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Every little detail from colours and textures to design and layout determine the overall aesthetic of a house. It goes without saying that furniture plays a key part in terms of both utility and visual appeal.  As far as statement pieces go, Modern Coffee Table Decor is a must-have for any modern house.

What better way to set the theme to your house than to start with one of the basic furniture pieces that is a must-have for every home or office setting? Apart from being one of the first-to-spot furniture pieces as you walk into a living space, Coffee-tables are much loved for their usefulness and ease of moving around.

Table arrangements with the right setting and accessorising can decide the whole mood of a room. With the right Modern Coffee Table Decor, you can use the same table to transform a living room into a drawing-room, reading space, prayer room or even a cosy work from home space.

You can also adjust these budget-friendly and stylish tables to suit the room. Hence, they can serve as elegant bedside tables, bookshelves, or even as multi-utility storage spaces.

What Are Coffee

Coffee Tables are essentially low-set tables, usually paired with l-shape sofa or chair set in sitting rooms. You can also use them as stand-alone signature pieces according to the room. These are the kind of tables you would set your coffee, or the books you’re reading, your keys, the newspaper, or even the place you prop your foot on while reclined back on the sofa.

But with modern coffee table decor, these compact tables can cater to a wide range of purposes. For instance, apart from its traditional space in a sitting room, you can also pair them with a bedside lamp and charging portal.

Thereby, moving it to the bedroom to use as a much-needed bedside table. Add a potted plant and move it over to the balcony, and you’ve got yourself the perfect setting for an evening tea.

Things to Consider When
Buying a Coffee Table

A coffee table is the ultimate piece in your living that can make or break the room’s aesthetic. You would want it to go with all your room elements in a way that either matches or makes a vibrant contrast. Including your walls! Have a look at some quirky house wall design ideas to understand better.

Also, don’t forget to choose one that serves all your functional requirements. We understand that elegant wooden coffee table designs can blur our vision but the size also matters. Worse, if your eyes spot a beautiful metal design and your mind tells you creative ways for your coffee table decor. Irresistible! A selective collection of furniture helps you create a luxurious living room.

So, it’s important to follow a checklist that helps in choosing the right coffee table sets for your living space. Let utility and beauty sync! Here are the things you need to consider to bring home a great coffee table:

  • Consider the space: Ideally, the space between the sofa edge and the table’s edge is 16-18 inches. This makes the coffee table sets close enough for you to place the book back and far enough for you to place your legs and do light stretches. This way, you can narrow down your search. If you can leave that much space you are free to get a big one home. Or else, a small beauty would do wonders. There are different types of sofa sets that you can look at to understand better.
  • Consider the coffee table utility: Think of how you will use the table. This also depends upon using the sofas even more than just watching TV and Netflix. You can place books that you read often. Or, maybe place an ornate metal bowl and add potpourri to spread a subtle calming fragrance throughout the room! Either way, think of ways to welcome more members to the living room for more gatherings.
  • Don’t forget the height: Remember to keep the space between your sofas spacious. Hence, always choose low-lying tables that are 2-3 inches lower than your sofa seats. This way, you don’t have to bend too much nor would you have something obstructing your view. You can take hints from our apartment living room ideas that would help you to design your room.
  • Choose colour wisely: Mostly it’s best to go with subtle hues to not make it pop. However, if you want to go for a vibrant shade, make sure the other elements in the room are toned down. Altogether try to keep only till 3 elements with contrasting colours. Or else, subtle and neutral hues work best.
  • Look beyond wood: Wooden coffee table designs are no doubt the most elegant and chic. In fact, they have been so for decades and still will retain this essence for ages to come! However, don’t be scared to look beyond wood. Beautiful metal coffee tables can also take your breath away. In fact, this would be something unique and will draw subtle attention with a pleasing view.

If you’re looking for something with a little more space, a modern long table is a perfect variant for you. There are especially useful to artists and creative people who tend to make a mess and would love the extra surface space within the compact structure. The designs also come in mid-century modern variants that add a touch of timelessness to the overall aesthetics of the house with its simplicity and elegance.

Decor Ideas for Living
Room Coffee Table

Designs for a living room can be anything from simple wooden coffee table designs to a luxury coffee table. Choosing the right centrepiece for a table can also define the purpose and mood of the living room. For instance, centre table pieces like miniature tabletop terrariums, a table vase with fresh flowers, or indoor plants will go a long way in making the table a simple and natural space. Your coffee table decor can also include table photo frames and pictures.
However, here are some simple coffee table decor ideas that will help your living room pop!

  • Small sculptures go a long way

You can add sculptures- big or small depending upon the tabletop space. But make sure to leave ample for other regular items that you can keep while in a hurry. An idol or an abstract sculpture will elevate the room’s essence.

  • Add books on a clear glass tabletop

If you have a clear coffee table, you can place your favourite books and let their jackets create an organic colour combination. You can also add some more simple items there from this list so the books aren’t alone. Additionally, if you struggle with space, you can find more cues in decor ideas for a small living room.

  • A flower vase to make it calm

One of the classic ideas for coffee table decor is the flower vase. It just has a natural vibe that creates a sense of calmness just by its presence. You can use a flower vase almost with every decor item!

  • Bring in modern table lights

Let it be a decor piece in the morning and a calming object in the late evenings. This way, you can also prepare yourself for sleep early thanks to the dim lights strategically placed on your tabletop.

  • Indoor plants on a modern pot design

You can add a couple of small indoor plants to your coffee table. However, try playing with the pot design. Maybe choose a pot that’s unconventional and is like an artwork! You can look at TV room design ideas to find more cues.

  • Blend Nothingness with a Potpourri

You can also choose to keep your living room table empty with only a table runner with a glass bowl of potpourri! Allow your space to have a very subtle fragrance that relieves stress and anxiety to an extent.

  • Candleholders for a vintage vibe

A statement piece candleholder and scented or tealight candles will set the mood for a calm, relaxing reading corner. You can also choose to use a couple of scented candles!

  • A placemat to make way for the beverage

A placemat or tea-set will define it as a welcome place to lounge for tea or coffee. Table arrangements designed for this purpose are perfect when paired with a Coffee table tray.

Art pieces and Designer coffee table books can also serve as statement pieces that add beauty, purpose and a touch of professionalism to the setting.

Similarly, setting the table with a table cloth that goes with the colour palette of the living room will accentuate the aesthetics of your modern coffee table decor. Plus, it will simultaneously make it easier to handle. You can check out some of the modern room designs to take cues on how to go about decorating your coffee table.

Pick a coffee table that makes a statement. Make your living room talk.

Decor Ideas for
Bedroom Coffee Table

You can have a fully functional private sitting area in your bedroom even if you have less space. This gives you more time to spend with either yourself or your significant other. So, if you are going for a bedroom makeover anytime soon, do consider adding a sitting space.

Side table decor ideas that are a mix of personal and utilitarian are perfect for bedside tables. Table photo frames for pictures of family members, memorabilia that hold sentimental significance and storage space for albums or diaries are elements that add a personal touch to Bedside table decor.

Having a lamp, phone-holder and charging portal, water bottle, potpourri, etc will go a long way in making side table décor ideas utilitarian as well. Designer coffee table books are also a minimal and amazing addition to bedroom coffee tables.

However, here are some coffee table decor ideas for large bedrooms. These cues will help you reach make use of your tabletop wisely. But make sure to keep only one or a couple of these items on your bedroom coffee table. The idea is to do more and placing numerous items would be a problem. It would defeat the purpose of having quick meals with chit-chats:

  • Keep it simple with just a small plant: Add a small indoor plant on the table in your bedroom’s sitting area.
  • Add only a small potpourri: You can place a simple table runner on top of which you can place the bowl with potpourri. Now, you can experiment with the bowl style. You can choose either a transparent or a unique metal bowl that will create an attraction.
  • A small flower vase: Placing a small flower vase will do enough! The purpose of a coffee table in the bedroom is to use the space optimally. Hence, unless you need to, keep the space empty with one or two items.
  • A single showpiece: If you love art and your bedroom elements have clear hints of that, you can place a showpiece on the tabletop. A small one will be enough as the idea is to allow you to use as much space as possible.

So, feel free to creatively personalize your side table decor ideas based on your tastes and preference. However, you can look at more coffee table decor ideas to go with your bedroom and your living!

7 Types of
Coffee Tables Designs

Whether as a central, statement piece, or part of a larger set, coffee tables are the most convenient and utilitarian choice that occupies minimal space. That being said, there are certain factors like the size and overall décor of the room, utility, price and durability that you need to consider in order to find the coffee- table that’s perfect for you.
Coffee tables are one of those furniture pieces that are well suited for both large and small spaces. Bigger rooms do well with both larger sets that come with chairs/cushions, as well as single coffee tables that you can use as central statement pieces.

luxury coffee table

1. One that let’s storage rule: Excelsa Coffee Table

Coffee tables that also have storage space are the best for smaller rooms. For instance, the Wakefit Excelsa Coffee Table is a sleek and multipurpose piece that can work as a tabletop as well as compartmentalised storage units.

luxury coffee table

2. One that’s efficient: Java Coffee Table

Wakefit Java Coffee Table is another stunner that offers maximum utility and takes up the minimum space. This design saves space but also allows maximum space for utility.

coffee side table

3. One that elegant and minimal: Liberica Coffee Table

Minimal designs like this takes the spotlight in every living room! It speaks of elegance outright! Likewise, the Wakefit Liberica Coffee table is a minimal and efficient piece that takes up very little space and is ideal for small rooms.

luxury coffee table

4. One with stylish table legs: Arabica Coffee Table

If you want to do away with standard table legs, you can choose to try stylish ones. The Wakefit Arabica Coffee Table, a more stylish spread, combines beauty and utility in an elegant design.

coffee table decor

5. One that’s simple: Catimor Sheesham Wood

Depending on the design, decor and overall layout of the rest of the room, you can pick a simple coffee table like the Wakefit Catimor Sheesham Wood Coffee Table that stands out for its simplicity or something more design-oriented.
Pairing your table with a coffee table cover can go a long way in syncing the décor and furniture.

coffee table decor

6. Let glass speak: Jackson Sheesham Wood

Some like glass topped tables and mid-century modern tables have a classy and timeless aesthetics that will easily merge in with the rest of the room décor even with little or no additions. Hence, the Wakefit Jackson Sheesham Wood Coffee Table allows you for more creative table decor ideas!

coffee table decor

7. A round table to prioritize essentials: Mocca Sheesham Wood Coffee Table

Mocca Sheesham Wood Coffee Table is a stunner that you should definitely check out. Having a basic idea about the Centrepiece for table and other accessories like Table vase you’re planning to use can also help decide what kind of table you are looking for.

Utility, budget and durability are also key factors that you need to remember while looking for the Coffee-table that will best suit your needs.

Vintage, modern, exotic- you name it! Choose from our diverse coffee table designs.

Frequently Asked Questions on Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Coffee tables are basically smaller, low-height tables. They’re one of the most common and basic pieces of furniture you will find in living rooms and drawing rooms in homes and at waiting lounges at offices. Coffee tables are also the easiest base to implement your Living room table decor ideas to create a great space with little or no hassle.

Coffee tables come in a whole wide range of shapes, sizes and modern coffee table designs to suit the space and function they are built for. For instance, they can be a coffee side table when placed next to a sofa or armchair. Set up a nice little potted plant on it and you’ve got a plant table indoor.  Depending on the make and design, they can range from simple wooden coffee table designs to luxury coffee tables. There are also coffee table sets with tables of different sizes.

From a plant table indoor to a simple coffee side table for your bedroom, coffee tables can be used as both statement pieces and accessory furniture as part of a bigger set. Choosing the right coffee table decor ideas can do wonders to set the style and aesthetics of any room.

Coffee tables are low-set and hence ideal to place things on in a space that’s primarily designed for seating.

  • Owing to its name, coffee tables are typically tables on which tea and snacks are served in sitting rooms and living rooms at home, especially when you have guests over.
  • Add a Coffee table tray and you have a designated place for your coffee routine.
  • They also serve as a coffee side table when put next to an armchair and can be used to place glasses, books, or almost anything else you want to put aside before reclining back on the chair. Employing the right coffee table decor ideas play a huge part in defining the utility of the table in a given space.
  • Placed in the bedroom, they also work as great bedside tables to keep some water handy, or to place a bedside reading lamp on. These can also be easily personalized with Table photo frames to add personal detail to the Modern coffee table décor and be at par with the overall feel of the room. Bedside table décor can also include key or phone-holders and alarm clocks.
  • Coffee tables also work perfectly in kitchen islands that are too small to accommodate a full dining table. Modern coffee table decor with a coffee table cover and minimal table arrangements like a jug and a glass bowl, a coffee table can be easily converted into a place to eat at and keep keys and refreshments to grab on your way out.

Coffee table sets of different sizes are great to hold magazines, brochures, and registers in waiting rooms.  Similarly, coffee side tables are also easily accessible book and newspaper holders for the common area in the house that is shared by everyone. They can also work as compact storage units that take up minimal space, Laptop tables for setting up a home office, or even as a place to prop your feet upon while reclining back on the sofa or chair. It can also be used as a display table photo frame or as a plant table indoor.

Books are an inevitable aspect of Modern coffee table decor. A luxury coffee table and magazines are the greatest duo of living room table decor ideas. To better suit the purpose and aesthetic, designer coffee table books that suit the tastes of the niche can be used. You can a look the some of the best books to read for beginners to not only make them your centre table pieces but develop a good reading habit as well.

  • The House on Mango Street – Sandra Cisneros
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini
  • To Kill a Mocking Bird- Harper Lee
  • Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger
  • Animal Farm – George Orwell

Moreover, quick and easy reads like poetry and short-story collections also go great at coffee tables since they’re not stayed at for long durations.

Comic books and children’s magazines are also great additions to coffee tables and keep the aesthetic light-hearted and warm.

Additionally, visitors’ logs and feedback registers can be a great addition to office settings and add a great professional touch to the overall environment.

Wakefit is the ultimate destination for you if you’re looking for the perfect coffee table for your home or office. Bedside coffee tables, indoor plant table, Ottoman coffee table, mid-century Modern coffee tables, Glass-top table, Modern long table, Wooden coffee tables, Tables with storage space; you name it, we’ve got you covered. Paired with the right Modern coffee table décor, these pieces can add style just as much style as a utility to the spaces they occupy.

With our fashionable, budget-friendly designs comes the promise of durability and easy online access. Wakefit also delivers your Coffee-tables at your doorsteps, anywhere in India, making the pandemic shopping experience easy, hassle-free and convenient.

A coffee table must be 2/3rds the length of your couch or sofa in order to be in the correct proportion. A distance of 18 inches between the coffee table and the edge of any piece of furniture seems to be ideal.

There are many coffee table decor ideas that you can use to enhance the display on a coffee table. You can decorate your coffee table based on its colour and texture. For instance, if your coffee table is neutral or white, you can add something bright for a pop of bold colours. If the table is a darker shade, you can choose pastel-coloured decor. A wooden coffee table design can be decorated with a lighter shade of center table pieces. The sturdy structure of a wooden coffee table can also be adorned with designer coffee table books. A glass coffee table can be adorned with any kind of decor. Furthermore, a bedside table decor can also include adding a table vas, table photo frames, and other table arrangements. Here are some things you can display on your coffee tables:

  • Sculptures
  • Books
  • Flower vase
  • Modern table lights
  • Potpourri
  • Candleholders
  • A placemat

Wear and tear is a regular phenomenon that ruins every object with time. But we can control it with the right tricks. Especially, when it comes to maintaining your furniture. Here are some ways you can maintain your centre tables:

  • Always keep coasters
  • Avoid keeping heavy centerpiece for table
  • Wipe it regularly and dust the top often.
  • Clean the spills immediately with paper towels or a cloth
  • Add a colourful coffee table cover
  • Avoid keeping sharp objects on it such as keys, to protect it from scratches
  • Add a coffee table tray for extra protection from anything from extremely hot beverages/food.
  • Make sure you cover the top with a mat for extra protection.
  • While cleaning, be gentle so as to not spoil the paint on the surface of the coffee table sets

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