Phoenix Wall Shelf


₹1,812   MRP ₹2,294  (21% off)(Incl of all taxes)

If you have a blank or a dull wall in your home, then our wooden wall shelves could be just the thing that you need. Living spaces are nowadays incomplete without a suitable decor element. Wall shelves for the living room are an integral part of the decor, they help elevate the space and make it your own. Our Phoenix Wall Shelf design is minimalist in nature but sturdy and functional in every sense and gives a facelift to the wall space that has been empty for a while now. The columbian walnut colour will further add to the style factor and help you keep your items in the perfect place. The Phoenix Wall Shelf is made from the best engineered wood and made to be as light as possible so you can carry it around the house and set it up anywhere in the house as per your mood. There is no place in the house that this piece cannot blend in. Be it the space near the staircase, the empty living room corner, or even the study room entrance.

Each wall shelf is designed to look stylish and contemporary and add to the beauty of your home seamlessly. They can be used to display small artifacts, collectibles, plants or photo frames. You can decorate these wall shelves with small things that remind you of various good times in your life with memoirs and small relics. They bring out your personality in your home in the most subtle but stylish way. Our wall shelves range from designs that are inspired by a tic tac pattern, an intersecting pattern and a box pattern lending them modern looks that are versatile with every kind of decor. Explore our range of unique wall shelves such as the Hamlet Wall Shelf, and Macbeth Wall Shelf.

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