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Adjustment to the new reality means that we slowly start changing our home to accommodate everything that the outside world provides us with. We set up our living room to have theatre experiences and our balcony to be greener.The most important aspect we factored into our home is the home office set-up. You spend most of your time engaged in work, even if it’s work from home (WFH). While it might not be possible to bring the same work environment your office brings, through some stunning work from home furniture, you can make your home office work for you!

The central part of your home office space is the work from home table and chair. This determines your functionality, productivity and comfort while you work. Be it an ergonomic work from home chair or a spacious work from home table, your home office set-up must ensure that you work seamlessly.

Shop Spacious and Steady Work From Home Table

An integral part of the work from home furniture is the study table for the work from home situation. Home office furniture, especially your table, needs to help you move, organise and store all your work essentials.

Keeping in mind your usage and flexibility, our work from home table comes with ample storage space like drawers and cabinet spaces so that you have room to store all your work tools. We also offer a wall-mounted study table which is perfect when you require a WFH furniture in a home where space is a constraint.

In the middle of all your work hassle, setting up and organizing your table and chair for work from home shouldn’t be your concern. This is why our study tables require simple self-assembly and they can be put together by two adults. This ensures that you can assemble and dismantle the home office furniture if you frequently move houses.

Glide Through Your Work In A Work From Home Chair

Amongst all the work from home furniture, an important investment is on a work from home chair. An ideal companion to a study table for work from home is a swivelling chair that supports both your back and your workload!

Spending long hours sitting in uncomfortable positions can really hurt your posture in the long run. At Wakefit, we strive to find ergonomic solutions for your home that look as good as they feel. So when you buy work from home furniture from us, you’re given the most considerate quality. With adjustable features, each of them can be modified so that you can spend hours seated without feeling any strain.

Reasons to Buy Home Office Essentials at Wakefit

Whenever you buy work from home furniture in India, it’s a norm to test out the durability, functionality, and quality before purchasing. Adhering to all your deserving standards and ergonomic conditions, Wakefit’s table and chair for work from home is made just for you.

Each piece of work from home furniture is engineered to accommodate the comfort your body needs for your long working hours. Once you select from our carefully curated options, purchasing your work from home furniture online from our store. Your furniture will be handled and delivered hassle-free to find a home with you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is WFH furniture?

Work from home furniture is a specially engineered model of furniture. This is designed in a way that you feel no strain of working at home, no matter the long hours and work load.

Some of the wfh furniture includes:

Ergonomic chair with lumbar support

→ Spacious work table with storage

Wallmount study table


2. Which table is best for work from home?

An ideal study table for work from home should be sturdy, spacious and stylish. Here are our top picks:

Neptune Study Table

Apollo Study Table

Sage study table

Sophia Wallmount table

3. Why buy work from home furniture at Wakefit?

When you spend most of your time during the day working hard, your body should be supported and comfortable.

So why Wakefit?

→ At Wakefit, you will find everything you need to furnish your study room from tables, study chairs to even smart and convenient bookshelves.

→ We spend time designing our products so that they serve you well from an ergonomic perspective.

→ Shopping for furniture online from wakefit.co is also super easy and super convenient.

→ Your work from home table and chair will be home delivered to you hassle-free in a matter of days.

→ The home office furniture products are durable.

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