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Compact sofa for the perfect nap! Choose a pattern that fits your aesthetic and makes your living room unique.

Have only 3 friends to chill with? Our Snoozer sofa is cozy and compact, a perfect fit! Have chai and binge shows with your homies.

If your idea of lounging involves maximum comfort and less drama, our Lounger Sofa will be your bae! Nap, chill, or work, it'll be there for you!

Sleek and stylish, the Hamlet Wall Shelf elevates the look of any room. Keep trinkets or framed memories, it will create an aesthetic look for sure.

This bookshelf can hold so many books and other display items. Perfect for a cozy and beautiful nook!

Perfect for those who do not want their living room to look cluttered. It is compact and functional.

A TV unit that can double up as a display cabinet.

A modern coffee table that will fuel conversations.

Contemporary design meets functionality, this table is perfect for the modern temperament.

A structured beauty for the lovers of all things unique.

For the minimalist who loves clean lines, this table is a must-have!

Patterned bookshelves for those looking for something different. It's definitely a conversation starter.

Beauty personified, this sturdy Bookshelf does not take up too much space.

A sleek bookshelf that does not take up too much space and can fit in any room.

A multifunctional TV Unit for the modern home..

Do you feel bad that our modern apartments are so much smaller than the homes we grew up in? Does this restrict you from trying out various living room decor ideas? Well, it is time to drop that worry, and instead embrace small living room ideas by Wakefit.

There are several living room decor tricks that one can try to make their room look more spacious. The most common ones include painting your walls a very light colour to create an illusion of space, placing mirrors on the walls opposite a window to reflect natural light, and hanging sleek floor-to-ceiling curtains. But there is also a unique way in which Wakefit can help you make your room look spacious.

Wakefit’s living room decor items, such as our bookshelves, wall shelves, coffee tables and TV units, through their compartments and shelves, allow you to store your items, thus eliminating clutter while letting you exhibit your favourite souvenirs and figurines. Since Wakefit furniture is made of wood, they transform into a statement piece no matter where you place them. Here’s a secret: A big statement piece is another cool way of making your room look bigger than it actually is.

Wakefit Livingroom furniture range

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Iconic Living Room Decor Ideas in India that Go Easy on Your Budget

Exorbitant rates, angry arguments, sweated discussions and disappointment in both parties. You might have guessed it by now. Designing your dream house can be a real pain if your ideas don’t match your budget.
While some crafts and furniture might manage to satiate your design requirements, they end up packing a hard punch to your wallet.
Choosing living room decor ideas in India involve hours of browsing, analysing, estimating budget planning, and most importantly bargaining!!
Well, that’s where Wakefit can be your knight in shining armour.
We bring to you state-of-the-art living room furniture ideas that are appealing to the eye while going easy on your budget.
Having said that, you might relate to the next few words, “Modern apartments are so much smaller than the homes we grew up in.
This thought is what encouraged us to release a new sling of creative living room ideas in India that offer multiple functions bolstering your first step towards decluttered and spacious rooms and designing luxury living room under budget.

Let Your Living Room Do Your Talking

Your living room is what any guest who visits you, notices first. So, how you keep it is your statement of intent.
There are several decor tricks that you can try to make your room look more spacious. The most common ones include painting your walls a very light colour to create an illusion of space, placing mirrors on the walls opposite a window to reflect natural light, and hanging sleek floor-to-ceiling curtains.
But let’s be honest, do you have the time or energy to go through zillion ideas and furniture brochures while simultaneously formulating the best plan that works for your home?
Probably not!
Well, Wakefit will help you break these time and energy constraints and make your room look spacious with minimal effort.
Our living room ideas in India, such as bookshelves, wall decor for hall, coffee tables, and TV units, through their multi-utility compartments and shelves, help in eliminating clutter while simultaneously letting you exhibit your favourite souvenirs and figurines.
Since Wakefit furniture is made of wood, they transform into a statement piece no matter where you place them.
Hushh! Here’s a secret: “A big statement piece is another cool way of making your room look bigger than it is.
What’s more? Our wooden furniture can accommodate a wide variety of colour backgrounds while radiating class, thereby eliminating the need for you to match your furniture with your hall room design.
On that note, let’s begin our journey to the perfect living room design.

Dive into the Realm of the Best Living Room Decor Ideas in India

To begin with, let’s choose the best colour for hall designs.
You read it right! Gone are the days when you hid your dining halls with partition walls. The trending ideology in home architecture is to eliminate these walls and make use of a ‘great hall’ that integrates your living room with your dining space.
Well, why not? Not only can you greet and serve your guests without having to relocate the entire gathering to another room, but you can also flaunt your living room furniture ideas throughout a bigger space.
Having said that, it’s still true that every room serves a specific purpose and that applies to your hall and living room as well.
So, why don’t we fix you up with the best ideas to demarcate these boundaries most subtly and optimise your ‘great hall’ while we are at it?

Break your walls- pick the best colour for hall designs

You might be sceptical of using dark colours in your hall. Don’t be. Dark colours in moderation with their lighter hues go a long way in highlighting craftsmanship and generating interest.
You should use darker hues on the feature walls, and the lighter ones in the walls that connect the two rooms.
This will also open up an opportunity for you to flaunt our creative wall decor for hall, house wall ideas for Indian homes, and other living room furniture ideas.
Moreover, Wakefit provides you with furniture in a wide palette of colours to complement all of your dream designs.

Living room furniture ideas that promote space consumption without giving up on aesthetic craftsmanship

Wakefit presents to you a wide range of crafty furniture that has multiple compartments to satiate your utility desires while simultaneously decluttering your room.
Have a look at these living room decor ideas in India to keep your home a cut above the rest:

Coffee Tables:
We have come up with three material-specific coffee tables that add an aura of aesthetic-modular look to your dumping zone.

COFFEE TABLES -> Engineered Wood Coffee Tables
-> Premium Coffee Tables
-> Solid Wood Coffee Tables

While the top slabs provide ample space for cups and snack trays, their engineered models provide a lower compartment to suit your lazy dumping habits and can accommodate a gathering of more than five people at a time.
Coffee table decor is a great way to display your aesthetic taste and delicate addition to your home decor.
Well, there are special provisions for restless feet to find a parking space above the ground as well!

For all the bibliophilic readers, here’s a calling to your innate desire to flex your precious book collections.
You can either dedicate a section of your living room to install one of our standing bookshelves, or you can even prop your books straight into your gallery walls by cashing in on our wall decor for halls.

Bookshelves -> Engineered wood bookshelves
-> Sheesham wood bookshelves

Shoe Racks:
Time to address the most common source of anxiety in Indian households- lingering shoes and the dirt they love to spread.
We can hook you up with some attractive shoe shelves that don’t really look like shoe shelves;)
You can now store your shoes in your living room without any worries. Our dynamic shoe racks"> will help them fit right in

TV Units:
TV units in most living room decor ideas in India, take up a lot of wall space, rendering that particular wall useless.
Not anymore! The spacious TV units that we bring to you, can not only accommodate all sizes of TV sets but are also accompanied by crafty slots to install beautiful artworks, crafts, and accessories.
Moreover, our wooden finish fits right into any wall colour that you choose.
Another free tip: “Add some indoor plants to rejuvenate your room. They match perfectly with our wooden furniture designs.
Catch a glimpse of all our TV units here

Sofa for Hall Room:
Nothing is more important than where you prop your weary body after a hectic day at work.
Wakefit brings to you an iconic haven for your tired body. All you need to do is pick a choice:

Sofa Set -> Leatherette Sofa
-> 3 Seater
-> L-Shaped
-> Ottoman
-> Sofa cum Bed
-> Recliners

While incorporating the new ‘great hall’ interior design trend, you would find it way more feasible if your furniture for hall room could also work for your living room.
Realising this current need, we offer different types of sofa sets designed to match not only your creative wall patterns but to also fit in and compliment your hall room designs.
Apart from iconic and vibrant looks, longevity and comfort are the two main attributes that highlight our sofa for hall room.
Having said that, we offer to you, not just traditional models of sofa sets, but also modern comfort seats. Check out some of our products below:

Chair & Seating Options -> Benches
-> Lounge Chair
-> Office Chair
-> Multipurpose Chair
-> Rocking Chair
-> Stool
-> Bean-Bag
-> Study Chair
-> Wing Chair

Stick to your walls- Wall Furniture for Hall Room:
The ‘great hall ideology’ of the trending living room decor ideas in India provides an increased amount of open space to your halls.
While traditional furniture like sofa sets, TV units and dining tables go a long way in taking up space, you can always resort to something far more stylish.
We bring to you crafty hall room designs like display racks, wall collages, wall shelves, and closets that can accommodate lots of tools, vessels and cutleries in the closed compartments while displaying your creative artworks and accessories in the open racks.

Don’t leave out your corners for closet monsters

Imagine yourself sitting in the comfortable embrace of your sofa and enjoying a horror-thriller on your huge TV set when all of a sudden, you feel a set of eyes staring at you from the corner of your room. You jump up startled from that sudden realisation and your favourite bowl smashes on the floor.
This brings us to the most important part of living room decor ideas in India that people often skip out during their renovation works.
Save your cutlery from your jump-scares and use these spooky spots to flex your creativity and our crafty furniture.
For instance, use our abstract designs for hanging pendant lights and beautiful table lamps to shine brightness in these dark spots.
Our pendant lights complement fresh indoor plants entwined with string lights and work great wonders to add aesthetics to your hall.

Let each step be a welcome embrace

Smart, educated people often watch where they step. Provide them with an awe-inspiring view when they do that in your home.
Wakefit understands the fact that when it comes to living room decor ideas in India, comfort is paramount and so is an iconic style.
Keeping that in mind, we bring to you a wide range of beautifully designed rugs and carpets that radiate class while providing a welcoming embrace with every step you take.

Optimise your lights to resonate with your mood

Lights play an important role in determining our productivity while performing tasks. Different lights resonate with different attributes of the human mind. For instance, bright natural lights tend to call out to your productive sight, whereas dim ones render you lethargic.
Wakefit provides you with a wide range of colour specific lighting solutions that you can use based on your emotional stature.

Wakefit for all your Comfort Needs

Living room decor ideas in India has evolved over time and now, is more like a statement than a cosy interactive space. With more and more people renovating their houses to adapt to these changing times, you might find yourself in a monotonous pool.
Also, did you know decor affects your emotions at home?
Wakefit brings to you the best products to raise your bar way above existing standards. Want to know the best part? They go easy on your wallet.
These low cost meticulously engineered designs focus on decluttering your room by optimising space usage and eventually making your tiny apartment feel spacious and classy.
Click here to enter the realm of crazy craftsmanship and iconic designs.

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