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Our Story

If you thought that this is another story of geeky boys experimenting in a chemical lab, who have this serendipitous accident and get superpowers, you are absolutely right. Well, maybe not literally, but close enough.

Our founder’s father owns a chemical lab to validate and certify manufacturers of foam used in mattresses and pillows. Over the course of his time there, he was busy helping his father, who owns a chemical lab to check and certify foam manufacturers mostly used in mattresses and pillows, he found out that there is rampant fraud in the market in three ways:

  • The foams that are generally used in the mattresses that have already found their way into your homes are largely adulterated. They contain calcium carbonate as an inexpensive filler, to make up the ‘mass’ of the mattress. If you think you have paid for about 20 kilograms of genuine foam in your mattress, think again!
  • The different layers of foams that are stacked one against another in different advertisements shown to you provide no additional benefit at all, since most of the benefits delivered to the user happens only around the topmost layer
  • There is NO WAY that manufacturing a genuine high-quality foam mattress should cost you as much as the current marketplace has been conventionally charging you. Foam manufacturing is a standard process all across the world!

This was the inception of the thought that had us doing more R&D in our chemical labs over a period of time. After tons of experiments that taught us a lot of things, we figured out that we can, with some effort, put together an awesome mattress that will also go easy on your pocket!

We are from India’s premier IITs and management schools – so you can rest assured that we are trained in what we are doing. We bring to you

  • Products made from genuine, pure foams that last you a long time
  • Memory foams of the appropriate density that adapt to your body contour for greater comfort
  • Cost savings of up to 50% compared with any ‘renowned’ brand