Degas Sheesham Wood Wall Shelf


₹2,650   MRP ₹5,299  (50% off)(Incl of all taxes)

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Do you think that your house needs a makeover? Is that why you are looking for wall shelves online? Wait no more! Wakefit brings to you the most stylish and affordable range of wall shelves online. Our wall shelves are incredibly versatile, and they are also easy to work with. These wall shelves online offer wall storage thus creating more floor space in your rooms. Of all our wall shelves online, the Degas wall shelf is the ultimate one in terms of both utility and looks. It is an ethnic wall shelf unit with easy-to-access compartments that will make your life easier and your home more gorgeous.

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Wakefit’s wooden wall shelves are created with high quality sheesham wood. The finish and notes of these sheesham wood wall shelf is so natural that no matter where you place them, they will make the wall look rustic and stunning. The tiles with motifs on the door frame of these wooden wall shelves living room and wall shelves for bedrooms are an essential part of the design. There are three partitions created by placing the close storage in the middle which makes the wooden shelf more functional and easier to clear. You can use the top surface of the wall shelves to display different types of artifacts and items. These wooden wall shelves upgrade the look of your collectibles and help you exhibit them in the best way possible. From books to souvenirs, you can use our wall shelves online to display anything that you love and want your guests to see and admire.

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Wall shelf designs by Wakefit are ergonomic making them the perfect addition to your house. With dimensions that aid functionality, our wall shelf designs make sure that your neck or shoulders are not strained as you place or take out mementos from the shelves. With brilliant design and practical utility, our floating shelves are the best purchase you will ever make.

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Our wall mounted shelves are sturdy and contemporary in their look. But what makes them the best purchase is that they save you floor space, making your room look bigger. This is why wall mounted shelves are more efficient than wall cabinets. To explore our entire range, please visit us at www.wakefit.co

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