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One of the important things during festivities that are considered fundamental is gifting. People indulge in exchange for gifts across different festivities like New Year, Christmas, and Diwali. The idea behind gifting is to express their love, greetings, and best wishes to their dear ones. The exchange of gifts also fosters a strong relationship and togetherness.

Unique Gift Ideas

How often have you seen someone get a gift and be thrilled about it? Not often. There is great fun to see someone get excited about opening a gift. While everyone loves unique gift ideas, the hardest part is coming up with them. Thankfully there are many options on Wakefit.

Gift Ideas for Men

Lamps and Lights

Lamps are among the best home decor gifts for men and women. It is a universal gift, and men appreciate it as it can be used in their offices or for various projects that need focus lighting. Moreover, these can be used daily and is an alternative to the usual books or gaming consoles. These are functional as well as practical and when picked with great care. There are a variety of lamps that offer great ambient and focus lighting.

Showpiece: Fish Fossil With Gold Accent

Help your friends or family upgrade their home or office with this showpiece. This gold accent home decor item has a standout design that gives a touch of elegance. It is a decorative showpiece that makes for a thoughtful gift and looks similar to the original fossil.

Gift Ideas for Women

Jewelry Stand

Women breathe jewelry, and most women will have more than a few pieces of them stacked at home. So why not help them organize and arrange them neatly with the help of our collection of jewelry stands? The standout among them is the Birds Paradise Aluminium Antler and the Tree of Life Modern Aluminum Antler. These are multi-utility pieces that can also enhance home decor. These can be used to organize jewelry of various sizes easily and add flare to the space. Why wait to choose from our range of gift ideas for women?

Ring Holder

Finger rings and earrings are precious little things that can get easily lost among other jewelry. Whether you want them arranged in one place or show them off in style, the ring holders are a great choice. Use this as a gift idea for women and hear appreciation from your friends and family. Choose the Kitty cat dual-toned stand or any other ring stand for displaying rings in the showcase or on the counter.

Candle Holder

The Lustrous gold-toned aluminum candle holder is a gift that is stylish and exquisite. The gold-tone adds warmth and luster while blending into a contemporary style. It has a delicate design that is a perfect gift idea for women. These candle stands are a piece of art that can decorate your living room or even a bedstand.

Gift Ideas for Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is all about fun and sharing memorable moments with loved ones and friends. And what better way to shower your love than by giving unique and luxurious gifts? This Diwali, move away from the ordinary and make some different gifting choices with these gift ideas for Diwali.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Friends

Hanging Pendant

Want to give something different to your friends this Diwali? The hanging pendants are one of the perfect Diwali gift ideas for friends. These decorative lights and lamps can be used in every room. Wakefit has a variety of hanging pendant lights and lamps that are ideal for modern-day living rooms or bedrooms. Additionally, these can illuminate the entire space without any extra utility bills. These not only come in many designs but are also affordable, making them the best choice as Diwali gifts for friends.

Turner Wall Decor

A piece of artwork like the Turner Wall Decor makes for a great gift. It shows the effort, forethought, and flair for gifting. Additionally, art is considered a gift for all occasions, including festivals like Diwali. These are some gifts that can make for a memorable present and also show they mean a lot to you. The Turner Wall decor is an exclusive collection that can make the walls stylish and decorative. It is crafted by experts and is simple yet sophisticated. This piece of artwork is made of premium high-quality material with distinctive patterns and durability, making for a great gift this Diwali. Check out the other wall decor and wall clock options for more ideas.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Family

Apart from the above gift ideas, you can also include the below as Diwali gift ideas for your family.

Multipurpose Storage Organizer

Help your family keep the house clean and neat by gifting our multipurpose storage organiser. These can be used in the kitchen, bedrooms, dining room, or wherever needed. It is functional and aesthetically pleasing, and storing and organising things is easy and hassle-free. A home storage organiser is a thoughtful gift as most modern homes have a space and storage crunch.

Cosy Blankets and Comforters

As many as 35% of adults suffer from some form of insomnia. One of the unique gifts you can give this Diwali is a sleep solution for a cosy sleep. One such option is the Tenzing Sherpa blanket, made from super soft micro mink polyester. What makes our comforters and blankets the best gifts is that these are made from the best materials and are well-crafted and designed. Also, it comes in many bold colours, making gifting easy.

Corporate Diwali gifts

Diwali is one of the important festivals in India and is celebrated across the country with fervour and zest. So organisations and corporates, too, in an effort to bond and connect with their employees and their family, give corporate Diwali gifts. Wakefit has many options as Diwali gifts. Some choices are Candle holders , wall clocks, fancy pendant lights, table lamps, key holders, and showpieces.

Luxury Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali is the festival of joy and while dry fruits and Mithais remain the popular choice, surprise your loved ones with luxurious Diwali gift ideas that can win their hearts. The easiest way to find inspiration for luxury gifts is to browse our website. A range of exquisite, luxurious, and unique gift collections can make Diwali special for your friends and family. Some luxury gifts you can think of are hinging lights and pendants, gold-accented showpieces, and more. Please browse through our collections to pick the best choice.

Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals of the year not only across the world but also in India. Kids are especially fascinated by the belief that Santa Claus comes bearing gifts. Elders exchange gifts with their family and close friends. Christmas shopping gets tricky as you cannot decide what to gift your loved ones. We at Wakefit can help you with your gifting needs and make shopping easy and hassle-free. Here are some gift ideas for Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for friends, you would want something reminiscent of your special history together. But it should also be something that is practical and functional. Whether gifting it to a childhood friend or someone you got to know at work, a heartfelt gift shows what they mean to you. The below-mentioned gifts will guarantee to touch that special friend’s heart and show how much they mean to you.

Candle Holder

Lighting a candle and keeping it on the window is a tradition at Christmas that dates to colonial times. There are many stories and legends as to why this was done. While the meaning of candle lighting has lost its significance, the practice is still followed by people worldwide. The significance may defer, but it is still a great festival decoration. So why not gift your friends a candle holder?

Wakefit has a range of unique and decorative candle holders that can enhance home decor beautifully. The crab candle holder stand is one such gifting idea. It is an exquisitely handcrafted holder by skilled artisans. It is a multiutility home decor accessory that emits ambient light through its cutout designs and also enhances the aesthetics of the space. It is a classy design that can be a perfect gift for all festivals, including Christmas. Order this online as the perfect gift for your friend.

Showpiece Christmas Tree

One of Christmas’s most loved and popular symbols is the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is considered the symbol of eternal life, and permanence represents positivity and is a customary decoration. While you may not be able to gift an actual Christmas tree, you can give your friends a gold-toned accent Christmas tree. It is a decorative showpiece that enhances the home’s aesthetics while adding character. It is an elegant masterpiece that can be placed among your collectables to give a refined look.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Family

Decorative Wall Clock

Decorative wall clocks are never out of style as they are an essential decorative item for every home. Wakefit wall clock designs are such that it carries the essence of the clock but are yet stylish. The Einstein wall clock is one such product that has a contemporary design. It is a metal wall clock that is a perfect statement piece and hence an ideal choice for a Christmas gift idea for the family. The clock is easily visible, unlike other clocks, and the size is such that it can be used in the bedroom and the living room.

Wall Decor

As kids, most people would have their little space where they cherished memorable moments with their loved ones. Revive this space by gifting them elegant wall decor. Wakefit Munch Wall art has an abstract style that can add glitz and glamour to the space it is kept in. It blends into the interiors and is uniquely designed to bring variety. So there are no better Christmas gift ideas for the family that match the Geometric wall accent.

Gift Ideas for New Year

The New Year is in striking distance, and people are already planning their goals and searching for gifts for their family and friends. The arrival of the New Year is celebrated with great fanfare, and one of the ways of expressing their love and wishes is through gifts. If you are yet to decide on what to give this time, here are some Happy New New Year gifts that you can give.

New Year Gift Ideas for Friends

Vintage Candle Holders

This beautifully crafted candle holder is the perfect New Year gift idea for friends. This eye-soothing candle holder creates a peaceful and calm vibe while giving enough ambient lighting. This candle holder, along with a candle, can even replace your electric lights. Moreover, it suits every interior design style and complements various wall colours and textures. Order this vintage candle holder and give your friends a gift they will truly appreciate.

Wall Clock With a Modern Twist

Is your friend always running late, or is early for all events? Our collection of wall clocks is the perfect gift for those latecomers, early risers, and those night owls. The Pauli iron and wood wall clocks among them are a standout as it is a modern but classic design. This standout piece fits well with every decor and can never go out of style. It adds class and style with sleek hands and is perfect for modern living rooms.

New Year Gift Ideas for Family

Soft Cushions

In the world of gifts, the most cherished ones are those that are personalised. It always touches the heart of your loved ones as it portrays true love. The receiver will feel that you have made an extra effort to give something special. A set of soft cushions is a great new year gift idea for the family. These little things are impactful not only with their cosiness but also in home decor. Gift your loved ones a colourful and cosy set of cushions , and hear them praise you for your thoughtful gift!

Goya Wall Clock

Help your loved ones decorate their home tastefully by gifting the Goya Wall Clock. It is a unique, sophisticated, and stylish wall clock that is modern and functional. It can enhance the living room’s looks while also helping to see the time easily. It has a Nordic design with great craftsmanship, which your family will greatly appreciate as a New Year gift.

Unique New Year Gifts

Are you tired of searching various websites and making endless trips to malls to find unique new year gifts? We have you covered! Check out Wakefit for gifts that are thoughtful yet unique. We have endless collections of products, and any item you give them makes them feel special, as such is the design and style of each item. From table decor to candle holders to home decor, you can find a unique collection of products you can send to your friends and family as New Year Gifts.

Everyone deserves a great gift, whether it is your distant aunt or your coworker. Please choose from the above ideas to give them something they will cherish.

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