Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress

Single, 72" x 30", 6"| 1.83m x 76cm x 15cm


₹7,217   MRP ₹8,695  (17% off)(Incl of all taxes)


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Why worry about spring mattress vs foam mattress debate when you can have the goodness of both in one? Wakefit’s Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress is a unique mattress that blends the goodness of spring with the efficiency of foam.

This xtra snooze grid mattress online gives you the same bouncy feeling as a traditional spring mattress does but without any partner disturbance. Isn’t that the best combination?

Our Xtra Snooze Grid mattress is made entirely of foam layers, covered with a zippered external cover that can be removed for maintaining the hygiene of the mattress. The foam does not attract dust mites or bed bugs, leaving you with a safe and clean sleeping environment.

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Planning to get Wakefit Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress but wondering if it is the right choice for you? Well, let us put your worries to rest.

Our grid mattress is designed to be extremely efficient. The topmost layer of the mattress is made using a 3-D cut technology to create a network of squares in various sizes. This enables the grid mattress to offer better air circulation compared to traditional spring mattresses so that you sleep cool through the night.

The grid also enables the mattress to provide zonal support to your body so that your shoulders sink in while your waist moves up to align your spine in a straight line. This ensures that your sleeping posture is improved and you wake up without any back pain. No wonder our Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress is considered the best mattress online.

Explore Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress Design

Buying the Wakefit Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress design is saying yes to the numerous grid mattress benefits.

Apart from the breathability and the bouncy feel with zero partner disturbance, our Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress online also is resistant to wear and tear, sagging and sinking into a bent shape like traditional spring mattresses. Instead, the mattress will bounce back, no matter what.

If sound sleep sounds like a distant dream, you’ve come to the right place. Our Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress online has been reinvented and designed countless times to ensure that we get the recipe for a good night’s sleep, just right. We believe if a mind sleeps right, then it thinks right. And therefore, we are passionate about creating sleep solutions at an affordable price for every Indian.

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Apart from a grid mattress, Wakefit also offers other advanced mattresses.

Our Orthopedic mattress offers customizable and optimum support for different parts of the body. More importantly, it keeps your spine absolutely fine. Our Dual Comfort mattress allows you the choice of medium firm and medium soft sleeping surfaces every night. Our Latex Mattress is breathable in nature and keeps you cool all year round while providing optimum support with memory foam Lastly, our Elevate Ortho Spring Mattress is designed to offer comfort like never before.It distributes the body weight of the sleeper uniformly, and by doing so, the mattress offers you the perfect balance by supporting the individual pressure points.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the warranty on this mattress?

→ The Wakefit Xtra Snooze Grid mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years. Its anti-sag technology makes sure that during this time the mattress does not gradually soften. It offers great support to your body throughout.

2. Do I get a pair of pillows with the mattress?

→ The Wakefit pillows need to be bought separately and do not come along with the Xtra Snooze Grid mattress.

3. Will the Xtra Snooze Grid mattress sag?

→ No, the Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress is created with high quality foam and will not sag or sink despite prolonged usage.

4. Is the Xtra Snooze Grid mattress durable?

→ Our Xtra Snooze Grid mattress is guaranteed to last you a long time due to its robust structure and quality materials. Further, it comes with a 10 year warranty.