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Home is where the heart is! And we’d love to find out what makes your abode a cozy, comfy home. Take this survey (<3 minutes) and tell us why your home is your personal haven. You may even stand to win a discount coupon, if you're lucky!

Q1. What is your most preferred space to spend time while at home? *
Q2. What piece of furniture provides the most comfort and coziness to you? *
Q3. What kind of interiors best defines your ideal home? *
Q4. With working from home becoming the norm, where do you now spend most of your time? *
Q5. Do you prefer multi-purpose furniture in your home? *
Q6. Which of these multi-purpose furniture items would you opt for? *
Q7. On an average, how much time would you spend in the following pre Covid-19? *

Q8. On an average, how much time have you spent in the following post Covid-19? *

Q9. Where have you set up a workstation? *
Q10. Where do you eat your meals/snacks? *
Q11. Do you take short naps? *
Q12. How often do you feel the need to redecorate your home? *
Q13. If you recently redecorated your space, what changes did you make? *
Q14. According to you, what really makes your house a home? *
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