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Mattress Design

Mattress Design

Designing the Mattress

Our founder has grown up in a family where foam testing and formulations were discussed over breakfast table and his passion for the subject drove him to become a chemical engineer from IIT. The missing pieces of the puzzle were the customer concerns and problems with existing mattresses in the market. We solved that by setting up a core team whose focus was to talk to hundreds of customers and understand their feedback on numerous parameters.

Our extensive research identified four major factors which play a major role in mattress designing. We conducted tens of experiments in our lab and tried out hundreds of permutations and combinations with the chemicals, dimensions, foam type and other factors to achieve the best results:

Durability - Density plays a major role in deciding the durability of mattress. Higher foam density implies a longer lifetime
Support - Firmer the base foam, better is the support provided to the spine
Temperature - Bigger the cell size of the foam, more is the breathability (better air-flow) inside the mattress and thus creating stable temperature throughout the night.
Comfort - The least the mattress pushes the body upwards (Newton's third law) while lying on it, more is going to be the comfort while sleeping on it. Our self designed memory foam takes care of it perfectly. NASA, the world’s foremost Space agency, innovated on the memory foam for this specific use case. Another good example is a nice hospital bed. Patients can sleep over it for weeks and the body remains in great shape.

A few more experiments rounded out the other sensitive parts of mattress designing:

Less VOCs - Using water based adhesives instead of organic solvents eliminates bad odor from mattresses
Hygiene - Inner cover absorbs sweat and prevents it from reaching the foam surface. This helps in maintaining hygiene for a long time
Cleanliness - Outer cover is made using Viscrose (cotton, natural yarn) and has a zipper on it. You can remove the cover from the mattress and wash it to retain a fresh appearance
Foam formulations - We made a couple of foam formulations to experiment with the cell size, density, hardness (firmness), compression set, etc. This helped us in getting to know what works best for our customers!

100 - Day Trial

What is the 100-day trial period ?
Buying a mattress on which we will be spending close to half of our lifetime, is a major decision. To help in this decision, we researched and experimented to determine the right amount of time that one should spend using the mattress to find the right fit. The result? 3-4 weeks. That is exactly why we thought of providing you with 100-days of free trial period. If it happens to be not satisfactory enough for you, just drop us an email or call us. We will arrange for the pick up of mattress with 100% of money refunded into your bank account.

Is the trial period also valid if i buy on Amazon/Flipkart?
Sorry, but the trial period is only valid for products bought through us directly. In case of any issues, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to serve and assist.

In what cases will the mattress return not be accepted?

  • If water or other chemicals are poured inside the mattress which makes it stink or become bulky
  • Foam from the mattress and/or the covers is torn off during routine usage
  • It has been more than 100 nights from the date of delivery

The Concept of 2 Mattress types : Orthopedic Memory Foam & Dual Comfort Mattress

If you visit a showroom of any branded company today, the salesperson there will be able show you at least 10 kinds of mattresses from the same brand. Ask her/him to show which one to buy - she/he will most probably say the following 2 sentences - "Every mattress is good" and "What is your budget?"

The salesperson is not at fault here. It is the brand that is confusing the customers with so many products serving the same purpose with the basic distinction between them being the price. We started our product development hunt from there itself. In the following paragraphs, we will answer the questions that you would have in your mind. When we launched, we launched like everyone else - 5 mattress types namely Latex, Coir, Memory Foam, Spring and Bonded Foam. The sale started with almost everyone asking the same question - Which one to buy? Well, we gave the same answer - Every mattress is good & What is your budget!

This worked for a while and we sold some mattresses. We wanted to understand the post sales behaviour of our customers with different mattress types and different mattress covers (polyester, cotton, velcrose, terry, etc.). Our founder and a couple of others went on to meet those customers to whom we sold mattresses about 2 months earlier and took their feedback. Following is what we learned.

Period of Mattress usage Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Spring Mattress Coir Mattresses Latex Mattresses Dual comfort mattress Reasons
First Reaction - After 1st WeekIt's Comfortable!Wow :)It's Okay!Wow :)Its Good!You enjoy the bouncy feel of the spring mattress. Coir mattresses are fluffy and nice in the initial phase
After 1 Month I sleep much better compared to what I used to earlierI still feel good but it's kind of OKMattress is quite hard and hot too!Mattress is firm and comfortableMattress is firm and comfortableBy this time, your body has started reacting to the new sleeping surface. People using Spring & Coir mattressesfeel an uneasiness, sore back and are awakened in the middle of the night (partner's tossing and turns makes the whole bed shake)
After 2 MonthsIt's Just Wow :) I just want to sleep more and more!30% of the people would say - Do you guys accept returns?Mattress is not that comfortable as it was initiallyWe really like sleeping on itWorth investing money in itFor Spring & Coir mattresses, the situation worsens! It sometimes becomes very difficult to sleep on the bed - Back pain issues, bed making noises (Springs shaking in night), not so comfortable at all!

It became very obvious in those 2 months - We didn't want to sell Spring & Coir mattresses because customers would not find long term value. Natural latex mattresses are good to sleep on but the adulteration in manufacturing processes was way too high. Consistency in latex material or manufacturing process was a big concern, and the costs were way too high. The obvious choices were orthopedic memory foam and dual comfort foam mattresses.

Since early 2015, We only manufacture and sell orthopedic memory foam and dual comfort foam mattress online in India. Till now, we have received good responses from almost every customer that buys either the orthopedic memory foam or dual comfort foam mattress online in India.