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Season 3, 2022
Season 2, 2021
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Worth Your Time

Dreams do come true. Ask our interns.

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Just earned 5L for sleeping.

Sleeping on the job, Is the job!

Can you fall asleep while texting your crush? Did the pandemic feel like a long afternoon nap for you? If you were given a rupee for every snore you ever took, would you become a millionaire? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you.

Registrations Closed

Dream Job Description

The ideal candidate

Should have a voracious hunger for sleep and a head full of dreams.

One who thrives when working, ahem, sleeping from home.

They should value sleep over binging a series, even if it’s the season finale.

They should love sleeping, especially during meetings, or when someone mentions work.

They should be well versed in the art of siesta but be willing to learn more about naps.

Know more

You’ll be in great company!

Wakefit is a home and sleep solutions brand.

We strive to create the cosiest homes with products that enhance quality of life.

We are passionate about sleep. Studying about ways to improve sleep is the only thing that can keep us up at night!

It shouldn’t be surprising that we are looking for people who love sleep as much as we do.

We think you could be one of them. Do you agree?

Registrations Closed

Still in doubt?

What is the location for the internship?

You can intern from the comfort of your bed at home.

What equipment is required?

Once selected, you will receive a Wakefit mattress. You will also be given a sleep tracker to monitor the quality of your sleep.

Will I really get paid to sleep?

Yes! By sleeping for 9 hours for 100 days, you can earn upto ₹ 10 Lakhs.

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