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Space has become extremely valuable as people have compact homes, especially in cities. But living in an urban apartment or a small house does not mean giving up on comfort. Why have bulky single-purpose furniture that uses up precious space when you can have multifunctional but sleek and stylish space-saving furniture? These not only make life simpler but also free of clutter. Space-saving furniture helps to transform even a small apartment into a spacious and luxurious one. From converting coffee tables to modern space-saving dining tables to a sofa cum bed, many such solutions are ideal for a home. Read all about this smart space-saving furniture here:

Space Saving Living Room Furniture

A living room is the entertainment centre of a home, and interior designers have many ideas for it. But the best way to save space is by having multifunctional space-saving living room furniture. These multi-purpose solutions double up as multifunctional pieces and save space. Some of the space-saving living room furniture are:

Sofa cum Beds

This is one of the most common space-saving furniture. This space-saving living room furniture is a type of sofa that gets converted into a bed easily because of the easy pullout mechanism. These sofa cum beds are space-saving sofas that are smart space-saving furniture for the living room and versatile addition to the space. The space-saving sofa does the duty of a sofa and can be converted to a bed for guests to sleep at night or for a daytime nap for your family members. This space-saving living room furniture has many benefits over a normal couch. There is a large selection of designs, styles and sizes of this space-saving living room furniture, so you have a lot of choices that suit all types of interior designs.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are another important piece of furniture for the living room. They help to keep the things you need within reach. But are you worried that it will only serve its purpose as a coffee table? No, it is a space-saving living room furniture which serves many purposes because of the various types on offer. For instance, if your living room is also your workspace, you can choose nested tables that can be extended for more space. Many tables, which are part of space-saving living room furniture, come with bottom storage for your remote, cables, etc. Another type of space-saving coffee table comes with ottomans nicely tucked under them. Explore this smart space-saving furniture online, depending on the functionality you expect from it.

Entertainment Unit

A modern living room looks bare without a trendy and elegant-looking entertainment unit. When space is scarce, you may wonder how to add it without sacrificing the floor space. That is where entertainment units with storage or display units come into the picture as space-saving living room furniture. This smart space-saving furniture acts as an entertainment centre and comes with many drawers and shelves for storage. These space-saving living room furniture come in many wooden panel designs that add texture and a sleek look. If there is no floor space, you can also opt for a floating wall TV unit with display units to showcase your collectables. One or many of these display units can be converted into space-saving small pooja room designs in apartments.

Wall Shelves

The wall shelves are one of the best space-saving living room future as it opens the floor space for you. The wall shelves are the best example of space-saving living room furniture, especially for small apartments. These shelves can be used as a display area or to store books and other everyday items. If you have a dull wall, choose contemporary and stylish wall selves as space-saving living room furniture that seamlessly blends into the interiors and subtly adds style. These wall shelves can also serve as space-saving small pooja room designs in apartments.

Space-Saving Furniture that is also Storage

There are many space-saving living room furniture that acts as a table or a seat as well as hidden storage. You can choose to have a trunk as a table and sit on it and use the storage available under them. Another option for space-saving living room furniture is using ottomans as an additional seating option for your living room and using the built-in storage to keep accessories.

Space Saving Furniture for the Master Bedroom

Bedrooms are a personal sanctuary with endless things to store, ranging from clothes to other personal belongings. So it is essential to maintain it as a relaxing place and find a place for all those things. Here are such space-saving bedroom types of furniture.

Storage Beds as Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture

The bed is the most important furniture in a bedroom. A comfortable bed is essential to get a good night’s sleep and wake up rejuvenated. A space-saving bed is not just a comfortable place to sleep; it is a space-saving bedroom furniture that gives the bonus of hiding things with their under-bed storage. These storage beds come in many types of storage. There is under-the-mattress storage for bulky things like your winterwear, comforters, etc. Then there are drawers on the sides and even at the headboard to store smaller things in this space, saving bedroom furniture.
The space-saving bed is the ultimate smart space-saving furniture for the bedroom, with various types of storage. For maximum utilisation of this space-saving bedroom furniture, choose to have storage near the headboard, under the mattress and on both sides. If this is not the ultimate space-saving bedroom furniture, what is? Another choice is wall-mounted beds with storage options these are like a pull-out table. When it is drawn out, it becomes a bed. A space-saving wall-mounted bed is versatile space-saving bedroom furniture as it can be converted into a storage unit or other multifunctional furniture pieces.

Wardrobes as Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture

When you think of wardrobes, the image that comes to mind is huge wall-to-ceiling storage units that dwarf every other piece of furniture. But not all wardrobes are giant. Many wardrobes are also space-saving bedroom furniture that is subtle and does not occupy a lot of space. If you have a small bedroom or are a single occupant who needs a storage solution for your stuff, you can opt for a 2-door space-saving wardrobe. It not only is a space-saving bedroom furniture that comes with many drawers, shelves and hanging units, it easily adds character to the space. If you have a little more space, you can opt for bigger wardrobes as space-saving bedroom furniture, as these are must-have units in your bedroom to ensure a clutter-free and non-messy space.

A Shelf as a Bedside Table

A bedside table is a necessity that many people cannot do without. But sometimes having a bedside table is not possible due to space crunch. Since everyone needs a counter next to the bed to place their things like their eyeglasses, phone, a drink of water, etc., use space-saving bedroom furniture like a bedside shelf. These can be mounted on the wall next to the bed. You can choose a single shelf or multiple open shelves as bedside units. These space-saving bedroom furniture are also a great way to style your bedroom without making the room feel too cluttered.

A Wall-Mounted Desk as a Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture

If you are someone who uses the bedroom as a home office, then one of the best space-saving bedroom furniture is a wall-mounted desk. This space-saving study table is a sleek space-saving bedroom furniture that folds down from the wall and takes up no floor space at all. These space-saving bedroom furniture are not only convenient and stylish, but many of these models also come with hidden compartments and mini cabinets to make your WFH more productive and easier.

Space-saving Dressing Tables

A dressing table is an essential item in a room. It not only adds to the aesthetics, but it also helps you to get ready in your personal space. This space-saving bedroom furniture comes in many sizes. Avoid bulky dressing tables but instead, opt for space-saving dressing tables. Utilise the corners by using a corner shelf or install a sleek table against the wall with a small drawer or having floating shelves with a mirror on top as space-saving bedroom furniture.

Space Saving Furniture for Kid's Bedroom

For a kid’s bedroom with space issues or for a shared bedroom, if there is more than one child, it is essential to have smart space-saving furniture in its design. Not only does it provide a comfortable setting, but it also ensures that there is enough space to make the best use of the room. While you can use some of the above space-saving bedroom furniture, here are a few that are specific to the kid’s room:

A Classic Bunk Bed

This is one of the best smart space-saving furniture for a kid’s room. It is ideal for those who have more than one child using the room. This space-saving bed for small rooms is also a good idea for those kids who like to have a friend over for a sleepover. A bunk bed does the double job with a single unit.

A Space-Saving Sofa cum Bed

Another option is to have a sofa cum bed as that is another space-saving piece of furniture. During the day it can act as a sofa, and the same can be converted into a bed at night. It gives ample room for your child to play inside the room during the day and sleep on it at night. It beautifully fits into the scheme of things when there is additional storage space in it.

A Study Table with Storage

A study table and a chair are must-have space-saving furniture in a kid’s room. Having them helps the children to study in a structured environment. This space-saving study table also helps in boosting productivity along with helping them study in proper posture. A study table can be a space-saving piece of furniture when you choose to have a desk with storage. Many tables come with drawers and shelves. This space-saving furniture can be used to store books and stationery.

Toy Storage Racks

This is another smart space-saving piece of furniture where you can store all the toys and other things needed by your kids during playtime. Most of these come with a frame and lightweight boxes that fit into these frames. This space-saving furniture is easy to use, as the little ones can pull out the boxes to get stuff and slide them back after use. It can also be used as a space-saving wardrobe to store clothes and other accessories.

Space Saving Furniture for Dining Hall

Dining rooms are an important part of a home and should be warm and inviting. But in many urban homes, the dining areas are small and are part of the kitchen or the living room. So it is essential to have smart space-saving furniture. Here are a few of them:

Convertible Dining Table

Everyone loves the look of the big dining table so that when guests come, there is no jostling for space. But that big dining table may be a luxury in most urban homes. Especially if you have a shared dining room, then having a 6-seater dining table is out of the question. The solution to this problem is to have smart space-saving furniture called a convertible dining table. It is like a normal dining table but has a foldable part that can be kept folded when not in use. It is usually a 4-seater table that can be extended to have extra seating space.

A Sideboard or a Cabinet that acts as a Table

Dining tables and chairs occupy a lot of space. Instead of using them, opt for creative and smart space-saving furniture that ensures you have an enjoyable mealtime without taking up a lot of space. Opt for a sideboard or a cabinet that has pull-down doors that becomes a table where you can eat. When not in use, you can put it back into the cabinet.

Round Dining Table as a Space-Saving Solution

Round dining tables are a great way to add some style to the dining area. These tables give a welcoming look and are unique. Additionally, these come with practical legs, thus reducing the need to have typical legs that a rectangular or a square table has. It is a great space-saving furniture for smaller rooms. These, coupled with stylish dining chairs, are the perfect setup for a dining area. The other benefit of this table is that moving around is easy.

Kitchen Space Saving Furniture

Most urban homes have a modular kitchen, and hence to an extent, the space is optimised. But there are still a few areas where smart space-saving furniture can be added. If you find that space is being wasted, use the following kitchen space-saving furniture.

Cabinet Organizers

Modular kitchens have many drawers and cabinets, but it all becomes a waste when things are crammed in them. To help reduce this mess, add a cabinet organiser as a kitchen space-saving furniture accessory. It helps to organise your forks, spoons and other kitchen items. Make a separate compartment for each category of utensils and store them effectively using this kitchen space-saving furniture.

A Pull-out Cabinet for Chopping

Another kitchen space-saving furniture is a pull-out station for chopping. This is extremely useful when you have a small kitchen counter. You can pull the counter of this kitchen space-saving furniture when you need and tuck it back when not in use. It is a clever space-saving kitchen furniture.

Hanging Storage

While most of the walls may have been used for cabinets and shelves, there is plenty of space available for hanging storage. It is an ideal kitchen space-saving furniture hack to use for things like a dishcloth, ladles, mugs, etc. Stick a peg or rail on any space in the kitchen wall, and you have an extra room just like that, thanks to this kitchen space-saving furniture.

Use things that Declutters Counters

There are many kitchen space-saving furniture that helps in making the kitchen feel bigger. One of the hacks is to declutter the countertops so that it appears organised and thereby bigger. You can add kitchen space-saving furniture like a multipurpose storage trolley , stove tops, open shelves, etc., on counters to organize items on the counter.

Smart Space-Saving Furniture

When you live in a small home, you should be creative to make the most of the space available. If you can find space-saving furniture that can fulfil this, it makes your life a lot better. Here are some compact pieces of dual-use furniture that you can use:

Wall Desks with Storage

With people still working from home either full-time or in a hybrid mode, desks have become key space-saving furniture. The wall desks are a favourite as it does not take up floor space. Plus, the bonus of this smart space-saving furniture is that it comes with drawers and shelves for additional storage even when the tables are not in use.

A Convertible Coffee Table

This is another smart pace-saving furniture for those who work from home. It is ideal for those who want to take a conference call once in a way from their couch. These look like a typical coffee table, but these space-saving coffee tables come with a lift-up section where you can place your laptop and work. It also comes with additional storage, so it is a space-saving furniture in all aspects.

Side Table and a Lamp

The side tables and the lamp are two pieces of furniture that are traditionally not considered sleek or compact. But one of the smart space-saving furniture is to combine these two into one. It comes with a lamp attached to the side table.

Multipurpose Stools

Stools are a smart and flexible seating choice when there is a space crunch. Along with being a seating option, it can also act as a bedside table or a side table. You can get more out of this by looking for built-in storage stools.

Space Saving Wall Mounted Dining Table

The space-saving wall-mounted dining table is a fashionable and functional alternative to the traditional dining table. It folds against the wall when not in use and can be pulled out when you need it. It is ideal for those spaces where a table cannot be placed. It is a perfect space-saving furniture.

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