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After being fully confused between all the options - coir, latex, spring, foam - and a lot of methodical research, he discovered Wakefit


Shoulder pain which started in Canada six years ago, and then back pain with pregnancy - finally, relief after buying Wakefit


Having lived in the US, was disappointed with the very thin layer of memory foam found in most Indian brands. His wife's back pain disappeared after starting to use Wakefit

Monica & Gautam

Multiple store visits didn't provide any answers on the best option. The email & telephonic discussion with Wakefit clarified their doubts and provided confidence to buy


She found the right spine support at the right quality and price point. The 100-day trial period was way better than the 5-minute lying down at a store


Bought it for his mother who had a custom sized bed and had never slept in the modern technology memory foam. Ended up buying 3 mattresses from Wakefit

Bangalore Customer

Had lower back pain owing to long hours in front of the computer. Research and high quality reviews revealed Wakefit and its high quality spine support

Dual Comfort Mattress| Wakefit

Designing the Mattress

A mattress doesn't just need to be soft and cushy; it also needs to have firm support and stay cool throughout the night. And of course , the comfort should remain the same for a good number of years.

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100-day trial

Place an order with us. Try out the mattress for 100 days - If you don't like it, give us a call, we will arrange for the mattress return and refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

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What our customers say

Buy Wakefit Mattress | Amazon

Anjali Menon 5 January 2016

quotes We have been this mattress for the last six months and I must tell you the experience has been great. The quality of the product is amazing especially for this price. I would recommend to go for this if you are looking for a memory foam mattress for a reasonable price. The customer service is good. My only complaint was about Gati courier service which was pathetic. But as far as the product is concerned I can't see any reason why anyone shouldn't go for it. Do try it once before going for any branded products. quotes
Buy Wakefit Mattress | Amazon

Narasimhan Balasubramanian 3 January 2016

quotes It is over 6 months after getting the Wake Fit Orthopedic Memory Foam matterss 6" thick and I am very satisfied with the performance. The Neck and Back Pain which was there earlier has totally disappeared. Sleep is very comfortable. The only fear I have is that the Memory Foam appears to be very soft and whether it will last for quite some time. As of now it is performing well. Delivery of the mattress was also very quick. Overall I am satisfied. quotes

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything

3 reasons to buy Wakefit Mattresses



Our founder is a chemical engineer from IIT with 15 years of family experience in running a foam testing laboratory is behind the designing of the mattress



If the price of the mattress is less expensive than renowned brands, it is not because of cheap raw materials but because that we spend on innovation and design rather than on marketing and paying dealers

Risk-free trial period

Risk-free trial period

Try the mattress for 100 days for free and return it if you don't like, no questions asked and 100% money refunded.



Our foam adapts to your body weight, distributing it across a large area to create that float-like sleep.


Just the right rebound, without that quicksand sink-in or disturbing your partner.

Comparing Wakefit with other mattresses

Wakefit Dual Comfort Wakefit Memory Foam Bonnel Spring Pocket Spring Natura Latex Coir
Universal Comfort 8 10 7 9 8 6
Cool & Breathable 7 9 8 8 10 7
Bounceback 9 7 9 9 9 5
Pressure relief 8 10 7 8 7 5
Doesn't disturb partner 9 9 5 8 9 9
Surface Buoyancy 8 8 9 9 9 6
Fair Price 10 9 8 7 7 8
Easy to move 9 9 6 6 9 9
Extended Durability and Lifespan 9 9 6 8 8 5
No flipping & Rotating 8 8 7 7 7 6
Overall Scores 85 88 72 79 83 66



We manufacture our products honestly. We cut out the middlemen so we can offer you a great product at a fair price.

Ever wondered - What makes you toss and turn in the night while sleeping on a mattress?

The shape of the human body is kind of an S-shape but the sleeping surfaces are generally flat (be it latex, spring, coir or a memory foam mattress). Let us consider a human of average weight of 75Kgs sleeping on the mattress. If the mattress is firm (generally coir, latex or bonnel spring mattresses), the body while lying on the bed will distribute 75Kgs of weight on 10 major points e.g., Lower back, shoulders, ankle, knee joint, head, etc. That means, approximately 7 Kgs of body weight will be there on each point - leading to blood clots and thus hampering smooth blood flow. This is the reason why most of us toss and turn in the night. If you are sleeping on a memory foam mattress, it takes the S-shape of the human body and hence distributes the overall weight uniformly across the sleeping surface. It has been observed that a person sleeping on memory foam mattress doesn't toss or turn for up to 5 hours straight! That's comfort and universal support.

You must have heard - "Sleeping on a softer mattress is not good for the body!" Let us break the myth here.

The fact is, when you lie on a softer surface, your body will push the mattress to compress unevenly and the same push is made to the body by the mattress (Newton's third law - every action has an equal and opposite reaction). This is what makes sleeping uncomfortable. However, when you lie on a memory foam mattress, it doesn't get compressed unevenly. Rather, it takes the body shape. On top of it, memory foam mattresses don't push you back with the same force that a normal foam mattress or other types of mattresses do. This is what makes the memory foam mattress awesomely comfortable.

We are amongst a select few of those who manufacture and sell memory foam mattress online in India - with perfect thickness, required density of memory foam and fine Cotton Fabric to sleep on. Try our mattresses for 100 days - we promise you wouldn't regret the decision!

In addition to finding a memory foam mattress, you need to also need to complement it with the right pillow in India as per how we have been used to a pillow to support the neck. The right pillow is one that provides support as well as a cushioning effect in the right proportions. Also, a good pillow is covered with anti-allergic fabric to avoid dust mites and other harmful things that can cause allergies and breathing problems.

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