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Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

High quality memory foam with the latest technological innovations for excellent back support

Dual Comfort Mattress

Mattress with both usable sides - one side is medium firm and the other is medium soft. You can choose the best surface that suits you!

Mattress Protectors

100% waterproof protector that is made from Terry Cotton layer to ensure that the sleeping surface is cool

Online mattress shopping can be a very confusing experience given the conflicting material that is present in different Indian and global websites. In any supposed big brand website, a customer will see 15-20 different models of mattresses with no real difference. They are jargon filled and have various combinations of spring, foam, coir and latex, making it very hard for a normal consumer as to which is right for them and their specific need.

Wakefit's idea right from the beginning was to overcome this layer of confusion and bring in transparency in the purchase decision and pricing. Why should a mattress cost so much, simply because of middlemen and no value add? Why should there be 15-20 models when basically human body structures and needs are fairly similar? What really goes into the multiple layers of materials? These are the questions Wakefit R&D team started with while conceptualizing and engineering the mattress.

The answer is our research driven product that suits all body types and climate conditions in India. We are confident of our product, which is also proven by our track record of shipping thousands of mattresses all over India since 2015.

Next day delivery available for mattresses in Bangalore for orders placed before 4pm! May not apply to other products

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