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Study table Design

Wakefit’s Study Table Design Helps You Focus Like Never Before

An ergonomic study table design prioritizes focus. It is created for better organization, which in turn minimizes distractions and boosts your productivity. A study table must be sturdy, and yet it shouldn’t look bulky. It should allot sufficient space to all your work essentials, such as your laptop, your notebook/s, your stationery, and also accessories that you may want to have in front of you while you work.

A study table design needs to be practical. However, one cannot let go of the aesthetic part of the equation. A table that looks colossal can wreak havoc on the overall look of the room in which it is parked. A functional yet sleek and stylish design is the one you should be on the hunt for. The table should also not take up too much space, and should serve a variety of purposes.

A study table design can upgrade the style quotient of your room. Imagine a wooden study table that gives all the space in the world to your study or work equipment or tools, is divided into sections to make organization easy-peasy and efficient, and looks stunning to say the least. That is exactly what you will find at Wakefit. Our charming and practical designs will blow your mind! You can browse through them here.

Study Tables That Fire Up Your Imagination

After stirring up the way sleep is viewed and prioritized in India, Wakefit is now stepping into the world of home solutions. We have created an array of new ergonomic products with the best quality materials to make living easier and more stylish for you. The two best-selling mattresses by Wakefit, the Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress and the Dual Comfort Mattress epitomize the idea that good quality is available at affordable prices. We are bringing in the same philosophy into our new products. Our wooden study table designs are not only chic and up-to-date, but also pocket-pleasing.

At Wakefit, our one true job is to work tirelessly to ensure that the best products reach your home. We pay extra attention to the ease of delivery. Purchasing our study tables is just as easy as it was to buy our superior quality mattresses. The click of a button will take you to our website, post which you can skim through our study table designs at your convenience. Once you choose the design that works best for you, you make the purchase and then leave the rest for us to take care.

In the following section,we will take you through the factors one must keep in mind when bringing home a new study table design.

Choosing the Perfect Study Table Design for Your Home

Things to consider when buying a study table design

Things to consider when buying a study table design
  • Consider your work or study requirements
  • The space available for a study table
  • The size of the study table
  • Your storage space needs
  • The different types of study table designs
  • The colour and texture of the study table design
  • The material of the study table

What are the different types of study table designs?

1. Computer Desk

Computer Desk Design

One of the most common work-from-home table designs is the Computer Desk. This is a modern design that makes room for all your gadgets. It offers efficient organization in order to maximise concentration and improve productivity. This design weds simplicity and storage effortlessly making it a great choice for people who spend hours on their desk.

2. Wall-mounted or Floating Desk

Floating Design

Shake things up a little and invest in a unique study table. A wall-mounted or floating desk allows you to save space, which in modern times is the first wish one would ask for if a genie appeared! This study table has plenty of shelves that allow you to store your essentials and accessories with greater ease. Moreover, you can use the top shelf as a display unit and spiff up the look of your room.

3. Writing Desk

Writing Design

A writing desk is a sturdy solution to study tables. These look royal and enhance the appeal of any space that they occupy. The drawers allow you to store your file and important papers properly, while also keeping them out of sight. The shelves on top can be used to exhibit souvenirs that you have collected over the course of your life or things that will bring a smile to your face as you hustle on your study desk.

4. Corner Desk

Corner Design

The corner study table is another effective answer to space crunch. As most of us now have been compelled to work from home due to the pandemic, a corner desk can function as a brilliant work-from-home unit. The leg-room is enviable to say the least, allowing you the necessary space to stretch between your work. The surface offers enough space for you to sprawl and work and make the best of your time working from home.

5. Executive Desk

Executive Design

For those who enjoy working like a boss, the Executive Desk is the ultimate study table design. The rectangular working area gives you enough space to get your work done while the drawers let you store important papers properly as well as out of sight to give the unit a tidy look.

Turn Work into Fun with Study Desks from Wakefit

For people who are looking for sleek, up-to-the-minute and efficient study table designs for their homes, Wakefit’s new collection has options that will spoil you for choices! In the next section, browse through our ergonomic wooden study table designs and take home your favourite.


Installation Installed by carpenters at the time of delivery, free of cost
Warranty 1 year manufacturer warranty
Table Material Engineered Wood, Sheesham Wood for legs
Colour Dark Walnut, Columbian Walnut and Authentic Ash Light
No. of drawers of compartments 1 drawer, 1 closed compartment; 1 drawer, 1 closed compartment; 1 Drawer; 2 drawers, 2 closed compartments, 3 open compartments, 2 shelves, keyboard tray; 5 compartments inside, 1 shelf;

Wakefit Sage Study Table

Wakefit Sage Study Table

Wakefit’s Sage Study Table is a functional yet classy table. It will not only make space for all your work essentials but also up the ante on the overall look of the room.

A modern home needs a study table that understands in what ratio comfort and utility should be mixed for the perfect concoction. The Sage Table is robust while giving you all the comfort that you desire from your workspace. It leaves ample room for play and hence helps you unwind when taking breaks from your work. While you work for your dreams, this table will work for you as a companion on the journey.

Buy the Wakefit Sage Study Table now, only at

Wakefit Athena Study Table - Authentic Ash Light

Wakefit Athena Study Table - Authentic Ash Light

Available in two colour choices, Ash light and Columbian Walnut, the Athena Study Table is created with the best engineered wood. It is not only an effective work unit, but is also very easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe it every day with a clean and dry cloth. Make sure you don’t use an abrasive solution as it will hamper the finish of the wooden table.

This is the perfect study table with storage for a busy bee like you, and you can visit here in order to invest in it.

Wakefit Apollo Study Table

Wakefit Apollo Study Table

Adding a classic element to a modern apartment can give it an edge. With that in mind, Wakefit has created the Apollo Study Table. This wooden study table design is available in two colours, Ash light and Columbian Walnut. With a combination of Sheesham wood (for legs) and Engineered wood (for body), the Apollo design hits the right chords by offering that extra space for you to stretch your legs and relax.

Make it yours now by visiting us here

Wakefit Neptune Study Table

Wakefit Neptune Study Table

An intricate design with stylised steel knobs, drawers and open compartments to work as display units, Wakefit’s Neptune Study Table is intended to make life easier and way stylish for everyone.

The study table is designed at an optimal height for ergonomic reasons. As a result, the table will enhance productivity, and allow you to do more without getting tired.

The Neptune Study Table comes with a manufacturer warranty of one year. You can buy this little wonder of a study table by visiting us here

Wakefit Sophia Wall Mount Study Table

Wakefit Sophia Wall Mount Study Table

If space is an issue for you and you are worried that a study table might take up more than you can allot, then here is a design that fits your needs perfectly. The Sophia Study Table by Wakefit is a wall-mounted design that folds into itself, freeing up more space. The shelf on top can be used to display your favourite figures, a few books and some small plants to add that necessary dash of green.

Shop this sleek and practical design by visiting us here

Your Decor Dreams Are a Click Away Only at Wakefit

Wakefit was launched in 2016, with a dream to help Indians get the sleep that they deserve. Your sleep was our command, and we did everything in our power to make sweet dreams a reality. Our quality memory foam mattresses became an answer to sleep troubles, and we made sure that they were made available to you with very little effort on your part. Our 100 nights free trial and manufacturer warranty on our products further helped us win your trust.

We are now transforming into a home solutions brand, and are hoping you will support us in the same way that you did when we were only dealing in sleep solutions. In return, we promise to keep creating affordable quality products and delivering them to your doorstep. From sofas, ergonomic work-from-home furniture, wall shelves, bookshelves, tv units, shoe racks and more, at Wakefit, you will find anything you need!

You can leaf through our products here.

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