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Stunning Decor Ideas for A Small Living Room

The living room is a common space in your home that you call by different names – drawing room, sitting room, family room, lounge, hall, etc. Although all these terms have slightly different meanings, today, you use them interchangeably.

Larger homes tend to have more common rooms for different purposes. If you have a small apartment, then you’d most likely have a single compact living area. But fret not, it’s hardly a setback.

There are unlimited decor ideas for a small living room to make it as functional and aesthetic as possible. Neither a tight budget nor a space restriction can hinder your small living room makeover.

Living Room Over
the Years

The role of the living room has been vague and constantly shifting with the times. In the 19th century, people even labelled it as the ‘death room’ because funeral rituals took place in it.

Today, the living area has a more pleasant purpose. You use it to relax, spend time with family, watch TV, and entertain guests.

Every Living Room Is a Reflection of our Hospitality and Comfort

Indian households tend to say a lot to their guests with just their living rooms. That’s the space they see when they first enter. From the smallest of objects to the correct seating arrangement, everything matters to make them feel at home.

Moreover, it’s not only for the guests but a space for your family to gather and connect instead of heading to the respective rooms. Regardless of the space available, you can still modify your room in a more inviting way. In this guide, we share small living room furniture arrangements and hacks that allow more space than you thought it could!

Making the First Impression

The living room itself is a showpiece with some of your finest work, right at the front. Using the best decor ideas for a small living room, you’ll ensure that your small space makes a big impact.

You determine the level of interaction or intimacy you want with your guests by adjusting the room layout and elements. The living area acts as a bridge between the outside world and your personal space.

Every Family has a Unique Vibe in their Living Room

It is important to consider the comfort of your guests but don’t forget your needs when implementing interior design for small living room. If you want to transform your house into a home, then you need to add a bit of ‘you’ to your living area.

No matter how many gorgeous studio apartment ideas you execute, you’ll always find something missing if your space has no personal touch. You wouldn’t want your home to look like a gloomy hotel lounge with no character. Warm additions like a showcase design for small living room with photos and souvenirs will make a huge difference in the atmosphere of the space.

Outsmart Space:
Ideas for Small
Living Room Makeover

If you are living in your own home, then increasing the square footage is either expensive or impractical. In a rented property, there isn’t much you can change except the arrangement and decor. That’s where small room decoration items enter to rescue. Not only will they allow more space but also create an illusion for more of the same.

There are effective apartment living room ideas and studio apartment ideas that create the illusion of a larger space. These simple modifications in unison influence the overall look of the room. Here are a few of the small living room makeover tricks you should try:

Chapter 2

Outsmart Space: Ideas for a Small Living Room Makeover

  • 1. Spacing Hacks: Use Big Rugs
  • 2. Use Light-Colored Curtains
  • 3. Make the Room Brighter/Airier
  • 4. Make the Ceiling Higher/Seating Lower

big rungs

Spacing Hacks: Use Big Rugs

What should you choose – a small or big carpet for living room? Large carpets or rugs make your room look like it has gained a few square meters. Hence, they are one of the smartest small room decoration items that you can use now.

The prominent piece of fabric sets up a foundation to place the main elements of the living area – sofas, tables, bookshelves, coffee tables, etc. A big carpet for living room not only stretches the area but also adds luxury and appeal.

Moreover, the big carpet for living room should be big enough that the important furniture such as the Couch, Chairs & Coffee Table is on the carpet.

Moreover, small rugs have a shrinking effect and tend to split the room into small sections. So, it’s best to stay clear of them when looking for space-creating decor ideas for a small living room.

If you want a rug for the purpose of splitting two sections like in a small open kitchen living room design, then you can go for an appropriate rug size.

small room decoration items

Use Light-Colored Curtains

One of the top apartment living room ideas for small spaces is to maintain a light colour palette – whether it’s a curtain or wall paint colours to make a small room look bigger. And it looks the best when light peeps through the light shade curtains and touches the glass showcase design for small living room.

Curtains are another small room decoration items that you need to select thoughtfully so your space doesn’t feel clustered. Lighter colours reflect light, unlike dark colours that absorb it.

Therefore, when you choose light-coloured curtains over dark ones, your room appears more spacious. Neutrals such as white, grey, cream, etc., brighten the room and are always in vogue. Also, they are the kind of paint colours to make a small room look bigger.

If you want to add some zing, then go for textured fabrics such as lace or net. These neutral shades go well with all other colors and are easy to source.


Make the Room Brighter/Airier

It’s great if your living area has large windows that welcome plenty of natural light and air. But most apartments with their miniature windows bring insufficient light.

You can’t start punching holes in the wall for extra sunshine but there are neat tricks to brighten a room. And one the small room decoration items include knowing the tricks of lighting.

Place a decorative mirror near a source of light – a window or lamp – and watch the room brighten up instantly. Mirrors are one of the top favourites among decor ideas for a small living room. They have reflective surfaces and send light bouncing to all corners.

Small living room lighting ideas such as chandeliers, string lights, wall sconces, and candles add warmth to your living space. Another way to brighten the room is to use metallic elements, whether it’s furniture,art, or showcase design for small living room.

The last trick might sound too obvious but clean your windows! Fogged-up windows could rob you of natural light.

ceiling higher

Make the Ceiling Higher/Seating Lower

You might not be blessed with high ceiling but you sure can make your existing ceilings look higher. When using curtains for your windows, hang them closer to the ceiling. It adds significant height to the room.

Another way to give the impression of a high ceiling is to opt for low-rise furniture. With a low seating sofa or table, you’re bound to feel less cramped. Also, try small living room lighting ideas by using sconces and lamps for a high ceiling look.

Cool hacks don’t look good with boring sofas. Get a smart sofa that knows your space better!

Sofa Ideas for Small
Spaces: Affordable
yet Striking

The sofa, couch, or settee is the relaxed version of your bed. You use this ‘day bed’ as a chill-out spot in your living room for you and your guests. If you’re short on square footage, the sofa might seem like a space-eater.

There are ways to work around this and not compromise on your comfort. A Sofa for small space is more functional and provides the necessary relaxation for your common area. Sometimes people use bunk beds for small rooms to fit more yet leaving for space. And this is a funky addition for studio apartment ideas.

However, here’s how to choose a sofa design for small living room that doesn’t clog up space:

Chapter 3

Sofa Ideas for Small Spaces

  • 1. Foldable Sofas
  • 2. Use Armchairs or Club Chairs instead of a Sofa
  • 3. L-Shaped Sofa in The Corner to Make More Room
  • 4. Alternate Sofa Cover Designs
  • 5. Light-Coloured Sofa
decor ideas for a small living room

Foldable Sofas

Another great apartment living room idea is Foldable sofas are dual-function pieces that act as a sofa by day and a bed by night. If you’re constantly entertaining guests but are one-room short, the Foldable sofas really come in handy.

People also use bunk beds for small rooms to leave maximum space for mobility. Also, it’s a wise style for studio apartment ideas with the intent to leave more open space.

Unlike regular sofas that are restricted to the living room, Foldable sofas don’t look out of place in other rooms. Today, these sofa cum bed come in sleek styles and is the best element for small space interior design- you can hardly tell that a bed is hiding in there!

arm chair

Use Armchairs or Club Chairs instead of a Sofa

If you’re still hesitant about the whole Sofa for small space concept, you can never go wrong with armchairs. These furniture pieces allow for more flexibility because you can play around with your small living room furniture arrangement.

Choose cozy tufted leather armchairs, inviting club chairs, storage-friendly Ottoman, or sleek pastel chaises that work for your comfort and style needs. Club chairs also come in armless models and take up less space than an armchair.

Club Chairs also brings versatility to your home. With chairs as a part of your small living room furniture arrangement, you can experiment with colors, patterns, and fabric.

With these seating decor ideas for a small living room, you don’t have to limit yourself to the conventional layout of the living space. One of the tricks for a small living room furniture arrangement is to bring furniture closer to create a cosy area.

make more room

L-Shaped Sofa in The Corner to Make More Room

Sometimes your living room might not have the needed length to accommodate a large sofa. There are also weird corners that no furniture can enhance. This is where the L-shaped sofa, which is also called the low seating sofa, does its thing. It’s actually a wise sofa design for small living room and frees more space than a sofa when pushed to the corner.

The versatile piece of furniture is one of the top interior design ideas for small living room as it is comfortable, perfect for entertaining, and looks great to jump right in.

Apart from being space-efficient, the L-shaped sofa is one of the best decor ideas for a small living room because it is usually more affordable than a 3-seater plus single-seater set.

Get yourself an L-shaped low seating sofa for small space to maximize your space both vertically and horizontally.

alternate sofa cover

Alternate Sofa Cover Designs

Today, it is possible to give your sofa a makeover without reupholstering the entire furniture piece. With sofa covers, it’s as simple as putting on a new, pretty dress. It is one of the most affordable decor ideas for a small living room and provides you with a range of design options.

Choosing a sofa design for a small living room can be challenging, but with a few guidelines, you’ll find a design that suits your needs. Always go for bright, uncluttered styles that are great elements for interior design for small living room.

You can add a statement piece if you want but remember that it creates lesser design flexibility for the accompanying elements of the living space.

light coloured

Light-Coloured Sofa

The golden rule that light colours create the illusion of space applies to all elements of your living space. Just like you chose a bright colour palette for your curtains, your sofa can also dress up in a calming neutral.

Light colours such as beige, light grey, ice blue, and white work well in small rooms. If you’re looking to stray away from the typical neutrals, you can also experiment with light pastels such as baby pink, sky blue, and lavender.

If you follow the best interior design for small living room and go with a light base, you can embellish your sofa using vibrant throw pillows or blankets to add some fun. And if you have a beautiful 1RK one of the studio apartment ideas would be to add bunk beds for small rooms.

Haven’t seen sofas that leave more space? Well, see what we got.

Table and Storage
Ideas for Small Spaces

Whether it’s a console table, coffee table, or sofa table, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Most space-saving studio apartment ideas will encourage you to use a single multi-functional table.

When it comes to tables, it’s easy to implement a small living room decorating ideas on a budget. There are DIY projects to build tables from almost anything (doors, cabinets, wood planks, cement, etc.) for any purpose. Here are the table varieties that
make it to the top of interior design ideas for small living rooms:


Minimalist Table Design

In a small living room, it’s best to limit your elements to three furniture pieces – a sofa, coffee table, and shelf. Take it a step further and pick designs
that embody minimalism in each element.

A light, thin-legged coffee table with sleek edges can transform your living space into a modern layout. When incorporating minimalism, neutral colours and natural wood textures are great choices.

table with storage

Table with Storage

Homeowners or renters looking to make the best use of furniture pieces and available space can opt for tables with storage compartments.
These decor ideas for a small living room are great because not only do they hide clutter but they also eliminate the need for extra shelves.

If your space includes a TV, you can use a minimalist tv unit design for small living room. It acts as a platform for the TV and provides additional storage to keep
books, electronics, and handy items.

simple centerpiece

Simple, Uncluttered Centre-Piece for The Table

Decluttering your space does not only mean that you get rid of the many unused items in your house. It also means that you choose designs that radiate elegance and simplicity.

Apart from sleekness and a light colour palette, another way to trick the eye into magnifying the space is to use invisible or transparent furniture. Coffee tables that come in glass or acrylic seem like they’re hardly there.

wall shelves

In-Wall Shelves

If you’re on the lookout for a space-efficient showcase design for a small living room, then in-wall shelves are your best option.

Not every house is designed with this feature, so if you have any existing shelving that does not protrude outside, make the best use of it.

Maximize your space with the correct furniture. See how elegance and minimalism shake hands.

Wall Ideas to Amplify
Your Small Living
Room to Look Stunning

The wall is a fundamental part that takes up the majority of the space in a living room. It’s a huge blank canvas that you can customize to your style. Not only does it act as a background, but it also can function as a storage space.

Here are a few ways to tweak your wall’s design to enhance aesthetics and magnify space:

Chapter 5

Wall Ideas to Amplify your Small Living Room to Look Stunning

  • 1. Have One Accent Wall
  • 2. Use Lighter Colors with Minimalistic Bright Patterns
  • 3. Dedicate One Wall as A Picture Wall or For Abstract Art
  • 4. Bonus Tip – Use Wall for Storage as Well- Hanging Baskets
decor ideas for a small living room

Have One Accent Wall

In a small living room, an accent wall can add a hint of drama and colour. Generally, the wall should be two shades darker than the rest, if you’re playing it safe. But if you like to experiment, there’s always room for darker, riskier colours.

An accent wall can distract the guest from the size of the room and focus on the design. When choosing the focus wall, make sure you opt for the tallest walls, so that the room doesn’t look compact. And they look prettier with wall mount tv ideas for small living room that adds a statement to them.

Additionally, small living room lighting ideas such as ambient lighting can help bring out the details and elegance of the accent wall.

minimalist bright

Use Lighter Colors with Minimalistic Bright Patterns

Neutrals, light pastels, and any shade that reflects light are paint colours to make a small room look bigger. Worried about light paint getting dirty? Invest in easy-to-clean wall paints that prevent staining and have premium surfaces.

If you’re a fan of the designs in a wallpaper for small living room, then go for light shades with interesting textures and minimalist patterns that aren’t too loud.

picture wall

Dedicate One Wall as A Picture Wall or For Abstract Art

It might seem odd to have a large abstract art piece in a small room, but it does wonders for the space. Art pieces add style and personalization to the living area. To take it up a notch, you can use meaningful art pieces that you or a family member painted.

Wouldn’t it also be wonderful to see travel souvenirs hanging on the wall, reminding you of fun vacations? This is one of the most personal and simple small living room decorating ideas on a budget.

well hanging

Bonus Tip – Use Wall for Storage as Well- Hanging Baskets

The wall can also serve as storage, especially if you are utilizing the height. If you’re not excited about choosing a tv cabinet design for a small living room then you can always use a wall mount.

There are numerous wall mount tv ideas for small living rooms for all tastes and functions. Backgrounds such as a stone wall, wood panel, neon lights, etc., are some top wall mount tv ideas for small living rooms. If you want decor that serves more than
one purpose, then hanging baskets, plant racks, and trendy shelves are great choices. You’ll derive more value out of the decor.

Take home a cool TV unit that helps you leave more space. Make way for motion!

Frequently Asked Questions on Decor Ideas for a Small Living Room

  • One to two occupants – 7ft x 10ft
  • Four or more occupants – 10ft x 13ft

A small living room can range from sizes 7ft x 10ft (70 square feet) to 10ft x 13ft (130 square feet). It also depends on the number of inhabitants in the house.

If you live with just one more occupant, then a 70 square foot home will suffice. If you are a family of four or more, then 130 square feet is considered a small living area. These spaces tend to have a small open kitchen living room design.

Medium to large living rooms ranges from 200 square feet to 300 square feet.

There are numerous ways to make a small living room look bigger. Some of the most cost-effective decor ideas for a small living room are:

  • Use neutral colours for furniture
  • Lay down large carpets or rugs
  • Hide or eliminate clutter using storage
  • Hang up light-coloured curtains that reflect light
  • Use multi-function furniture that doubles as storage
  • Paint the walls in neutrals or bright colours
  • Incorporate fewer pieces of furniture such as a sofa, coffee table, and bookshelf
  • Bring in more natural lighting or use supplementary lights such as wall sconces, chandeliers, ceiling lights, lamps, string lights, etc.

No matter what the rule, there are always exceptions, so choose a layout and design that suits your space and style sense.

A cosy living room creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Here are some decor ideas for a small living room that enhances its cosiness:

  • Layer the furniture with premium fabrics to look comfortable and inviting
  • Use raw and natural materials such as unpolished wood, stone, and metal
  • Get yourself a sectional or L-shaped sofa to relax comfortably
  • Design the layout with conversational space in mind
  • Go crazy with throw pillows and blankets
  • Stack up thick and plush-looking rugs
  • Add personal touches to the home such as photos and paintings
  • Bring nature in with fresh plants and flowers
  • Fill bookshelves with books and decor pieces

Turning your outdated living room into a modernized space does not need to dig a humongous hole in your wallet. There are unlimited low-effort decor ideas for a small living room and interior design ideas for small living rooms that are cost-effective and time-efficient.

Here are a few that you should try:

  • Add statement furniture in a bright colour or pattern
  • Hang up a modern piece of art
  • Follow the minimalist theme for decor
  • Rearrange the furniture to suit current trends
  • Incorporate more relaxed than formal pieces
  • Stick to a neutral palette with occasional bursts of colour
  • Focus on function over design
  • Play with textures and fabrics

To make daily life easier, a living area should have an elegant yet pleasant environment. High ceilings make a living room appear much more inviting and spacious, but the issue is to eliminate unwanted empty spaces that don’t fit the living room’s atmosphere.

Here are a few tips to make your small living room look appealing yet architectural

  • Textures and statement items should be used in conjunction with proper lighting.
  • Better lighting is provided by a nice chandelier.
  • Select a suitable wallpaper for small living room.
  • Select bright paint colours to make a small room bigger
  • Have a good shelf for books and other items of interest.
  • Use curtains with a theme.

It’s advisable not to go overboard and keep to a simple motif that blends well with the rest of the living room and ceiling picture.

A well-designed and planned home attracts attention and makes for a well-furnished home. While it is possible to personalise the style of your living room according to your preferences, it is also necessary to consider the various additional alternatives that can help a tiny living room feel more spacious and comfortable. Colours are one such significant factor.

Colours enhance the appearance of the living room, a few of them are suitable.

  • Off white
  • Dark blue
  • Clean white
  • Dark grey
  • Sea green
  • Pale blue
  • Light green
  • Charcoal black
  • Taupe

One of the most crucial foundations of a room is the flooring. Light-coloured floors provide the impression of a larger, more spacious, and brighter space. They are thought to add depth to some small rooms.

  • Choose a warm or light-coloured tile.
  • Choose furniture that isn’t too hefty.
  • Use various storage alternatives that take up less room.
  • Minimalism is the way to go.
  • Select light-coloured furniture.

A living room is supposed to be a welcoming and relaxing space. Many individuals go far with this approach, making the room appear smaller than it is. With the correct furniture, rugs, and wallpaper for small living room, any space can be transformed into a larger one.

  • Choose a rug that isn’t too big.
  • Choosing brightly coloured decor
  • Clamping on the art
  • There is no pattern in this minimalist design.
  • Stacking on furniture without regard for space

Before entering the rest of the house, one must first pass through the living room. Depending on the size of your television, you can arrange your living room in a variety of ways. However, a few of the most basic guidelines for not overcrowding your TV and living room spaces are as follows:

  • Choose furniture that can be used as a TV stand ad any other case at the same time.
  • Buy TV Cabinet design for small room
  • Add a light-coloured panel to the TV to fit the atmosphere and narrow the space.
  • Make use of sliding doors.
  • Consider installing built-in storage.
  • Try to incorporate the TV panel with other aspects of your life that revolve around it.
  • It is recommended that you use a slim TV.

There are multiple budget-friendly ways in which you can decorate your small living room.

  • Use natural items for your living room decor such as plants
  • Don’t place furniture in a way that blocks natural light
  • Use warm wall colors
  • Add DIY decor items or certain decorative hand-me-downs
  • Use accent lights during the evening and night that makes the room appear warm

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