It's time to

transform your sleep health.

Wakefit Zense is India's first ever AI-driven sleep ecosystem that will

enhance your sleep quality, measurably.


India's 1st Mattress Temperature Controller

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Two sides, two temperatures

Choose the sleeping temperature for your own side. So you can sleep deeper, every night.

Fit for all

Regul8 is an intelligent cover designed to work as an add-on to your mattress. It lets you enjoy superior comfort without altering the feel of your mattress.

Syncs with your sleep

Regul8 automatically warms or cools the bed based on your sleeping hours. So you can sleep peacefully through the night.


India's 1st Contactless Sleep Tracker

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Listens to your body, while you sleep

Unlock in-depth insights on your sleep stages, movement and snoring to get a personalised sleep score, every night.

Contactless makes it effortless

Track8 fits seamlessly under your mattress, so you don't have to bring your watches and rings to bed.

Game for two

With dual sensor sheets under each side of the mattress, you and your partner can track your sleep independently.

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Wakefit Zense is India's pioneering AI-driven sleep ecosystem designed to revolutionize sleep quality. Powered by artificial intelligence, it offers innovative solutions to enhance sleep health, marking a significant advancement in the realm of sleep technology.

Check Out Wakefit Zense: India's First-Ever AI-Powered Sleep Solution

It's time to transform your sleep health. Wakefit Zense is India's first-ever AI-driven sleep ecosystem that will enhance your sleep quality, measurably.

With personalized insights and cutting-edge technology, Wakefit Zense revolutionizes your nightly routine. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a rejuvenated you.

Types of Zense smart sleep products

  1. Regul8: India's First Mattress Temperature Controller

    Regul8 is a revolutionary temperature regulating mattress cover that comes with advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms to monitor your body temperature throughout the night. It makes real-time adjustments to keep you in the sweet spot for deep, restorative sleep.

  2. Track8: India's First Contactless Sleep Tracker

    Track8, featuring a contactless mechanism to enhance user friendly utilizing advanced technology, is an innovative solution designed to enhance the sleeping experience. This device combines functionality and technology to improve sleep quality and offer insights into your sleep by tracking vitals like HR, RR, HRV, snoring, movement and generates an aggregated sleep score..

Features of Zense Products

  • Regul8

    The cooling mattress cover is equipped with dual-zone temperature control, allowing users to independently adjust the temperature of each side of the bed according to their preference. Couples with different temperature preferences can enjoy personalized comfort without compromising on sleep quality.

    Our smart cooling mattress topper has built-in temperature sensors that continuously monitor the surface temperature of the mattress, ensuring precise control and real-time adjustments to maintain optimal comfort throughout the night. The sensors provide accurate feedback to the control system, enabling rapid response to changes in temperature and ambient conditions.

    The temperature control mattress cover online features smart thermostat technology that automatically regulates temperature based on user settings and environmental factors. Users can set desired temperature levels, and the cover will adjust accordingly, creating a comfortable sleep environment without the need for manual intervention.

  • Track8

    Track8 listens to your body, while you sleep. It helps you unlock in-depth insights on your sleep stages, respiratory rate, heart rate and snoring to get a personalized sleep score, every night.

    Track8 includes the capability to integrate two sheet sensors with a single module. This feature allows the device to simultaneously monitor and track the sleep patterns of both a person and their partner. Each sensor sheet captures data independently, ensuring accurate and comprehensive sleep analysis for both individuals.

    Track8 offers insights into sleep quality by tracking sleep stages and duration, focusing on improving sleep hygiene by tracking vitals like HR, RR, HRV, snoring, movement and gives insights about the quality of sleep based on algorithms by analyzing the sleep data.