Sanders Sheesham Wood Sideboard


₹9,099   MRP ₹13,999  (35% off)(Incl of all taxes)

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Struggling with organizing your clothes, antiques, and books, only to forget where you kept them last night? Don'st worry. Wakefit's sideboards online are the solution to all your problems. Our sideboards online can help you store your antique pieces, crockery, etc with a touch of style and beauty. If you'sre looking to enhance and uplift the look and feel of your home, Wakefit is the place for you. Our sideboards online are stylish, sleek, and super sturdy. If you don'st want separate pieces of furniture in your living area, decorative sideboards online can be a good way to jazz up the space and put an end to your storage woes.

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Wakefit's Sanders storage cabinet is a perfect blend for storage utilities and home furnishing. This wooden cabinet is crafted to give a rustic yet contemporary look to your corner of the house. We offer premium storage cabinet in different styles that will instantly uplift your rooms. These sideboards online are made of premium quality Sheesham with an exquisite natural finish. Get one that perfectly suits your decor and vibe as it is an extended storage cabinet. You can also opt for ones that have several drawers to store cutlery or books. These sideboards online are exclusively crafted to make your houses look amazing.

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Our Sanders sideboards online are made using Sheesham that ensures high quality, strength, and durability. This sideboard cabinet is a tall unit facilitating convenient usage and exquisite rustic appeal through its intricate carvings on the shutter. This cabinet design has a natural finish which brings out the unique grain patterns of the solid wood used. This sideboard cabinet also has shelves inside which provides a platform for your precious belongings. Such display units are a perfect amalgamation of form, function, and feasibility. We house a range of products from sleep products to home solutions and furnishings with uncompromised quality and absolute value for your bedroom, living room, and storage solutions.

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