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Soft beams of sunlight, a gentle breeze and a cup of warm drink watching a view that engulfs you. If you immediately visually place yourself on a balcony, you’ve come to the right place.

The balcony is the small extension of your home, yet with the right home balcony design and decor ideas, it can even be the escape you’ve longed for. Irrespective of what your balcony overlooks, you can create a lounge area, reading nook, coffee spot, dinner date setting, or any idea of the perfect abode you wish to, in the small space!

Find some smart small balcony makeover ideas and revamp your breezy space!

Beginner’s Guide
to Balcony

What Is a Balcony?

In the modern urban landscape, balconies are an essential part of most building layouts. A balcony is a space attached to the side of the building that brings the outdoors to your home, apartment, or office, particularly on higher floors.

Balconies can be small or large, and serve practical purposes, as well as being a recreational space. Home balcony design is an exciting process towards making the best use of this piece of the outdoors that now belongs to you.

Mostly, they are installed connecting the living room and the outer world. Regardless of you living space, the fresh breeze get inside to make your day! You can look at decor ideas for a small living room and get cues to make the most of your living!

What Is the Function of A Balcony?

A balcony is an extension of your home and serves as many functions as your imagination allows. Balconies can serve many purposes, depending on how they fit into your layout, and how you plan your home balcony design.

You might use your balcony as a utility area, for laundry, and to store weather-resilient items. You might choose to turn it into a more recreational space, to relax and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. You can cater your balcony to a specific hobby, or even turn it into a dedicated space for your pets.

There are many systems of knowledge that you can turn to while brainstorming balcony ideas for home. In India, Vastu shastra is a well-known system of geomancy that offers helpful principles of architecture and design.

While Vastu shastra is often understood as a religious practice, many of its users claim that it is purely an ancient science that is linked to spiritual principles. Feng shui, which is an ancient Chinese art, is another great source of inspiration for architecture and design.

Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, both feng shui and Vastu shastra can be helpful to explore for inspiration. Like western design consultants, feng shui and Vastu shastra consultants can be pricey to turn to, but there are many free sources online to learn about the principles of both to fine-tune your small balcony design ideas.

Why Are Balconies Important?

Balconies are very important to creating a sense of balance in your home. They bring sunlight and fresh air into your home, which can be tricky to come by in your fast-paced modern life. They allow you to make full use of the floor space available to you and can be used to accommodate very specific needs. And they make your house a home.

Whether you are in the process of designing your floor plan or planning out how to use existing space, there is a wide range of balcony ideas for home that can incorporate your needs and wants. Decide what you want to use the balcony space for.

Then, spend some time exploring various balcony lighting ideas, small balcony furniture and even balcony wall decor to make the best use of this space.

For practitioners of Vastu shastra or feng shui, balconies are often a necessary element of the overall layout of a home. Having access to private outdoor space, for relaxing, can be an essential tool in taking care of your mental health. Both visually, and practically, it is a powerful calming factor to have a space in your home designated for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Moreover, a spacious balcony and proper design ideas allow you to turn your living space into a luxurious living room.

Even if you do not use your balcony as a leisurely space, outdoor plants for balcony spaces are a great way to incorporate nature into your daily routines like doing the laundry, exercising, or taking care of your pet.

Add a chic seat to your balcony. Take a look at the handpicked chairs we got!

How to Maintain
Your Balcony in India?

Most parts of India experience some extremes of weather conditions, and, if you’re lucky, moderate weather keeps you cool. Wherever you live in the country, it is necessary that your home balcony design considers various weather conditions, from extreme heat to pouring rain, and all the local flora and fauna that might reach you. Regardless of the space, you need to consider the following factors to maintain your balcony. These serve as great ideas for both big and small modern balcony design!

balcony steel design


Railings are the first and most important feature of your balcony for safety. They also play the biggest role in determining the aesthetics of your balcony lighting ideas as well as any balcony wall decor or balcony wall painting designs. You have a lot of flexibility with what you can achieve through your home balcony design, and railings are the first factor in those choices.

  • Glass Railings

Glass railings are perhaps the most luxurious style of railing. They use some metal framework for support, which does not interfere with the visual effect of a glass railing. They allow for a lot more light and create the illusion of a bigger space. You can give your balcony full glass design for a sleek, minimal look that is very chic and modern. Cleaning a balcony full glass design can take a lot of time, and use a lot of water, but the ambience that you can create is unmatched.

  • Cast Iron Railings

Cast-iron railings are extremely sturdy and typically use bars and rods for a decorative. fence-style appearance. A home balcony design that uses cast-iron railings is often classic and decorative. Cast-iron railings go very well with hanging pots for balcony gardens. An artificial vertical garden is another organic choice for a balcony with cast-iron railings. Cast-iron railings provide both strength and water resistance for sustaining plants and moisture.

  • Aluminium Railings

Aluminium Railings can be in the form of sheets for a wall-like appearance, or in bars and rods like cast-iron railings. They are also often used with glass railings. They also create a modern,chic aesthetic, but do not require cleaning the way that glass railings do. Naturally untreated aluminium is naturally resistant to the elements. When exposed to water, aluminium forms a layer of aluminium oxide, which further prevents corrosion. Aluminium railings are a great choice for balcony railings that need to be resistant to rain.

  • Wooden Railings

Wooden railings are a great option for places that are prone to high temperatures and less rain. They create a rustic, natural look, which is perfect for a balcony garden design and can be a great complement to a more artistic balcony ceiling design.
Wooden railings have the limitation of needing to be changed periodically, but more than makeup for it with the way they can bring nature into your home. Small balcony furniture can feel especially cosy and comforting in such a setting.

  • Stainless Steel Railings

Stainless steel railings are growing increasingly popular. This kind of balcony steel design have the versatility and weather-resistance of aluminium railings, though they are a bit more expensive. They have the added benefit of shine that aluminium railings lack. They can also be used in conjunction with glass railings.
Stainless steel railings are highly complementary to balcony plants decoration choices, even if you only have a handful of plants. If you plan your home with balcony steel design elements, you can create both classic and modern looks.



Outdoor blinds are an easy, and important way to maintain your balcony, by protecting it from rain, falling leaves, and even birds and insects. Blinds can be made of natural materials like bamboo, or hemp, as well as PVC or canvas.

Blinds are flexible and can be withdrawn entirely when needed, offering you the benefits of an open view,like if you have given your balcony a full glass design. They can also be pulled down conveniently with a moment’s notice to shield the balcony from rain, or at night.

Roof Covers

Roof Covers

Balcony roof design covers are a more substantial addition to your small modern balcony design and will require professional installation. They might be added at the time of building, or after, even if there is already a roof fixture over the balcony.

Roof covers offer an exciting opportunity to tailor your small balcony design ideasto your personal taste. Balcony roof design covers can be as basic as sheets of corrugated metal or PVC that lean against the building, or the existing balcony roof.

They can also be constructed of tiles in a variety of materials, from glass to terracotta and porcelain. You can use a combination of tiles to create a gorgeous inbuilt balcony ceiling design, including larger glass or clear PVC tiles to serve as skylights.And voila! You have a new balcony roof design!

balcony grill design for home


Grills are a convenient way to protect your balcony from birds, and bigger plants and leaves. Grills are made in all the same non-glass materials as railings (wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and cast iron) and can include a mesh if you want additional protection from insects.

Grills can also serve as a security measure for a home balcony design that is more open to the elements, but also accessible from outside the building.

A balcony grill design for home gardeners is perfect, as your balcony flowers receive the benefits of direct sunlight, as well as drizzles of rain. A balcony grill design also helps to decorate the balcony as per your wish

Glass shutter

Glass shutter

A glass shutter, which is perfect for a full glass balcony, can also be used to add a protective element to your home balcony design while keeping your view clear and undisturbed. A glass shutter maximizes the light and is a great substitute for a balcony grill design for home plans that are focused on incorporating nature into your urban setting.

Any type of railing works, but especially if you choose a balcony steel design, glass shutters can be the perfect complement. Glass shutters are available in designs that slide to open, and designs that open out like windows.

Moreover, glass allows you to drift off to a goodnight’s sleep as you look at the night sky outside. You can choose glass in a range of tints, even with reflective qualities to give you the benefits of a full glass window, with added privacy. If privacy is not a determining factor for you, glass wall can also be the perfect way to showcase your personalized balcony wall painting designs.

Balcony Tiles

Another thing that sets a tone in your balcony space is your balcony tiles design. Soft soothing colors can go with boho ottomans and benches. And if you want an exotic tile design, you can choose any one wall and make it a lively corner in your balcony. But make sure you choose the right furniture style that goes with your balcony tiles design.

Or else, the space might leave you feeling confused and anxious. With the right choice, you must balance all the balcony elements properly!

Hence, make sure to sync your balcony tiles design with handpicked furniture. Couple maximalism with minimalism. That is, if the tile design is a little junky, tone it down with neutral ottomans or chairs and add more plants.

14 Fun Ideas
to Spruce up
Your Balcony!

There are unlimited balcony ideas for home and you should know how to utilize the space, for practical
needs or leisure. Here are just twelve easy ideas that can be implemented into any home balcony design.
You can add any of these items to your balcony. And with these small balcony design ideas you seem to feel the beautiful
breeze and enjoy the present more often. So, let’s take a look at the things you can add to your balcony.

Chapter 3

14 Fun Design Ideas to Spruce up Your Balcony

  • 1. Add a Swing
  • 2. Bring a Coffee Table
  • 3. Rest your feet on an Ottoman
  • 4. Add a Bench
  • 5. Bookshelf or Paper Rack
  • 6. Warm Lighting or Fairy Lights
  • 7. Lamps or Lanterns to make the ambience
  • 8. Wall Art to Express
  • 9. Murals, and Textured Wallpaper or Paint
  • 10. Pottery Art to Decorate
  • 11. Add Outdoor Plants on railings
  • 12. Artificial Vertical Garden: Be Creative
  • 13. Right Flooring to make sense to your feet
  • 14. Hanging chair to make it comfy

Home Balcony Design Ideas for you

You can take cues from this extensive list to design your balcony to a peaceful space. You may choose to make it the
highlight of your house for parties. Or, you can create this space much more inviting for reading a book and enjoying the breeze.
Moreover, these small modern balcony design ideas are simple and would give you the ultimate balcony makeover! So, let’s try these:


Add a Swing

Swings are a great addition to any space, especially a balcony. This hanging chair for balcony allows you to recline and feel the breeze in a very relaxing way! They immediately create an environment of relaxation and fun, which is appealing for children and adults alike.

If your balcony has a strong roof, you can attach one or two hooks to it for an addition to your balcony that takes up no floor space.

If you have a little more floor space or don’t have a strong roof over your balcony, you can always get a swing that is suspended from a stand on the floor. You can pair swings with hanging pots for balcony designs that truly transport you to another space.

Home balcony design

Bring a Coffee Table

Coffee tables also help create an ambience of relaxation. Use them to add to your balcony plants decoration. You can leave books and coasters out to create a home balcony design that is a more established relaxation space.

Yes, balcony table and chairs do take up space. But you can place them tactfully to allow free movement and yet have your coffee at a table. Also, you should choose certain types of balcony table and chairs that are small yet chic!


Rest your feet on an Ottoman

If you are a fan of small balcony furniture, an ottoman is another great way to spruce up your balcony. They are a wise choice and adds a whole lot to a small modern balcony design. It gives you seating space, without needing the whole design to be focused on relaxation.

Wakefit’s ottomans also serve the purpose of convenient storage for your laundry supplies, or tools for your balcony garden design.You can also add a hanging chair for balcony. This is best if you have enough space to move around even after adding it. You can swing and cherish the present even more. Plus, you can also resume your reading or finish your artwork while enjoying on the chair.

Home balcony design

Add a Bench

Another balcony garden designs are a bench which is a no-fuss way to introduce seating and storage space to your balcony. They can hold outdoor plants for balcony gardens and still serve as outdoor seating.

If you want to exercise more frequently, a balcony is also the perfect place to put an exercise bench and keep your workout gear. It may seem that balcony table and chairs take up space. However, if you choose a small but beautiful one and place them tactfully, it will be a new operational space. Plus, you’ll have sample space to walk around freely.

Thus, be it your living space or your bedroom, balconies allow fresh air inside. And you keep calm and become more productive. You can also look at tips for bedroom makeover and let your balcony vibe with it!


Bookshelf or Paper Rack

If you want a home balcony design that is more focused on leisure and relaxation, you can put a bookshelf or paper rack out there for your newspapers and magazines. These simple features will create a visually comforting space that can help encourage you to incorporate reading into your daily routine more seamlessly.

Warm Lighting

Warm Lighting or Fairy Lights

Lights can enrich your balcony ceiling design, If your home balcony design, climate and local insects allow it, you might be planning to use your balcony in the nighttime. Warm lights, or fairy lights, can create a delightful ambience for you to enjoy your piece of nature even after the sun has set. The balcony lighting idea should enhance the look of your balcony.


Lamps or Lanterns to make the ambience

If your lighting fixtures can not be permanent, lamps or lanterns are a great way to create your perfect ambient lighting that can be conveniently taken indoors when needed.

While inbuilt light fixtures and fairy lights take up less space and are more convenient, lamps and lanterns are a great way to add detail to your home balcony design.


Wall Art to Express

Balcony wall painting designs are intended to use your balcony, wall art is a great way to spruce up the space and make it feel like an integrated part of your house, rather than an awkward extension.

You can match your wall art to the purpose of your balcony wall decor, or simply to the larger aesthetic themes of your home. Another idea is to add hanging pots for balcony! They really turn a boring open space into calming breezy space.

hanging pots for balcony

Murals, and Textured Wallpaper or Paint

These are the perfect way to add a long term touch of personality to your home balcony design without taking up any space or compromising on the functionality of your balcony. Depending on your budget, you can get a customized mural, or choose a classic texture or print for your walls.

Textured walls add polish and personality to your balcony while ensuring that your space can be versatile for any aesthetic choices, or practical needs

pottery art

Pottery Art to Decorate

Whether or not you actually have plants, pottery art is a great way to add decor to your balcony. Simple designs as well as more artistic pottery pieces fit perfectly on a balcony, especially because of how weather-resistant they are. Just make sure they are not in the way of any children or pets who might want to use the balcony to burn out some spare energy!

balcony plants decoration

Add Outdoor Plants on railings

Particularly if your neighbourhood doesn’t have a lot of greenery, outdoor plants are a good way to bring yourself some nature. There are many varieties of plants to choose from, whether you are an avid gardener, or can only keep plants alive if they are extremely low-maintenance.

Outdoor plants for balcony come in potted and hanging varieties to suit the structural features of your balcony.A variety of hanging pots for the balcony is available.

balcony plants decoration

Artificial Vertical Garden: Be Creative

If your balcony is especially small, but you still want to ensure you have some nature in your home, an artificial vertical garden is a way to go. They take up almost no floor space and are a great way to incorporate a gardening hobby even in a tiny, intensely urban setting.

Artificial vertical gardens utilize pockets of soil that are mounted on a wall, in a grid, and can beplotted much like a regular garden patch, as long as the pockets of soil are big enough. Make sure you. consult gardening resources to ensure that your plants get all that they need to grow healthy and strong.


Right Flooring to make sense to your feet

Another great way to spruce up your balcony is a wooden plank design. This small balcony design idea creates an urban look. Wooden planks have always been enticing. However, you can also opt for something unique like placing stone tiles as balcony flooring. They would be great as rains can come and go without giving the floor any problem.

Hanging chair

Hanging chair to make it comfy

A small hanging chair for balcony can make a cosy space for you to read and drink your coffee. It not only adds to the look of your balcony but also adds another function to it. However, a small hanging chair never takes enough space if placed tactically.

Types of Plants
You Can Grow
in Small Spaces

There are unlimited options for how you can utilize your balcony, for practical needs or leisure. Here are just twelve balcony plants for decoration ideas that can be implemented into any home balcony design. You can also add some common house plants in India to bring your balcony to life!

Moreover, plants alone can bring a good boost to your balcony’s essence. They not only make it look like a mini-garden but also disperse a fresh fragrance entering the adjacent room!

So, let’s look at the types of plants you can add to your balcony.

Chapter 4

Types of Plants you can grow in Small Spaces

  • 1. Balcony flowers
  • 2. Herbs and Greens
  • 3. Vegetables
  • 4. Succulents and House plants
balcony flowers

Balcony Flowers

Balcony flowers are the most common, and obvious choice for a balcony garden. You can choose creepers that cover your grill, or tiny flowering plants.

Perennially flowering plants are a nice way to always have a touch of colour, but a selection of seasonal flowers can make each time of the year feel special and distinct.

balcony flowers

Herbs and Greens

You can use your balcony garden to grow fresh herbs that you can use while cooking, or for self-care. Rosemary, thyme, sage, mint, and coriander are great as they take up very little space.

You can also grow chard, lettuce, basil, and other bigger leaves for a homegrown addition to your salads. The benefits of plants at home are plenty. So, you should bring more greens to your balcony!

balcony flowers


Cherry tomatoes, beans, and even peas can be a great choice for your balcony garden as they are creepers. What’s not to like about the idea of reaching out to your balcony to make a lovely dish, entirely from scratch?


Succulents and Houseplants

Hardy houseplants and succulents are great choices for a low-maintenance home gardener. Aloe vera, for instance, has many health and beauty benefits and needs almost no care. The tulsi plant is highly valued in many Indian cultures and are another great choice for your home garden. Plus, plants alone can add to your new home balcony design.

Got space? Place your plants on a beautiful table. Add a vibe!

Balcony Wall Design and
Decor Ideas

Balconies are a great place to unwind after a hectic day, spend your holidays reading a book, taking a nap, or just chill with a drink in hand. When balconies can provide so much to you, it deserves to be designed with some thought and care. The size or shape of the balcony does not matter, as there is enough scope to make it visually appealing and functionally beautiful. Here are such balcony wall designs and decor ideas.

Chapter 5

Planters for wall design

Have a small balcony with only enough space for seating or green space. One of the best ways to use small balcony space is to use wall planters. Opt for pastel colours to add charm and flair to the design. Instead of a normal wall, you can choose a panel made of wood and paint it with a shade of pastel green, making it look cheerful and bright. Add small planters on the walls with the same colour theme to enhance the decor and design of the balcony. Use flowering plants or treat them as vases placing colourful blooms

Make a vertical garden

The best and the most simple way to decorate the wall is to add fresh greens by creating a vertical garden. To make a base or backdrop for this, choose a wooden panel as it is the ideal way to go about it. Then you can use some planters on the ground and place climbers that make their way up to the wall or install planters with a choice of blooms or plants on the wooden panel. Keep the rest of the decor minimal so that the vertical garden does the job.

A statement piece for the wall

You can also opt for a statement decor on the balcony wall to keep the design classy and minimal. For instance, you can choose mosaic mirrors or opt for grey panels to make a minimal but good backdrop for modern wall decor. Choose neutral colours as that ensures the design is timeless.

Stone cladding wall

Brick walls make the space look wall and give a rustic appeal. So why not choose it as one of the wall designs for your balcony? The stone cladding can be used to create a warm and beautiful corner. Add a few green plants, a hammock or a swing chair, and artificial grass flooring and make the space look stunningly beautiful.

Creative wall decor

Instead of going the conventional green method of balcony designs, opt for something different, like having artificial elements. Use artificial greens that are warm and impactful but beautiful. Ceramic plates of different shapes and designs can be added as it helps to amp the style instantly. Choose wall lamps on the adjacent wall to illuminate the decor at night.

Got space? Place your plants on a beautiful table. Add a vibe!

Balcony Door Design Ideas

Doors are important for the house’s security, but that does not mean beauty should take a backseat. On the contrary, homeowners give priority to the door designs of the balcony as it is a place for relaxation. If the balcony is the favourite part of your house and wants to know the various balcony door designs, here are some of them.

Chapter 6

Glass doors

People cannot go wrong with a glass door design with a white frame for the balcony. It is ideal for any type and size of the balcony and instantly makes it aesthetically pleasing. These are extremely popular in other Asian countries like Japan and the Philippines, and now this trend is catching in India too.

The folding shutters

It is the most popular design for balcony doors, especially in commercial properties. But it looks stunningly beautiful in Indian homes too. When you pair this with white or pastel-coloured furniture along with contemporary seating, it gives the balcony a stylish look. Adding chandeliers and plants to the balcony makes it appealing.

Sliding doors

The most popular trend currently in balcony designs is the sliding door. It can be vertical or horizontal; both are very convenient for all sizes of balconies. It provides extra space and gives you more room to add a favourite couch or more plants. There are many options for sliding doors that should be chosen based on your balcony design.

French doors

It is a great option for big bungalows and apartments with high arches and ceilings. The balcony looks stunning when you have a window door and a railing made of French design. Adorn these with flowers and plants and give these doors a stunning appearance. Add a hanging lamp or a chandelier to boost the aesthetics.

Steel doors

These are a durable and cost-effective option that is also aesthetically pleasing. Though iron doors have been a popular choice, they can get spoilt due to sun and rain over time. The steel doors are not like that; they do not rust easily and last longer, making them a good choice for doors.

When choosing the door design, measure the space you have on the interior and the exterior. It will give you an idea of what style works best. Selecting the ideal balcony design is not only about style but also about saving space.

Vastu Tips for Balcony

As per Vastu, the balcony is where the energy gets into the house. It is also much-needed as it enhances the house’s light, ventilation, and beauty. So even if you have a small home, there should be a small balcony to allow positive energy to flow. Vastu experts recommend having a balcony based on the entrance and it is best to have as much open space as possible. Tips for balcony include the following:

  • Construct balconies in the North-East, north, or east directions. Avoid having them in the southwest or south direction.
  • Include a water fountain in the northeast part of the balcony to increase the positive energy in the house.
  • Keep furniture on the southwest side of the balcony and choose wooden furniture instead of wrought iron. If you want to place swings, they should face the South or the North direction, which is considered auspicious.
  • When it comes to planting, choose the north and east sides of the balcony to plant shrubs, and the tall and thick plants should be on the West and the South. Avoid huge plants on the balcony and instead choose small flowering plants as they attract positivity. Likewise, place flower pots in the South, west, or southwest, and never place them in the center.
  • The water flow should be from west to north or south to east. Therefore, the balcony should be raised from the Southwest and slope to the Northeast.
  • The height of the roof should be lower than the main building room. Avoid using tin or asbestos for the roof of the balcony. The slope of the roof should be towards the East or North and never to the west or south.
  • When it comes to lighting, Vastu experts recommend using pretty lamps that give out enough light to the balcony. Avoid sitting on a dimly lit or dark balcony as it leads to negativity.
  • Choose wall colors that are calm like lighter pink tones, beige, blue, or even white. Do not use dark colors on the walls as it is a spot for relaxation and can spoil the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions on Home Balcony Designs

One of the main advantages of having a balcony is the additional space. However, there are amnmple other benefits of having a balcony:

  • Leisure:

It is a great outer addition to the house for space but also an outdoor area for leisure and enjoyment of nature.

  • Grow plants:

It is a great place to design, style and make it your own sanctuary.

  • Enjoy the view:

A balcony is a great place to read, enjoy the view, the weather and a cup of coffee.

  • Good for health:

Fresh breeze and some airflow is great for health.

  • Lots of natural light:

You get plenty of sunlight refreshing your room everyday.

Depending on the layout of your home balcony design, you have a few different options to consider. You can install a roof cover, or awning to cover the top of your balcony. If you are looking for more protection against birds, insects, and falling leaves, you might opt for a grill, with or without a mesh.

You can also use blinds in a range of styles and materials, which can be entirely opened and shut easily. You can install sliding glass shutters for an undisturbed view. Glass shutters that open out like windows are also available, though they do interrupt your view a little more.

Of course, railings are essential for your balcony, for safety, and stability. Railings come in a range of materials to handle the weather or climate of your hometown and to match your home balcony design.

There is no real limit to the number of balconies that a house can have. As long as it is architecturally feasible, you can only benefit from having access to a little private sunlight and a breeze from the comfort of your home.

If you are in the process of searching for a home, try to ensure that you have at least one balcony or verandah that receives ample sunlight. Even if you are not a fan of the outdoors, there are many instances where having an outdoor space can be especially useful.

Balconies, verandahs and patios are all architectural features that allow access to the outdoors while remaining attached to the building. They are a conjunction of the indoors and outdoors, and can be used in many ways. Here is the difference between a balcony, verandah, and a patio:

  • Balcony

The main distinguishing feature of a balcony is that it is on the upper floor of a building, while verandahs and patios are exclusively on the ground floor.

  • Verandah

The difference between a verandah and a patio is a little more subtle. A verandah is generally an extension of the building and often acts as a balcony on the ground floor.

  • Patio:

A patio, on the other hand, is an addition to the building. They are more substantial than verandahs, and often made of a different material. Unlike verandahs, patios have the connotation of being a recreational or leisurely space.

When looking at some intelligent small balcony makeover ideas, people tend to overlook the basics. You can keep your balcony clean by dusting the floor and the furniture every day, use a multi-surface cleaner to wipe glass, water the plants, etc. Here are some more ways to keep your balcony spick and span:

  • Dust the sides and the floor
  • Dust the furniture if any
  • Vacuum the floors instead of mopping
  • Use a multi-surface cleaner to clean the glass
  • Clean the windows and doors
  • Make sure you dust the corners
  • Water the plants regularly and clean up around them

You can add potted plants, a swing to read on, a beautiful coffee table to place your plants and have tea occasionally, and more. Here are more items that you can add to your balcony:

  • Potted plants
  • Modern coffee table decor
  • Floor bedding or pillows
  • Hammocks or Swings
  • Colorful rugs and throws
  • Wall art or hangings
  • Ceramic pieces
  • Add a hanging chair for balcony like a Hammock.

You can add these low-maintenance flowers to make your balcony more lively. Plus, plants alone can be one of the best small balcony makeover ideas for your space.

  • Basil Spider plant
  • Cactus
  • Desert Rose.
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers/Chillies
  • Aloe Vera

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