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Stylish Bedding Decor Ideas that Instantly Brightens up Your Room

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. You enter to let your stress out, do what you prefer, be yourself and have a good night’s sleep. So, why not invest time and energy into creating your own space that is personalised to your own preferences. If you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your room, this guide is for you!

Introduction to Beds
and Bedding

Whether you are a student, a young professional, or the owner of your home, your bed is arguably the most important investment of your living space. Your bed is the first thing you consider when setting up a new home, and the last thing that you pack away before leaving. Your stylish bedding decor ideas give personality to your space.

Across bird and animal species, the priority in making a habitat is to create a space where the creature can sleep in safety and comfort. You may even notice your dog gathering their comfort items, and rearranging blankets to get their bed ready for nap time!

Exploring a range of bedding ideas, and investing in bedding accessories isn’t just normal, it’s hugely important in shaping your lifestyle. Your bed is your mental image of rest and relaxation and is the visual centre of your bedroom. It is where you unwind at the end of a long day, and is the first experience you have when you wake up.

Investing in stylish bedding decor ideas may seem like excess or luxury, but taking the time to choose aesthetic bedsheets, convenient accessories and even pillows for decor can go a long way in creating a welcoming, rejuvenating sleep experience.

Bedding Decor Ideas:
Basics of Bedding

To implement any stylish bedding decor ideas, you need to understand the different layers of bedding and their purposes. Like cake, a good bed doesn’t need to have all the possible layers. If your basic elements are of high quality, any bedding accessories can only better the overall experience. Also, to maintain proper back and neck health you can look at which side is best to sleep.

How can I Decorate my Bed?

Your bed is your ultimate space that should cradle you to sleep. Hence, try to make it as cosy as possible. How? Well, you only need to use the bedding basics that most miss out on. Hence, here’s how you can decorate your bed and make it more welcoming for sleep using the basics of bedding.

bedding decor ideas

Bed Frame

The bed frame holds your mattress and all the bedding accessories you choose to include. You need a frame made from durable, sustainable materials that will serve you for a long time, and meet all your needs. At Wakefit, we offer a choice of a single, or double bed frame, (both queen and king-sized.) We also offer bunk beds and bed with drawers for storage.

bedding decor ideas


If your sleep is of poor quality, you are at a higher risk for many health complications, including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. A good mattress, built to promote comfort and posture, is one of the easiest ways to improve your sleep.
However, you can look at how to choose the Best Mattress for Back Pain and address your issues as soon as possible.
Wakefit offers different types of mattresses to make sure you get the best sleep possible. We offer the standard sizes (single, divan, queen, and king) and also offer the option to customize your mattress size.

bedding decor ideas

Mattress Topper

Usually, this is a foam layer that lies over your mattress or mattress cover. A king size mattress protector will give you an additional layer of comfort and spinal support.

bedding decor ideas

Mattress Cover

You need a king size mattress protector to maintain the condition of your king size mattress. Ideally made from waterproofing material, a good mattress cover will protect your mattress from dust, insects, and will provide an added layer of cushioning.

bedding decor ideas

Fitted sheet

A fitted bedsheet uses elastic to cover your mattress, mattress cover, and topper. This is what you lie on, and often matches your comforter cover, and accent pillows. You can use a flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet, though a fitted sheet clings to your mattress more securely.

bedding decor ideas

Flat Sheet

A flat sheet is also used as a protective layer against dirt and touches your skin. It can sit on top of your mattress, and mattress accessories, or, under your duvet, blanket, or comforter.

Choosing a perfect bed sheet design is key to your stylish bedding decor ideas. At Wakefit, we offer a range of fitted and flat sheets in prints that you can match or coordinate for all sizes of beds and divans.

bedding decor ideas

Duvet, Blanket, or Comforter

Depending on the climate and your preference of temperature, you can select a duvet, blanket, or comforter, or a combination. A king size mattress comforter works wonders for a big bed as it fits comfortably. Weighted blankets are a popular choice of bedding, providing the comfort of a blanket without excess warmth. You may choose an additional protective layer- a duvet cover, a comforter cover, or a flat sheet, to keep this layer clean and damage-free.

bedding decor ideas

Bedspread or Coverlet

This layer sits on the very top of your bedding, and is central to all your stylish bedding decor ideas. It protects the bedding that you sleep on, and under, and is the background for your fluffy pillows, and accent pillows, as well as your bed runner. You can also have your breakfast in bed table when you wake up to start with a comfy weekend!

bedding decor ideas

Bed Runner

This bedding accessory sits on the foot of your bed, during the day. It helps to keep your bedspread clean, and creates the visual effect of a seating area. It might match your bed ottoman, or your throw pillow covers.

bedding decor ideas

Bed Skirt

This final layer is tucked between your mattress and bedframe. It often trails to the floor and covers the empty space under your bed, or your storage solutions. Typically in a neutral, or pastel colour, it is purely ornamental and goes a long way towards tying together your bedding aesthetic.

Depending on the additional features of your bed frame and bedroom, your stylish bedding decor ideas can include canopy bed curtains, bedroom fairy lights, a breakfast in bed table, and even more pillows for decor. Furthermore, all our products have an ergonomic design to suit your needs only.

Choose from a diverse collection of beds. Pick the one that suits your room and taste!

Bedding Decor Ideas:
Bedroom Themes to Vibe with

There are endless possibilities for stylish bedding decor ideas that meet your needs and match your aesthetic. If you understand the importance of sleep, then you are at the right spot! Here are a few themes for bedding ideas to get you started:

Chapter 3

Bedroom Decor Themes

  • 1. Less is More: Minimalist Design
  • 2. Patterns remain Iconic
  • 3. Let Floral Prints do the Talking
  • 4. Go with the Season
  • 5. Colours and Comfort (for kids)
  • 6. Traditional and Homely
  • 7. Try Knitted Bedding
  • 8. Add Textures to your Bedding
  • 9. Go Subtle, Choose Comfort-First
  • 10. Let Colours Pop
minimal bedding

Less is More: Minimalist Design

The minimalist aesthetic is a great choice for bedding decor. Typically inspired by Japanese or Scandinavian design, minimalist design is focused on simplicity, openness, and practicality. For this style of bedding decor, aim for clean lines, simple colour schemes, and maximizing the space.

Choose a neutral bed colour and match your bedding accessories to this colour. You can use a bed ottoman in a similar colour to make a minimalist bedroom feel cosier, with a touch of practicality.


Patterns remain Iconic

You can focus your stylish bedding decor ideas on the fabric of your accessories by choosing a simple pattern that is easy to find and replicate. You can go with polka dots, checks, stripes as the basis for your duvet sets, throw pillow covers and more. There are many options in Indian bedsheets for patterns that go beyond basic geometric shapes.

Just remember to balance your bold patterns with plain sheets in a complementary neutral colour, and you will have no trouble putting together this bedding design.

floral design

Let Floral Prints do the Talking

Floral bedsheet prints are another easy way to make your bedroom feel inviting and
homely. Ranging from tiny and delicate to big and bold, floral prints add colour and personality to any space.

You can match your floral bedsheet to the natural flora around your home, or create a space inspired by another part of the world. Bedroom fairy lights are a great accent for a floral or nature-inspired bedroom theme.

seasonal ideas

Go with the Season

Seasons decide the practical features of your bedroom. Hence, they can be a great aesthetic choice to enhance your bedroom essence. Of all the bedding decor ideas, this is one of the most practical ones.

If you use the elements that are friendly for the season, you wouldn’t have to hunt in your closets. In fact, it would be more seamless for you. In a place with distinct seasons, a bed with drawers is essential to store seasonal bedding and clothing.

One of the great bedding ideas is that you can use seasonal prints, like beach prints, snowflakes, or rust-coloured leaves for aesthetic bedsheets. You can also use a tasteful colour scheme and use bedding accessories creatively. Fluffy pillows, for instance, are perfect for a winter-themed bedroom.


Colours and Comfort (for kids)

A personalized theme is a seamless way to indulge your young bedroom owner’s growing personality. Whether you simply choose rainbows or go for their favourite cartoon or movie, a themed bedroom will help your child take pride in their living space, and maybe even feel motivated to keep it clean!

You can focus your theme on the whole bedroom, or just the bed, using aesthetic bedsheets, printed throw pillow covers and canopy bed curtains. Better yet, you can look at our detailed Kids Room Ideas guide for a thorough understanding.

indian bed

Traditional and Homely

Cultures across India have a rich heritage in textiles and focusing your stylish bedding decor ideas on Indian bedsheets prints and aesthetics is a great way to meaningfully celebrate your culture in your daily life, and maybe even support local businesses while you’re at it.

You can choose your Indian bedsheets and complementing duvet sets from a wide range of prints, and fabrics, to reflect all the cultures you love and celebrate. Let this style rule your new bedroom makeover!


Try Knitted Bedding

If you live in a cold place, or just like your bedroom to be extra cosy, knitted bedding is a great choice for bedding. With fluffy pillows, the knitted blankets are chic and tasteful. No wonder they sink you to sleep at the earliest!

Knitted bedding is also a great aesthetic choice of its own. Pair chunky or finely knitted blankets and pillows for decor with bedroom fairy lights to create a bed that is a vision of cosiness.


Add Texture to your Bedding

Textured bedding can also be seamlessly incorporated into the most stylish bedding decor ideas. Play around with lace and other sheer textures, or corduroy and heavier textures. Textured bedding can also include quilted fabrics, visually echoing duvets and comforters in throw pillow covers.

Textured bedding uses folds and stitches in the fabric itself to create embellishments. They tend to be more durable and look extremely luxurious.

comfort first

Go Subtle, Choose Comfort-First

Style and comfort are always a great combination, but especially so when it comes to bedding. Prioritize your comfort, and splurge on the best mattress you can find, and all the pillows for sleep you want. Choose a basic colour scheme, much like you would with minimalist decor, but focus on the fabrics of your bedding rather than their aesthetics.

Though it might seem counter-intuitive, letting the comfort factor determine your bedding decor creates an understated, classy feel to your bedroom, with the added benefit of being easy to maintain.

pop colour

Let Colours Pop

If your bedding is already purchased, and you’re looking to add a personal touch, with minimal effort, a pop of colour is the way to go. Choose accent pillows, or a comforter cover in a bright colour of your choice, and let all your other bedding pieces simply complement it.

In fact, you can add a pop of colour to nearly any layer of your bedding to make your bedroom feel more personalized and fun. You can use paint for a new bed colour, or on a bed with drawers. You can even choose to dress your breakfast in bed table, or your bed ottoman with a cover in your accent colour.

Make your bed more conducive to sleep. Choose bedding items that allow you to do so.

Bedding Accessories to
Upscale to Your
Bedding Decor

If you have the means, spending a little more time and energy on upscaling your bedding can be great for your sleep experiences in the long run. Details that may not seem necessary or worthwhile can actually make your space so much more personal and luxurious.
Lack of healthy sleeping habits affects both your physical and mental health. Hence, it is so important for your general well being to enjoy and look forward to your bed and sleeping space.

What are some Bedding Accessories that I can use?

Besides the basics, you can use other accessories that not only add to the comfort but also help in decorating your room. Moreover, they help make the room more conducive to sleep. After all, your bedroom is a space to relieve your stress and refill!

pillow ideas

Add Pillows or Cushions

While pillows are a pretty basic element of your sleeping setup. They are one of the bedding decor ideas that help upscale your ensemble for ultimate luxury and comfort. Pillows come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and firmness. Mix and match between body pillows, bolsters, throw pillows and more, to cater to your individual preferences.

Wakefit Pillows, made with hollow fibres, are the latest development in pillow technology. They are compressed for convenient transport, and then expand once they’ve reached your home, and are ready to be slept on. Better yet, you can learn how to choose the best pillows for sleeping for ultimate and healthy comfort.

decor ideas

Don’t forget your Bedframe

Even if you think you have saturated your options for bedding layers, you can upscale the sense of luxury in your bed by making use of the bed frame. One of the bedding decor ideas is to use bed skirts around the frame, at the floor level.

Plus, you can also use your bed posts to enhance the ambience of your room. Bedroom fairy lights, canopy bed curtains, as well as regular bed curtains are great options. You also can put up decorative hangings, or fabric streamers to go with themed decor.


Bring life to your Headboard

Typically, headboards serve the purpose of providing back support while you sit up in bed, and keeping your wall clean. So, why not get creative with it? That said, you can use them to add an extra touch of finesse and luxury to all your stylish bedding decor ideas.

There are different types of beds available and you need to choose a headboard that goes with the bed design. While many bed frames come with an attached headboard, you can also buy them separately, or even have them custom made. They can be ornately carved and decorated, or minimal in their design. Cushioned headboards are a great way to add accent colours to your decor, while adding to your comfort.

ottoman ideas

Place an Ottoman

An ottoman is an excellent choice to upscale your bedroom decor. It has the practical benefit of serving as a seating space, and as a place for the bedding accessories that you don’t want on the bed while you sleep.

Plus you don’t always have to sit on your bed when you have the ottoman. Many ottomans have a lined hollow under the seat that serves as an additional storage space. This is one of the bedding decor ideas that not many people use in India but the utility is multiple!

Wakefit offers a stylishly designed bed ottoman matching your bed colour, which is available in twelve different colours, and three different materials. Use them tactically. This is how you make your house a home.

Do more with your nightstand

If you don’t already, add a nightstand on either sides of your bed near your head. Of course, you wouldn’t like to keep it empty. Hence, add a photoframe and a flower vase near it. Another important addition would be the table lamps so you don’t have to get up and switch off the lights. Also, it makes the room more conducive to sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bedding Decor Ideas

Bedding, also known as bed linen, is the material placed over the mattress as a cover of a bed. It has multiple uses such as bed hygiene, warmth, protection of the mattress, and decorative effect. The bedding of the bed is removable and washable.

There are several layers that go into a complete bedding ensemble, though not all are essential. In addition to a strong bed frame and a high-quality mattress, a full bedding ensemble will include:

  • A mattress topper and cover
  • Fitted and Flat Sheets
  • Duvets, blankets, or Comforters
  • Duvet sets or Comforter covers
  • Bedspreads or coverlets
  • Bed runners
  • Bed skirt

In addition, if your bed has a bed frame with posts, your bedding layers can include canopy curtains, or regular curtains, mosquito netting, and so on.

A complete bedding ensemble also includes pillows and pillow covers, in a range of sizes and shapes.

There are countless stylish bedding decor ideas for you to choose from. Instagram and Pinterest are great places to find inspiration. Choose a general concept or theme for your bedding decor, and put together a set of bedding accessories around that idea.

  • Add a mattress,
  • Use a fitted bed sheet,
  • Add another layer of a flat sheet,
  • Add a comforter,
  • Place a bed runner,
  • Add a nightstand,
  • Place a table lamp on it,
  • Don’t forget a small vase,
  • Use cushions when not on the bed,
  • Get creative with your headboard.

Your bedding ideas can be based on a specific theme, such as floral bedsheet, seasons, or trends from pop culture. You can also make your bed look good by using a general concept or aesthetic, such as minimalism, textured fabrics, or even a unique colour palette.

If you are absolutely out of ideas or want to pick the easiest way to style your bedding, choose your favourite colour, and a neutral colour (like black, white, grey, or beige) to balance it out. Select all your bedding in those colours, focusing on the comfort and quality of the materials instead. High-quality bedding does not need much embellishment or styling to look great.

The bedding that is best for your sleep is comfortable and made from high-quality materials.

  • Your bed frame needs to be stable and durable. A bed that wobbles or creaks is dangerous and can affect the quality of your sleep even if it is not noisy. If your bed is shared, a double bed frame is a good choice to ensure safety and stability. The double bed frame is available in many designs nowadays.
  • Your mattress and pillows need to have enough flexibility to adjust to the shape of your body, without being too soft, because they need to provide ample support.
  • Memory foam is generally a safe option for mattresses, though latex and spring foam are also extremely popular choices. For people with back problems or sleeping difficulties, an orthopaedic memory foam mattress is the ideal choice.
  • For all the other bedding layers, particularly those that touch your skin, the best bedding for sleep would be made of high-quality fabrics. Fabrics for bedding need to be soft and breathable.

Each element of your bedding needs to be cleaned differently. Mattresses and pillows are the hardest to clean which is why it is important to use a mattress protector and keep them covered so that cleaning is limited to the mattress covers, sheets, and pillow covers. The bigger the mattress, the harder it is to clean, so make sure you get a king-size mattress protector.

  • In an emergency, a damp cloth, and non-toxic cleaning spray can be used to wipe up spills and avoid staining.
  • Make sure to fully dry out your mattress or pillow before covering it again.
  • Blankets, comforters, and duvets are easier to clean. Some are even machine friendly. For those that aren’t, yearly dry cleaning is a good option to keep your bedding clean and hygienic.
  • The care instructions for the washable layers of your bedding will differ by material. Make sure to check the labels, or care instructions for each item in your bedding ensemble. This might be a consideration in choosing your bedding fabrics.

You can add an aesthetic vibe to your bedroom with the following ideas:

  • Add a canopy to your bed
  • Faux brick wall
  • Wooden furniture
  • Wall shelves placed abstractly
  • Indoor house plants
  • Candles
  • Pastel wall paint
  • Self design wallpaper
  • Tapestry for the wall
  • Warm lighting
  • Hexagon or circular mirrors

A top sheet is a flat sheet placed over the bed. As opposed to the bottom sheet, which protects the mattress, the function of a top sheet is to protect the bed covers laid over it: comforters, blankets, quilts, etc. On hot nights or in warmer climates, top sheets can be used instead of blankets

Ideally, you should wash your bedding at least once every one or two weeks.

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