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Your living room is certainly one of your home’s most important rooms. After all, your luxury living room serves as your entertainment hub, a gathering spot for family movie nights, and a gathering spot for guests. It’s natural to be apprehensive about decorating such a significant space. But with the right living room colour, furniture and accessories you can upgrade the space and make it look wow. Let’s get started!

Living Room - An

Living rooms began as formal showcase places for welcoming guests in the 17th century, according to Joan DeJean of the New York Times, but gradually evolved into the more relaxed meeting places that we know today. Have you noticed? The living room in some contemporary homes is completely relaxed, but in others, particularly bigger homes with various common rooms, the luxury living rooms maintain a more formal accent.

“A few homes have luxurious living rooms that are only used on occasion, while normal social activities take place in smaller rooms with a different name like a family room or rec room,” DeJean notes. On the other hand, in some homes, all activities take place in the living room.

Do You Have to Personalize Your Living Room?

The simple answer is yes. It is common to find ourselves looking for inspiration for the apartment living room ideas. It is the most well-loved room in the house. Have you ever had a particularly trying day at work? Maybe when you got home and sat on your couch, everything was fine? That is a living room’s restorative power!

Whether you’re relaxing after a long day or just chilling with your friends, your living room needs to ooze your personality. From abstract wall art to vintage chairs, from big windows to low light indoor plants, you need to ensure your living room showcases what makes you, you.

Add a TV Unit that does both- define utility and sync with the living space!

Things to Consider
Before You Revamp
Your space into a luxury living room design in 2022

Think about it. Living rooms are used for a variety of purposes. Some houses feature traditional rich luxury living rooms, and others use the space for a family room, playroom, or television viewing area. Whatever you want with this space, creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere is essential in making the most of it. Hence, let’s understand the checklist for decorating your living room to bring a luxurious effect!

Luxury Living Room Decor: What are the Things to Consider before you start?

Do you know how you arrange furniture can make or break the appeal of the living room? Learn how to arrange and position your modern living room furniture for maximum efficiency and appeal. Minimalist interior designs are very popular these days.

Here are a few things you’ll need to consider before going all interior designer on your living room.

luxury living room

1. Functions of The Place

Usually, living rooms are thought of as places where you can entertain visitors on important occasions. In other circumstances, people regard living rooms as an oasis apart from the rest of the house’s lived-in (and sometimes cluttered) quarters.
This brings us to throw light on the minimalist interior design techniques and furniture arrangement that only cater to utility and free up space!
Although the living room is frequently assumed to have more modern living room furniture and decor, some people see it as a peaceful and relaxing retreat, ideal for reading and sipping a cocktail. So, your plan for the place will depend on how you view your living room and the function it will serve. Think about it, before you go ahead.

luxury living room

2. What Theme Would You Like to Set?

It’s usually a good idea to start with a theme and a general idea of what you want your living room to look like. It doesn’t mean you have to know every detail ahead of time, but having a basic notion is the icing on the cake. It will come in handy during the decorating process. A strategy and a plan are essential components of any successful endeavour, and this should also be applied here.
Before settling on the look and feel of your living room, you should make sure you do the necessary research. Look through some magazines or brochures, and look for the designs, colours, and styles you desire. Pull off the page of the design you prefer and set it aside for future use. After you’ve gathered a collection of diverse designs, try to pick the ones that will work best for you. You can make use of modern house colours to create a consistent theme.

luxury living room

3. Available Space

When designing a luxury living room, you need not be an interior designer or an architect to plan out your living room layout. You can get a better idea of the furniture you need to buy if you take the time to create a layout of your area.
How much space do you have? How can you work with this space?
These considerations will assist you in determining if you have adequate room for your new vintage chairs or ottoman furniture. Likewise, it may help you recognize that you won’t have enough space to install that extra cabinet to display your family’s silverware collection. In that case, a minimalist interior design may work best for you.

luxury living room

4. A Dash of Your Personality

Allow your creativity and “aesthetic” side to run wild. The living room is the space that lends itself best to personalization and, in general, to reflect your personality. If you have abstract wall art, statement chairs, or antique piece for home decor, this may be just the room to showcase it. You could even fill every inch of the wall with artwork and include a skylight roof. Just make sure you don’t go overboard.

Explore the Modern Balcony Design

luxury living room

5. Your Taste & Style

This is the most difficult aspect of designing your living room. However, determining how you would like to live will dictate where and how you shop for luxury living room furniture. Consider the style you want to achieve: modern, contemporary, calm, formal, warm, farmhouse, or welcoming. Choosing a style might assist you in determining what you require. You can also start with these;

  • What am I going to do in my living room?
  • How many visitors will be spending their time there regularly?
  • Do I intend to throw parties?
  • Do I like to watch television in the living room?

While these may appear to be unconnected questions, they can assist you in figuring out what kind of luxury living room furniture you’ll need.
If you know, you’ll be spending time in the room watching TV, investing in a 3 seater sofa set may be more vital than adding accent chairs for the living room. If you’re going to host parties, on the other hand, a loveseat mixed with accent chairs for the living room and ottoman furniture may provide you with more options in creating a welcoming seating area that encourages conversation.

Now, Let’s dig a little deeper.

Choose chairs that are perfect for your luxury living room!

Modern Luxury Living Room:
Basics of Upscaling Your

First and foremost, the best luxury living rooms are both formal and approachable. And the room’s elements make it up! Hence, you must be mindful of luxury living room furniture designs to vibe with the remaining elements. From big windows, glass doors, to skylight roofs, a luxury design makes sure there’s enough natural light flooding in!
Such a living room both entices you in and makes you want to remain. Making such large design decisions, though, can be stressful due to the high risks. As a result, the living room is of unrivalled importance in the home, and it’s no surprise that it gets the most attention. So, here are a few tips to help you upscale your living room

luxury living room

1. Colours & Combinations that Denote Luxury

Choosing the proper paint colour is vital when it comes to designing a luxury living room. Choose a colour scheme that complements your furnishings, the general aesthetic of your home, and the look you want to achieve in this space. Modern house colours have a smart blend of neutral hues. But also they don’t shy away from using contrasts.

Remember that lighting will play a big part in deciding on the appropriate paint colours. Remember that you can mix and match trends and colours in your design. Don’t be afraid to use various colours, patterns, and designs in your living room.

However, to ensure that the area looks regal and opulent, ensure a consistent theme, whether colour, design or subject matter. Here are a few combinations that you can check out:

  • White and navy

This is a true classic: cool, stylish, and timeless. The deep royal blue tone wonderfully complements the white’s crisp brightness. It’s no surprise that this colour palette has remained a fan favorite for so long.

  • Regal magenta

The explosive colour can give a lift to your living room with a hint of luxury and comfort! Reduce the number of fixtures and decorations to a bare minimum. Extra trimmings will serve to clog up a highly lit space.

luxury living room

2. Windows and Ventilation

No one likes a dark, dingy room. Imagine getting the best living room furniture for small spaces and fittings, only for it to be overshadowed by a room that is dark and gloomy. You can call your space a luxury living room only if it has enough sunlight and breeze coming in. That is if it has sufficient windows to also ensure cross ventilation.
On those breezy spring evenings, you could crack open a window and enjoy the feeling of the wind on your face. If you happen to have a beautiful view, big windows such as French windows will offer both lighting and ventilation.
Allowing natural light to bounce around the room with mirrors placed opposite the windows and picking a simple colour scheme in neutral tones and plain rather than patterned materials are other ways to make the area feel light and airy.

modern living room furniture

3. Less Is More

Decor overload is defined as having too many accessories, no matter how costly they are. Accessories like abstract wall art, low light indoor plants, etc., should be put together to make a nice vignette. It would help if you went for a less-is-more vibe. Otherwise, the room ends up looking cluttered and messy.

modern living room furniture

4. Include Indoor Plants

You can bring some natural colours and life into your living room! The low light indoor plants work great for this purpose. Plants are helpful for your mental and physical health and make a room feel more pleasant and welcome.
In addition, a now-famous NASA study from 1989 discovered that house plants could help lower indoor air pollutants, including benzene and formaldehyde. Plants have been proved to improve mood and creativity and lower stress, according to new research.

luxury living room furniture

5. Add Some Playful Elements

Decorate your living space with personal items that express your personality. Do you enjoy being outside? Decorate your home with landscape prints, low-lying indoor plants, and wood accessories. These decorative pieces conjure up images of someone who adores nature and is enthralled by the desert.
Allow your living room to speak for itself by accessorizing with things that speak to you. You can also include an antique piece for home decor. For example, antique mirrors and accent chairs for living room if they reflect your personality. If you’re more into the boho vibe, you could include an indoor swing as well. Your options are limitless. Let’s go

luxury living room

6. Don’t Forget Statement Pieces

Any unique accessory could liven up your space. Craft shows and flea markets are good places to look for items. The majority of your accessories should be antiquities, goodies, or items that you value.
Having a statement piece of furniture in your home can also assist show off your personality in a room. You can consider a statement chair or the traditional chinoiserie coffee table sets. The types of furnishings you like might reveal a lot about who you are.

Check out our exclusive range of lounge chairs for the perfect statement piece.

Luxury Living Room:
Making Your Furniture

The living room transforms into a haven for warm leisure as the evening approaches. But not until you have the right elements. Adding the correct modern living room furniture that matches the energy and syncs with the aesthetic!Here is how it works.
Whether you want to binge-watch on Netflix, curl up with a good book, or even take a well-deserved sleep, it’s critical to aim for maximum comfort and take the time to select the best fixtures and fittings for the room. The furniture you utilize matters a lot to create a luxury living room. It showcases your style and personality. In addition, it needs to be practical and comfortable as well.

luxury living room

What are the Types of Sofas in India?

A key item to remember is that traditional furniture may help you create strong, comfortable conversation zones. Stylish modern sofa designs pay attention to the hip muscle and provide back support while also ensuring the utmost beauty and comfort.
People need to be able to converse peacefully without straining their necks or shouting. As a result, the sofa is a unique feature in the living room that can define and serve as a linchpin for all other pieces of furniture.

3 seater sofa set
  • Snoozer Sofa

The Snoozer sofa is the sleekest one you’ve encountered yet; brimming with design and exuding comfort, it will be a great addition to your luxurious living room. The height of the sofa, which is raised on robust wood legs, adds to its beauty while also making it easier to clean the floor beneath it. Eg: A grey L shaped sofa.

3 seater sofa set
  • Napper Sofa

Napper sofas are stylish sofa sets designed to be as comfortable as possible, with a larger armrest, detachable cushions. And you can rearrange them according to your tastes, and seats that are thick enough to provide comfort and warmth. This 3 seater sofa set is one of the ideal sofas for small spaces. The frame of this sofa is composed of termite-resistant neem wood, which is strong, solid, and long-lasting.

luxury living room
  • Lounge Sofa

A chaise, sometimes known as a chaise lounge, is a long, upholstered sofa in the style of a chair on which one can rest one’s legs. It is one of the suitable sofas for small spaces. Having a minimalistic design, this lounger stands as one of the stylish sofa sets for living rooms! The English translation of the phrase “chaise” is “long chair,” a classic French interior decorating term that refers to any long, reclining chair. Better yet, you can look at the other types of sofa sets to get a full understanding.

luxury living room
  • Grey L-Shaped Sofa

L-shaped sofa sets are stylish sofa sets that are a full bundle since they provide a lot of seating space for a low price. L sofa sets are also one of the best sofas for small spaces if you decide to keep only one sofa. These include everything from armrests and single chair components to 3 seater sofa sets. Sectional sofas, often known as L-shaped couches, are available in both fabric and leather. You can opt for a grey L shaped sofa. Above all these, you must keep them clean. You can look at the detailed guide where you can learn how to clean a sofa at home.

luxury living room

Pillows for Your Sofa

The second suggestion we have is to replace the cushions to freshen up the look. Replacing your sofa is pricey. However, it is simple to replace a couple of cushions. It may completely transform the aesthetic of a room by introducing new colours, textures, and patterns. Cushions also make a room more attractive and pleasant for everyone!

luxury living room

What are the Different Coffee Table Designs in India?

For decades, coffee table sets have been an essential part of designing a luxury living room. They’ve progressed from simple tables to some of the most ornate structures found in today’s homes. You can study more about coffee table decor ideas to implement cues smartly. Here are some designs of coffee table sets that you can incorporate to add some finesse and style to your living rooms.

luxury living room
  • Java coffee table

One of the elegant coffee table sets is the Java coffee table that you can place with your favourite ottoman furniture.
The Java features a beautiful wooden base that allows it to cantilever over other pieces of furniture, making it ideal for wood, glass, and stone tops.

luxury living room
  • Excelsa coffee table

This is one of the largest coffee table sets is rectangular and features deep recesses beneath the surface table top for convenient storage and display. The broad and wide tabletop of the Excelsa gives you plenty of room to decorate and socialize.

luxury living room
  • Wooden coffee tables

It’s never been easier to pick from a range of coffee table sets for your living room. Choose from a variety of 100 % certified solid wood coffee tables created for urban Indian houses and have them delivered to your home.

Our coffee table designs are both elegant and functional, serving as both display pieces and coffee tables.

luxury living room

Pick the Right Rug

If you don’t know what you need, buying area rugs can be difficult. You should pick a large enough rug for your living room to accommodate all of your furnishings. Keep a minimum of 10 to 20 inches of bare floor between the carpet’s edges and the room’s walls. Remember that if your area rugs are too tiny, your living room will appear fragmented. You can place light furniture on it including your ottoman furniture, etc.

luxury living room

Add Stylish Bookshelves

When you visit someone’s house, are you drawn to their bookshelves? Chances are you likely are. This is a clear indicator that bookshelves are a great addition to your space. And they are one of the top elements that a luxury living room has.

It’s exciting to see their books because they reveal their ideas and personalities through their reading choices. With this in mind, carefully curate your living room’s bookcases. Display your prized books prominently to encourage people to talk about them.

To make more storage and add to the room’s nature, add a sideboard.

Accessories to Spruce
up Your Living Room

Living room accessories complete the look of a sitting room, lounge, or luxury living room. Accessories and soft furnishings, from antique mirrors to statement chairs, candle holders to vases, abstract wall art, to low light indoor plants, are essential to a stunning living room concept.

If your living space is simple and bland, add a splash of modern house colours with bright or patterned items.

Minimalist interior design

Something Personal: Photographs, artwork

A personal touch, such as family photos, is required for a living room to appear and feel welcoming. The room would feel cold and unwelcoming without these small details. You can also understand better with our quirky House Wall Design guide!

Minimalist interior design

Flowers and Plants to Add Life and Colour

There should be something alive in every luxury living room (other than you). Plants are the best option if you’re on a budget, but fresh flowers are excellent if you don’t mind spending a little money in the process. There are, of course, ample benefits of plants at home including maintaining a calm mind and providing oxygen! Floral arrangements, regardless of size, instantly bring a space to life and look gorgeous on tabletops and mantles. And it doesn’t stop there you can also opt to add an aquarium with handpicked fishes within which is among the best living room decor ideas!

Minimalist interior design

Antique Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t merely for adding an aesthetic element to a room. They’re also an excellent way to make a room appear brighter and larger. A pair of big antique mirrors provide a neutral living room decor with a feeling of harmony. Plus, adding mirrors are one of the best decor ideas for a small living room as they create an illusion of space. So, the more mirrors, the better!

Antique piece for home decor

Family Heirlooms

Whether it’s your grandmother’s elegant chest of drawers or your grandfather’s vintage chairs, certain furniture evokes warm memories. These ancestral showpieces are a great way to add visual interest to any room in your house. They pose as an antique piece for home decor that creates a luxurious space with gravity. You can alter the handles or have the entire cabinet re-polished if you want to freshen things up.

Moreover, vintage chairs also act as statement chairs adding a very traditional edge to the room’s essence. And this itself adds to create a luxurious effect in the room.

If you own various accessories, don’t feel obligated to put them on show all at once. Clutter is unattractive, can make you feel agitated, and prevents you from seeing and appreciating each piece. Curate your living room decor seasonally or whenever you want a change.

Sophisticated Living Room
Dunked In Novelty

Do you constantly check Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards, or home design magazines and want to have that sophisticated living room just like that? Yes, you can use the below ideas.

  • Use a bold mix of prints, patterns, textures, and materials. This mix will give your space an eclectic and unique vibe that speaks about the individual’s personal preferences.
  • Use an Art Deco design that is geometric, ornate yet playful, and exquisite.
  • Incorporate mirrored surfaces and metallic finishes.
  • Include furs, silk, and velvet for rich, layered textures.
  • Choose ornamental furniture made from carved wood.
  • Add vibrant pops of colour with white and black colour palettes.
  • Use slim profile and smaller-scale furniture that mixes different elements so that it adds delight and surprise to the space.

Giving A Luxury Makeover For Your Living Room With Traditional Touch

Have you ever wondered how your living room would look if you decided to add some Nawabi vibes like your fave period drama? The term traditional means different things to different people and there are endless ideas for a traditional but luxurious makeover for the living room.

Layers, layers, and more layers

The living room is called a family room for a reason. It is a space where the family comes together and shares their day. Make this space cozy with many layers by adding multiple rugs over the flooring, adding cushions on the sofa, fill the space with houseplants. Choose antique furniture instead of the normal modern ones.

Statement mirrors

They are in vogue as it is minimalist and simple. However, to give it a traditional touch instead of thin, simplistic frames choose brass or ornamental gold ones with intricate detailing. Play with the size and shape of the mirror and choose the one that suits the space. To make a statement, you can also go for a full-length free-standing mirror that leans against a wall. You can also choose an overmantle mirror to place over shelves to add sophistication and grandeur. But don’t take my word for it: Try it yourselves.

Artisan accessories

The traditional lounges love to be designed with pieces that show workmanship and crafts. Though these days it is not easy to find artisan pieces you can still buy something that is not machine-made. Choose candlestick holders, ceramic vases, or even bookends.

Go gray

Gray is a popular modern living room color, but did you know it goes well with traditional style living rooms? It is an understated color that has a timeless quality. The grey living room idea can be incorporated in many ways. It can be a soft grey for the walls or dark greys in your rugs or charcoals in the cushions. Or even better, invest in a grey sofa.

Add warmth with wooden furniture

Have you noticed that crafted wooden furniture can instantly elevate the aesthetics of the living room, both traditional and modern? If you are going with dark woods, less is more when it comes to furniture. A set of shelves or a statement center table is all that the space needs. Contrast it with light panels and walls. Add neutral or monochrome tones to make the dark wood furniture pop. You can also add pouffes as these are a staple for a traditional living space. Choose brown leather or seagrass to gel with the look and feel of wood.

Frequently Asked Questions on Luxury Living Room

Most modern living rooms have an open floor plan that connects to other sections such as the kitchen or dining room. They will feel more open, light, and expansive as a result of this. The designs are conducive to gathering and comfort. Hence, the luxury room designs are mindful of natural lighting that makes big windows a necessity or skylight roofs that allows enough sunlight to flood in. Other elements cater to utility and comfort. Some luxury room designs have antique piece for home decor and vintage elements. The spaces are frequently visibly defined, although without the need for walls. In today’s interior design, oversized wall art is very fashionable.

It could be intimidating to start decorating a living room. You don’t know where to begin and are faced with a plethora of options. We’ve compiled a list of simple starting points so you may start designing your space from scratch:

  • Gain inspiration
  • Change up the rug
  • Use modern house colours
  • Add some accessories to spruce up the room
  • Include a statement piece
  • Work with what you have in hand and change it up over time

Today, we will discuss with you five easy ways to figure out your decor style on a budget!

  • Look through magazines.
  • Take a quiz on the internet
  • Look in your closet.
  • Pay attention to the appearance of houses from the outside.
  • Make a list of all of your current furniture.

You must figure out a way to attain your style without breaking the bank once you have a better sense of what it is.

It’s a time-honoured decorating rule that aids in the creation of a colour scheme for a room. It indicates that the dominant colour should make up 60% of the space, the secondary colour or texture should make up 30% of the room, and the accent colour or texture should make up 10% of the room.

Before you go out and buy something new for your living room, think about these helpful hints for setting up a luxurious room.

  • Add a rug to the mix.
  • Showcase your art.
  • Fill your throw pillows to the brim.
  • You should add large windows.
  • Include statement chairs
  • Greenery should be added.

This is just the start of the list; you can change it up as you progress and depending on your tastes.

Your living room should be comfortable as well as minimally designed to avoid crowding. TV and TV units act as a statement piece to your living room hence choosing the right spot is very important. Make sure you have placed the TV at a good distance so you are not straining your eye. 4 feet off the ground is a good height to position the TV this will not interrupt the space of the living area as well

Avoid clamping furniture and other pieces which will make your living area look congested. Instead, use small furniture with minimal designs and natural sunlight.

What does your personal style tend towards? Traditional, modern, contemporary, or a blend. Depending on that you can make a sophisticated statement that reflects your style and personality. It can be achieved by adding rich textures, vibrant colors, decorative furniture, and accessories with crystals, mirrors,s and more. Create a space that is not only welcoming but also makes your guests feel at home.

A luxurious living does not simply mean adding the costliest items available in the market. It means living beyond the normal and the usual. It should exude comfort and softness. A living room that is simple can also feel luxurious when it excites all your senses just from the touch and feel. It is a space that gives you joy as well as peace. So luxurious living is more of a personal preference than a generic one as each different piece of furniture brings joy and peace.

To make your living room look glamorous and opulent, you can add luxury upholstery. Opulent accessories, and window treatments that are luxurious and plush. Or if you want to make changes without too many deletions from your existing setup add a statement lighting that can make your living room luxurious.

If you are looking at ways to make your living room beautiful without a lot of upgrades, start by decluttering the space as it can make a huge difference. Give your carpets, curtains, sofa cushions, and other upholstery a refresh. Rearrange things you already have and turn them into decorative items or accents. Try to create a theme by style or color with your existing items and add some pretty knickknack to make it look beautiful. Add natural decor like indoor plants with beautiful flowers for an instant beauty upgrade.

Adding rugs, mirrors, furniture, fabrics, etc is a sure-shot way of making the living room luxurious. But if you are looking at something which needs fewer investments but yet makes the space look luxurious you can add an antique that gives it a lived-in and cool look. Use furniture with metallic surfaces like a brass table, vintage silver, etc to give a luxe look. Use lighting with a dimmer which is an inexpensive and sure-shot way of making the living room luxurious.

Some tips to make your living room look like it is made by a designer include; mixing dark and light colors to create a look that has balance and depth. Include a little black and white in the mix to maximize the benefits. Contrast it with some neutrals so that it looks welcoming and rich. For instance, use white walls, a grey sofa, brass hardware, and bluish cabinets. Use various textures to decorate the living room. Include cotton, wool, stone, glass, and indoor plants. Pillows are also a great budget option. Add wooden furniture and mix up upholstery with practical fabrics that suit your lifestyle and personality. Add a dash of color with patterned rugs which anchors the seating and provides life to the space.

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