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After being fully confused between all the options - coir, latex, spring, foam - and a lot of methodical research, he discovered Wakefit


Shoulder pain which started in Canada six years ago, and then back pain with pregnancy - finally, relief after buying Wakefit


Having lived in the US, was disappointed with the very thin layer of memory foam found in most Indian brands. His wife's back pain disappeared after starting to use Wakefit

Monica & Gautam

Multiple store visits didn't provide any answers on the best option. The email & telephonic discussion with Wakefit clarified their doubts and provided confidence to buy


She found the right spine support at the right quality and price point. The 100-day trial period was way better than the 5-minute lying down at a store


Bought it for his mother who had a custom sized bed and had never slept in the modern technology memory foam. Ended up buying 3 mattresses from Wakefit

Bangalore Customer

Had lower back pain owing to long hours in front of the computer. Research and high quality reviews revealed Wakefit and its high quality spine support

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Today, numerous mattress brands have sprung up in India, where they simply outsource the manufacturing to a contract manufacturer by giving a product specification taken from one of the existing mattresses in the market. All you need to start is a simple website and a phone number. We’ve done the R&D, so that you don’t have to!

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Over 100 stories by Print and Online media across the country!

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The Science Behind Deep Sleep

Ever wondered - What makes you toss and turn in the night while sleeping on a mattress?
The shape of the human body is kind of an S-shape but the sleeping surfaces are generally flat (be it latex, spring, coir or a memory foam mattress). Let us consider a human of average weight of 75 Kg sleeping on the mattress. If the mattress is firm (generally coir, latex or bonnel spring mattresses), the body while lying on the mattress will distribute this 75 Kg of weight on about 10 major points e.g., Lower back, shoulders, hip, ankle, knee joint, head, etc. That means, approximately 7 Kg of body weight will be borne on each of these points - leading to blood clots and thus hampering smooth blood flow.

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