit. Here are some of the designs to explore:

Modern Dressing Table Designs for Bedroom

Classic Dressing Table with Mirror and Ample Storage

A dressing table is a must-have piece of furniture for both women and men. It is an important piece of furniture in your bedroom where you can store makeup accessories, essentials, personal things like diaries, hats, scarves, and more. Depending on the amount of storage needed and the accessories you have, you can choose to have a table with deep drawers where you can keep lots of things. But if you have modest needs and not much space, you can choose to have a few drawers where you can store your most essential items. 

Corner Dressing Tables with Mirrors

These are designs that are made for urban homes with small bedrooms. Designers, in a bid to meet the needs of citydwellers, offer unique ideas so that they can properly furnish a small bedroom. A corner dressing table with a mirror made of solid wood is one such piece of furniture. They come in many shapes, ranging from round to square to accommodate bedrooms of various sizes. There are also corner dressing tables that can be attached to the wall, which makes it a great space-saving solution. An angular mirror corner dressing table option is also available for those who like to look at themselves from all sides. 

Latest Modern Dressing Tables with Mirrors

Want to stay updated with the latest trend? Then choose the modern wooden dressing table. It comes with LED bulbs on the mirror frame to get enough light to get dressed. The designs are simple but trendy, and some have semi-circle countertops to place your accessories, makeup, and other trinkets. One can also choose a Hollywood-style dressing table with bulbs on the entire mirror frame. It comes with sufficient drawers and a sleek countertop.

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Modern Wardrobe with Dressing Table Designs for Indian Bedroom

  • A Modern Wardrobe with a Twist: Modern Sliding Wardrobe Design with Dressing Table

This is one of the best modern bedroom cupboard designs with a dressing table for those who like contemporary pieces with a classic twist. A sliding wardrobe with a dressing unit is one such design. An elegant wardrobe from floor to ceiling with enough space for dresses, bedding, and even shoes. The attached dressing table comes with lighting shelves of LED strips to pick the cosmetics easily. Add a pouf or an ottoman, and you can get ready seated comfortably using the mirror. 

  • All-White Wardrobe with Dressing Table

Do you have a small room but lots of clothing to be stored in the bedroom? Opt for a sliding wardrobe design along with a dressing table. A small platform is added in a nook of the sliding wardrobe to sit and get dressed. Add a table mirror and accessory holders to set up the perfect dressing corner.

  • Open Wardrobe with a Dressing Table

This is for those who are very organised. Combining an open wardrobe with a dressing mirror is a perfect choice. Complement it with a pretty chair for a complete look. 

  • A Walk-In Wardrobe with a Mirror

A walk-in closet is one of the best wardrobe designs, ideal for a large bedroom. You can keep a dressing table with drawers in the walk-in closet and have a sliding door for ease of use. It is a luxurious design that is worth considering for spacious bedrooms. 

  • Half and a Half

This is a unique design that has a half-wall dressing table and a half-wall wardrobe. A compact wardrobe can cover half the wall and the other half can have a platform to be used as a dressing table. Choosing light colours gives a soothing look to this arrangement. Add a mirror to the set up as it will bring together the elements.

  • Two Wardrobes around a Dressing Table 

If you have a compact space, this is one of the most efficient designs. There are two wardrobes on either side of the dressing table and it is installed on a single wall. The entire setup acts as a multifunctional space. 

The bedroom is where you spend most of your time getting ready. It needs to have thoughtful pieces that will make unwinding or getting ready easy for you. The bedroom furniture should have unique designs that match the interiors while also being functional. The above designs are practical as well as aesthetic. Choose from any of the above designs and get ready in comfort!

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