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How well do you sleep? Get your scorecard

Wakefit has been a research and design driven firm right from inception. We have visited hundreds of our customers at their homes and have spoken to thousands of them on phone calls. That is what makes our product better every day. Here's a chance for you to contribute to this research and help India sleep better!

Also, if you spare time for a phone call for research purposes, you may get to earn 10% discount on our products as our thanks for your contribution

Q1. Marital Status *

Q2. Gender *

Q3. Age *

Q4. City of residence *

Q5. What time do you usually go to bed on week days? *

Q6. What time do you usually wake up on week days? *

Q7. Do you and your spouse / partner go to bed together? *

Q8. Do you feel rested and refreshed when you wake up? *

Q9. What do you think will improve the quality of your sleep? *

Q10. What is the top thing that keeps you up at night? *

Q11. Do you have insomnia (difficulty in falling asleep and sleeping well)? *

Q12. How many times do you wake up during the night? *

Q13. Do you have a night shift job? *

Q14. Do you use your phone any time in the 1 hour before you sleep? *

Q15. Do you have back problems? *

Q16. Do you feel sleepy on your way to work or at work? *

Q17. What is your most preferred sleeping position? *

Q18. What is the most annoying habit of your partner / spouse? *

Q19. Where did you discover Wakefit? *

Would you like to speak to us on a phone call and share more information for this research? If you are selected for a call by our research team, you will get a chance to earn a 10% discount on our products. If your name is selected, our research team will call you within 48 hours of entering your details (optional fields)


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