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A home mandir or a pooja room is an important part of many Indian houses. It is a space for worship, and for many, it is a place that helps them to seek spirituality. Many people consider a home to be incomplete without having a pooja mandir. Since it is a highly spiritual and personal space, it is only right that you choose a pooja mandir design that is perfect. When it comes to options for pooja mandir designs, there are many, and size does not matter. So to narrow down the search, wooden pooja mandir designs are chosen.

Wood is a favourite when it comes to a home mandir. That is because of its versatility. It offers unmatched beauty, and along with it, wood is extremely durable. So wooden pooja mandir designs are definitely worth considering. Here is a list of all the pooja mandir designs.


Pooja Mandir Designs for Home

A pooja room is a small but sacred place inside the house where people perform daily prayers and religious rituals. A dedicated room is not essential and may not always be available in compact homes. But families create a special place where they can connect with their god. To create a perfect space, here are a few decisions you must make to ensure that the place is serene and conducive for praying.

Things to Consider before Designing a Pooja Mandir for Home


One of the most important things to consider for a house temple design is orientation. As per Vastu, the pooja room should be between the east and the north side of the house. It should face the east so that you face the sun when you sit to pray in the morning. Despite these restrictions, pooja room placement is flexible in terms of where to have the pooja room. All you have to do is to ensure that you pray in the right direction. This is the most important factor, and once this is fulfilled, you are on the perfect track for creating your Pooja Mandir for Home.


When it comes to a home temple or pooja mandir design, a few things need to be added in terms of location. The most important thing is not to have a pooja room common wall that is shared with a toilet. The second is to avoid having a pooja room right in front of the main door, as there can be unrest due to negative energies. The last is not to have a pooja room in a busy place. This is because it does not allow you to pray peacefully.

Your Praying Habits

Another essential factor to consider in your Pooja Mandir for Home is your praying habits. Do you spend a considerable amount of time in the pooja room, or is it a quick light of the Diya every morning? The answer to this helps you decide on the space needed. Also, consider whether you want to sit on the floor during prayer or do it standing. That enables you to decide on the height at which you place the idols. If you have not decided, you can create a base at about 1.5 feet from the floor. This makes it helpful to pray while standing as well as sitting.


Depending on the space you have allocated for the pooja room, the Pooja Mandir for Home needs to be created. The praying space can be a room or a separate space. Based on the size and space, you can create your Pooja Mandir for Home accordingly. Even when there is no space for a separate pooja room, you can create an enclosure within a room as a place that has its own identity. If space is a constraint and you have a wall surface that is empty, you can have a Pooja Mandir for Home.


Depending on your praying habits, there is a need for storage space in your Pooja Mandir for Home. Irrespective of the amount of time you spend praying, some storage is needed for stuffing seating mats, prayer books, pooja items, silver and brassware, etc.


How the prayer room should look is entirely your choice. A Pooja Mandir for Home has to be such that it gives a positive vibe and is not gloomy. It should be traditional without being too classical. One of the ways to achieve this is to do a combination of things. Use smooth and rough stones around the deity on the vertical surfaces. It should give a rustic ambience along with being contemporary. If you pick a pooja mandir design from the internet, measure the space and check for electrical connections to power the Pooja Mandir for Home.


The lighting of a prayer room is an important factor to consider for a Pooja Mandir for Home design. Having the right lights creates a soothing atmosphere and makes it look beautiful. The lighting should be layered and warm where you stand, sit, and pray. There should be focused lights to illuminate the deity and give an overall effect. You can also include a backlight in your Pooja Mandir for Home and a lamp as the front light . It provides a surreal effect that is visually appealing.

Traditional Wooden Pooja Mandir Designs for Home

These pooja mandir designs inspired by classic Indian temple architecture and design feature intricate carvings and ornate details. There are many choices when it comes to traditional pooja mandir designs for home. Here are a few designs:

Wooden Pooja Mandir Design with an Elevated Floor

A wooden pooja mandir design for a home with an elegant elevated floor made of wood takes the look a notch higher. This is a great Pooja Mandir for Home, especially if it is sharing space. Use dark wood for the temple floor and use a complementary wood share for the other parts of the temple. This open-door Pooja Mandir for Home will become the talking point of your house.

Vintage Pooja Mandir Design

This is a Pooja Mandir for Home that is suited for larger homes. It is an open Pooja Mandir for Home that is blissful and beautiful. You can use ornately carved wooden mandirs with soft-toned coloured walls in the background. Use accents with a brighter tone on either side of the temple. The side walls can have shelves to place other idols. The floor can have striking tiles to give the space more panache. Use ornamental decorations like bells, Diya stands, etc, to complete the look.

Wooden Pooja Mandir Design with a Stone Wall

To have this Pooja Mandir for Home, a partition wall is handy. Use a stone-clad wall as the background, adding visual interest to the prayer room. Make a wooden platform and ceiling panelling for the overall look. You can also add a granite top to this wooden pooja mandir design, as it is easy to maintain and restore shine.

6 feet Pooja Mandir Designs for Home

Hindu temples have a Jaali design, an intricate pattern of latticework for the doors and walls. It can be made of brick, wood or stone. For a Pooja Mandir for Home, it is best to have jaali doors made of wood. This pooja mandir with doors with latticework patterns creates an interesting look and also creates an aura of a temple. It also gives partial visibility as well as enough air circulation. Have a wooden platform and a few shelves along with jaali doors, and your 6 feet pooja mandir for the home can be used to host many functions and ceremonies.

Temple-type Pooja Mandir Designs for Home

You can have the design of a temple-type home mandir design with traditional arcs. The temple-type mandir has intricate arches, just like the many temples in India. It is a conventional Indian wooden pooja mandir that gives a traditional vibe. It goes well with jaali design doors with wood or a combination of glass and wood. These are small pooja room designs for South Indian homes that prefer temple-type architecture.

DIY Pooja Mandir Designs for Home

These are pooja mandir designs that can be made at home using simple materials and tools. A DIY pooja mandir design can be made at home using wood. Carve the top and the platform with wood. Make the basic structure along with the legs and fix them. Add bells and other accessories one by one, and your DIY Pooja Mandir for Home is converted into a reality.

Eco-Friendly Pooja Mandir Designs for Home

These are pooja mandir designs made using sustainable materials and practices. Eco-friendly Pooja Mandirs for Home made from recycled wood or natural stone.

Small and Simple Pooja Mandir Designs for Home

These pooja mandir designs are suitable for use in small homes or apartments and may be wall-mounted or compact.

Home Mandir Design for Small Apartment

If you want a decent size home mandir design but are short of space, then one has to think creatively. Instead of thinking about horizontal spaces, one should use the vertical space available. Have a Wooden Pooja Mandir designed for the Home with shelves of varied sizes on either side of the wall and have the main shrine on a platform hung to the wall. You can also have some drawers below the main platform to store pooja accessories. Use wood for these shelves of this small home temple design and silver or metallic idols, and it makes for a flawless home mandir design.

Floating Home Mandir Design

This home mandir design is an offshoot of the above design. It is also a simple wooden pooja mandir design for the home with doors which is made from light wood. It has a big cabinet to place the main idol. There are small drawers below the main cabinet to store accessories. To add some drama, instead of plain doors, use Jaali design doors.

A Wooden Shelf on an Accent Wall

If you are not into bold and big wooden mandir designs for home or want a simple home mandir design, then this is an ideal choice. You can use an accent wall in the house or create one. Add a wooden shelf , lamp and bells, and your home mandir is ready.

A Simple Plywood Mandir Design for Home

If you want a home mandir design that is elegant but simple, choose this option. Look for intricate artwork on your wooden pooja mandir, as it enhances the plywood. Place this mandir in an ideal location in your living room or elsewhere and add beautiful decor.

Home Mandir Design with a Divider

In most homes, the prayer space is attached to other rooms like the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom. If you want to create a separate for worship, then, a wooden partition is the best idea. Choose wooden foldable dividers for space division. You can choose embellished wood or glass with wood frames as dividers.

Pooja Mandir Designs for Office

Many people believe that work is worship; hence there is a deep connection between office and God. People have mandirs in office as it is believed that Gods reside there. It is used as a place of worship or meditation, and most Indian offices have a mandir. Many pooja mandir designs for office displays have intricate patterns and designs. They come in many shapes and sizes, too; some of the pooja mandir designs for office are as below:

Compact Pooja Mandir Designs for Office

These are pooja mandirs that fit small spaces and these small pooja room designs in apartments or small homes. A wall-mounted pooja mandir design for offices is ideal for such places as it frees up floor space. These come with shelves and drawers along with a main unit. So you can store your pooja items and have ample space for the idols.

A pooja corner is another compact pooja mandir design for the office. These offer segregated space and offer privacy. Most of the common pooja mandir designs for offices are self-standing units and do not require as much space as a dedicated pooja mandir design.
The wall-mounted and the corner pooja mandir designs for office come in many shapes and sizes.

Multipurpose Pooja Mandir Designs for Office

These are pooja mandir designs for offices that are designed for multiple purposes, such as storing books, displaying photos, or serving as a small altar. Not every office can have a dedicated room for a pooja mandir for office. But that does not mean you should not have one, either. Integrating the pooja unit into the existing decor is the best pooja mandir designs for office to combat this lack of space. It saves space and also helps in creating an uncluttered and neat design. These can be part of your pantry interiors or the reception area in your office.

Modern Pooja Mandir Designs for Office

These are the latest pooja unit designs that incorporate contemporary design elements and materials, such as glass, stainless steel, and marble. In modern times, minimalism is a popular choice. So the modern pooja mandir designs for office have an open concept for even the pooja room design for the office. Have a wooden base altar and some storage space below the altar to blend the contemporary and traditional. It is ideal when you frequently arrange pooja in the office space.

Another choice is to have a minimal-looking wall-mounted pooja mandir for office design. Instead of choosing an altar, shelf and drawers which look heavy, choose to have a shield where you display idols and drawers for storing pooja supplies. This pooja mandir design for the office is an uncluttered and modern pooja mandir design for the office and home.

Portable Pooja Mandir Designs for Office

These are pooja mandirs that can be easily moved or transported, making them suitable for use in temporary or mobile commercial spaces. These are lightweight and ideal when you want a personal space for praying. It comes in many sizes, and one can choose as per needs. It is also the most budget-friendly choice as you can carry it when moving out of the office space.

Pooja Mandir Designs with Cement for Office

Cement is a common material that is used for buildings. It is easy to customise and make different shapes from it. If you want a pooja mandir design for an office that is not very expensive, cement is an ideal material for the pooja mandir design for the office. You can have jaali design gates or keep it open. You can also go for a wall-mounted cement mandir. if there is a space crunch But ensure it is placed in a safe location.

Pooja Mandir Designs for Commercial Spaces

Pooja mandir designs for office or commercial spaces are not different from that of the pooja mandir designs for homes or offices. You can always choose any of the design choices above and incorporate them. Here are a few other choices you can choose as a pooja mandir design for commercial spaces.

Large-scale Pooja Mandir Designs for Commercial Spaces

These are pooja mandir designs for large offices suitable for use in large commercial spaces, such as temples, hotels, or event spaces. There are many pooja mandir designs for offices that are spacious. One of them is to have a 2 or 3-tier platform where you can place your idols. You can have a storage unit attached to the platform for keeping pooja items. The backdrop can range from wallpaper to CNC cutting of your favourite lord. These can be illuminated with ambient and focus lighting.

Wall-mounted Pooja Mandir Designs for Commercial Spaces

These are pooja mandirs for offices that can be mounted on a wall, saving floor space and making them suitable for use in small or crowded commercial spaces. Since most commercial spaces have contemporary designs, there is a need for a prayer room that is classy and stylish. In this office temple design, the pooja area can have carvings with shutters and be styled with bells. The wall-mounted pooja area has drawers for storage.

Custom Pooja Mandir Designs for Commercial Spaces

These are pooja mandir for office designs that are customised to meet the specific needs and preferences of commercial space, such as incorporating the company’s branding or design theme.

Durable Pooja Mandir Designs for Commercial Spaces

These are pooja mandir for office designs that are made using materials and construction methods that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy use in a commercial setting. The wooden pooja mandir designs for commercial spaces, offices and homes are considered the most dustable. Provided it is made from high-quality materials. Additionally, the warm undertones bring nature to this spiritual area. Whether it is a simple prayer corner or an elaborate structure, wood is a durable choice for Pooja Mandir for Home or commercial spaces.

The Pooja area is essential to any Indian household or commercial setup. It is a place for peace, solace and tranquillity for some and a place to find their spirituality for others. Either way, it should be carefully designed. The above-mentioned wooden temple design or wooden pooja mandir designs are some of the ideas that you can use to have a mandir of your choice.

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