Meggie Height-and-Recline-Adjustable Baby High Chair



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The ease and safety of a high chair give your baby a confident place of their own while you breeze around them without having to carry them in your arms for mealtime. Your little ones deserve to be perched atop their own sweet spot. A high chair gives them a wonderful resting place with a safe and cozy experience. Super convenient and a great addition to your household, the baby high chair secures your baby and gives them an ideal position to engage with you. Parents can go hands-free and let their toddlers exercise greater freedom as they learn to bond with their food and gain a sense of control. Children feel relaxed with a place of their own while enjoying your company and a fun food bonanza. A feeding chair you will definitely thank us for later. This baby high chair is foldable which makes it compact and easy to store. Also, it comes with 3-level height adjustment and recliner adjustment along with a safety harness.

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The Meggie Blue Baby high chair brings the perfect product that cares for your baby’s comfort and safety. It checks all boxes with its carefully crafted design that boasts multiple features. Meggie Blue places great emphasis on the safety of the child, and therefore, their feeding chair comes fitted with a five-point safety harness and an EN 14988 certification to provide only the best for your precious little one. It has a snazzy convertible design allowing for different heights with quick and easy customization. It can be converted to a low chair or even a separate chair and table as per the needs of the parent and child. Your baby is swaddled with a gentle padding design and enjoys a plush fabric against his back. The kids are secured in place with a harness system that doesn’t dig in but promises a gentle experience. For added convenience, the seat cover is easily removable for a quick wash in the machine.

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The dining tray is built ergonomically and allows for easy removal and cleaning after every meal. Mounted on a sturdy frame, the chair has a high-grip and anti-tipping design on its foot. This baby high chair with wheels in its glory is all you need for your little one. Wakefit reports a great satisfaction rate of over ninety-nine percent with happy moms who trust the brand to deliver a smooth experience that keeps the babies tucked away in comfort. The high chair doesn’t outgrow your kid and allows for a maximum weight of up to twenty kilos to accommodate a growing child. Parents, especially trust this chair with its relentless endeavor to bring out the most fun experience. Bring home a comfortable and reliable kids high chair from the likes of Meggie Blue to give your baby and yourself an experience of goodness. This stellar product by Wakefit will ensure a happy baby and an even happier mama who can pride herself on a wonderful investment.

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1. Is the product Do-It-Yourself?

-> Yes, the product is Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and is easy to assemble. The product comes with an assembly guide manual.

2. Is return policy applicable on the product?

-> No, return policy is not applicable on the product.

3. What is the warranty period on the product?

-> We provide a warranty of 1 year on manufacturing defects on the product.