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The science behind deep sleep

Plush Sofa Design for a Living Room Makeover

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When we talk about the journey a house makes to transform into a home, we cannot neglect the role of a living room that exudes comfort and coziness with panache. A piece of furniture that makes it possible for the living room to be both inviting and worth envying at the same time is an à la mode sofa.

Returning home after an exhausting day at work loosely translates to kicking up your feet and lounging on the sofa set while binge-watching your favourite TV series, listening to your Spotify playlist on loop or reading an engrossing novel. Often, we do not even notice that what makes all of these activities pleasurable, is a comfortable, supportive and loving sofa. Imagine lying down on a sofa set that makes creaking noises every time you toss or turn, or one with a fabric that sticks to your skin or worse itches. Watching a beautiful sunset nestled with your loved one on this frayed and faded sofa doesn’t seem that delightful now, does it?

A good sofa design is one that is both practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. To put it in other words, a comfy sofa does not necessarily mean one that looks scruffy, and a sofa that looks plush, need not be uncomfortable. With this idea in mind, Wakefit has launched a line of ergonomic sofa designs to help you live the good life you deserve.

Good Living Has a New Destination

Yes it is true, after helping India sleep better, Wakefit has now ventured into the world of home solutions. And along with us, we bring to this party the same mottos and morals that guided us the first time around. Our mattresses, the Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress and the Dual Comfort Mattress, are designed using the best materials to offer you the sleep of your dreams.

Our sofa designs, following the same tradition, are created with the best materials. The foam provides for a softer sitting experience compared to its rival, pocket spring. Unlike a pocket spring sofa that loses its shape with use, you need not worry about any premature sagging with a foam sofa. Foam, therefore, adds to the durability of our sofa designs.

Wakefit’s couches are upholstered in a plethora of colours that allow you to cherry pick from a variety of choices. The frames of our sofa sets are robust, meaning they are practical yet aesthetic designs that marry strength and longevity effortlessly. The fabric can be tailored to suit your taste and the removable cushions give you the option of creating a nook that feels cosy to you.

We have not only focused on manufacturing best quality products, but have also tried to make shopping with us easy for you. We realized that investing in a sofa required you to dwell over a hundred and one things. From which store to shortlist and visit to what kind of sofa would suit your needs, there was way too much expected of you to get something as necessary and vital as a cozy and supportive sofa. Because we realized all of these pain points, we decided to create designs that were not only scientific to satisfy your health needs, but also focused on an approach wherein you could directly avail sofa sets from us.

By cutting out intermediaries, we could not only make the selection and purchase process hassle-free for you, but could also cut costs, which in turn helped us offer you quality sofa sets at an affordable price. We are embracing the same strategy for all our new products.

Just a Few Things to Consider Before You Lounge

A latest sofa design may have a lot to offer however, before you honour the furniture by making space for it in your living room, you must consider the following:

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  • What kind of seat fill material are you looking for
  • The fabric used for the sofa (Malphino or Omega fabric)
  • The type of frame/wood used
Buy Mattress Online - Wakefit
  • The size of the space that will be hosting the sofa
  • Measurements of your ideal sofa
  • How many people will be using the sofa
Buy Mattress Online - Wakefit
  • What sofa design are you looking for (for instance, L shape sofa design or a single seater or something else altogether)
  • The sofa set design type (LA Chaise, RA Chaise, with Ottoman or without)
  • Your budget

Three of the most popular sofa types in the market when it comes to the seat fill material are the traditional pocket spring sofa, natural fibre sofa and the innovative foam sofa. Let us quickly walk you through the differences between the three to help you make the right choice.

Know the difference: Foam vs spring vs fibre

A fibre sofa set is usually budget-friendly and popular for the natural material used. It offers good bounce and is hypoallergenic too. However, a fibre sofa falls on its face as far as durability is concerned. Also if the upholstered material is not a quality fabric, the fibre might poke the person sitting or lying down on the sofa, thus making it a very uncomfortable couch. These sofas also lose their natural bounce and firmness rather quickly, which in the long run, turns them into a bad economic choice.

A spring sofa set is a popular choice of sofa, the main reasons being relative durability and cost effectiveness. However, sooner rather than later, issues start cropping up. The most common of the disadvantages of a spring sofa concern its metal coils, particularly the quality of the coils and their number. It is not uncommon for a spring sofa to start making squeaky noises after a small period of time, turning the lounging experience into a nightmare.

A foam sofa set is an innovative choice. It overcomes the cons of both fibre and spring sofa while adding several benefits to the design. First of all, the support that you experience when sitting or lying down and lazing on a foam sofa is phenomenal. The foam takes your body shape to give you a cuddly and cozy experience while exerting the right amount of firmness in order to support your body well so that you don’t sink into the couch. Secondly, a foam sofa is durable. It will not only last long, but will also not disintegrate with proper use and care. A foam sofa offers good heat circulation too and is easy to maintain and keep clean, which further adds to its longevity. Foam is a superior filling material that combines comfort, support, longevity and hygiene with the finesse of a sorcerer.

Nap, Snooze, or Lounge with Wakefit

Wakefit has always believed that a quality product need not be expensive. Our sofas are a perfect example of this idea that is at the heart of what we do here at Wakefit.

Wakefit’s new line of sofa set designs - the Wakefit Napper Sofa, the Wakefit Snoozer Sofa, and the Wakefit Lounger Sofa - turn your living room into a coveted space for you as well as your guests. These sofas are available as single seaters as well as sectional sets, giving you the option to choose just what you need.


Material Neem Wood
Support material Plywood and MDF Board
Upholstery material 100% Polyester fabric
Seat fill material Foam
Suspension system 3 inch wide elastic bands
Warranty 3 years manufacturer warranty

Omega Fabric Series




Malphino Fabric Series

Cobalt Blue

Smoke Grey

Dark Earth

Linen Charm Series


Touch Fabric Series


Wakefit Napper Sofa Set

Buy Mattress Online - Wakefit

No one says no to naps on the sofa after a hard day at work, right? Our Napper Sofa makes that feeling a hundred times more pleasurable while taking care of your pocket.

The Napper Sofa by Wakefit can turn you into a serial napper and no one is complaining! The design allows the sofa to be both durable and comfortable. The Neem wood makes this latest sofa design sturdy while the foam gives your body the support it needs while napping on the couch.

This sofa set design is hailed as the King of Comfy Couches and is available as a single seater, a 3 seater and an L shape sofa with a right-aligned or left-aligned chaise. You can make this yours by visiting us here.

Wakefit Snoozer Sofa Set

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The Snoozer Sofa by Wakefit offers style and comfort at a price that will leave you happy as a clam.

The sofa is optimally designed to ensure that there is enough space between its base and the floor. This allows you to keep the space clean, dust-free and therefore hygienic. The angular armrest emphasizes comfort while adding a slice of flamboyance to this beautiful sofa. The sectional variety of this sofa lets you choose between a left-aligned and right-aligned chaise.

We offer a three-year manufacturer warranty on the Snoozer Sofa. You can avail it right here.

Wakefit Lounger Sofa Set

Buy Mattress Online - Wakefit

Lounging on a sofa on a lazy Sunday morning is the best way to Sunday. Wakefit gets that and so we have created the Lounger Sofa to meet your lounging needs in style.

The sofa set design is ergonomic, which means you can say bye to postural defects and discomfort of any kind. This is a tufted collection, created with a robust hardwood frame. The high density foam allows the seats to be snug and supportive.

You can make this couch yours right away by visiting us here.

Wakefit Going Beyond the Bedroom

Wakefit was founded in 2016 to help Indians sleep better. Ever since our inception, we have offered quality memory foam mattresses with one click of a button, at a price that adds to your restful sleep. Our 100 nights free trial has only strengthened the trust that sleepers show in us and our products.

We are now going beyond the bedroom. Our new line of home solution products include sofas, ergonomic work-from-home furniture, wall shelves, bookshelves,tv units, shoe racks, and so much more.

You can browse through all our products at ease here.

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