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Wakefit Experience Centers Now in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Hyderabad & Coimbatore
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The science behind deep sleep

It’s been a while since we’ve all been locked down due to the spread of COVID-19. And while we’re taking it one day at a time like everyone else, we’re excited at the prospect of going back to our dream jobs: providing YOU with innovative and affordable sleep and home solutions.

But, Safety First.


We’ve only just reopened our factory, but not without caution. The limited staff that comes to the factory premises is subjected to a temperature check on arrival with the latest thermal scanners. Every Wakefit team member at the factory is mandated to wear a company provided mask and practice social distancing. They also use hand sanitizers before handling our products.

Our shipping processes go through rigorous sanitization as well. Each and every vehicle and each and every part of the vehicle is sprayed with disinfectant, before goods are loaded for delivery. You can be assured that the products leaving our premises are made safe for your use.


For our corporate staff, we are empowering our staff with efficient processes so that they need not come to the office. Team members have been provided with telephony as well as internet access by us. We are working from our homes to ensure delightful Wakefit-level customer experience that you have been used to.

Community Support

Our factories are nestled among a few villages on the outskirts of Bangalore. Many of the villagers are daily wage earners and have lost their means to a daily income. We have come forward to ensure that they do not go hungry in these times. We provide them with food supplies and rations, basic health care facilities and sponsor education for the youth of the community. We take great interest and are proud to do all we can for the growth and development of the village that forms an essential part of our life.

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