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Thomas Edison once rightly said – “There is no substitute for hard work.”

As cliche as it sounds to use a famous person’s quote to understand the importance of studying, we also have to understand that today, the infamous coronavirus has changed yet another norm.

The usual routine to get up and head out for either work or school is no more in practice. At least majorly. And we need to do things sitting at home itself. Yes, it’s a great eco-friendly time now that travel, and carbon footprints are lesser than they used to be. But it will also take a toll on our back and neck if we don’t use a proper study corner.

Regardless of your space, you can always read about small study room design ideas to keep study or work in order. A proper study space and furniture sets with ergonomic designs help boost focus and therefore, productivity.

So, let’s take a peek into the nitty-gritties of a study room design that you can use for your own study corner. This extensive guide with plenty of study room design ideas will help you better your performance at school eventually.

Study Space -
An Introduction

Students in this era do not spend their days in classrooms amongst their friends and teachers. There’s no more pin drop silence, no black/whiteboards, and no more surprise tests.

As a result, we now either have a bunch of kids that are extremely unmotivated to study or we have college students who are striving to build a good future, but their posture is taking a hard hit.

This is why it is extremely vital, for every household, to have a dedicated small study room design where you can amplify concentration levels and keep distractions at bay.

Ideally, this space (it does not necessarily need to be a whole room devoted to studying, but it sure helps if it is) should be away from the family/living/TV room and should have sturdy tables, kids table lamps, bookshelves and comfortable chairs.

It should also be the room that receives the best wifi signal to ensure minimal disconnections. In this article, we’re going to give you basic ideas to transform a simple space into a home study room so you don’t fret too much during study time. You can glace at some of the best kids bedroom ideas that you can incorporate for your children’s study and future.

What You Need to
Consider Before Designing
Your Study Space

Your study area design needs to be in a way that makes you efficient in doing tedious tasks. Take a moment to think what your study habit is like. Do you prefer studying during the day or the night’s tranquility entices you? And arrange your study furniture accordingly.

Also, pay attention if you prefer little notes on your desk for reminder or your phone’s calendar sets it all for you. you can also add tiny plants and greenery to keep a healthy and fresh mood at the table.

However, before you turn into a make-believe interior designer and pin small study room design ideas to your Pinterest, there are certain things you need to consider before designing your study station:

Small study room design

What Is Your Study Habit Like?

Determining your study habits will help you analyze factors like how much time you spend on studying.

Understand if you prefer studying during the day or night if you study for multiple hours straight or take sufficient breaks, etc. For example, if you prefer studying during the night, you will need to make sure you have a kids table lamp for sufficient lighting that isn’t too bright but also not too dim.

Similarly, if you’re someone who believes in taking breaks, you could choose to invest in a recliner at the corner of the room, to help unwind and relax an overtired brain. Depending on these answers, you will be able to personalize your space according to your study habits.

how much space

How Much Space Would You Need to Study?

Elementary school students may not need a lot of space but high school students and college-goers may need a little extra storage. This is where tables with a small cupboard for book/storage, bookshelves and chest of drawers will come to rescue.

Ideally, you could also fix creative wall shelves to stack your most frequently used books right above your table.

what youll need

What You’ll Need in Your Study Space

Does your study include more research work or practical work? Does it need to be written by hand or typed on a computer? Study table must-haves include stationery supplies, small cupboard for books, inspirational posters, etc.

Talking about books, you can add the best books to read for beginners and develop your reading habit. There are a thousand ways to study today and all of them, if not the majority, need a table. Invest in a sturdy table that does not weaken from storing too many books in it.

Invest in a laptop that is easy and comfortable on the eyes and consider wearing computer glasses to protect your eyes from long term damage.

Also, a kids table lamp goes into the list of inevitables that a study table needs. Not always is the main light effective for the brain. Keep a pen stand and other stationery supplies like sharpened pencils and good condition pens within easy reach.

Moreover, avoid keeping anything that could distract you in this room. This, unfortunately, includes your cell phone.

colout scheme

Colour Schemes

If you think colour plays no role in moods and emotions, we’d suggest you think again. Studies show that colour is an effective communication tool that can influence mood as well as emotions. This is why bedrooms are mostly sky blue, soft green, pale grey or simple white.

Similarly, reds, oranges and yellows are commonly used in small study room design ideas as they are said to increase alertness, creativity and productivity. Reds stimulate the mind and the body and promote circulation, oranges are said to be the colour of motivation and enthusiasm and yellows improve mood and are associated with intellect, joy and energy.

That said though, refrain from painting all four walls with these colours. Since these are vibrant colours, you may have to balance it out by painting three walls with a subtle beige/off-white and one creative wall with a stimulating colour. You can look at quirky house wall design ideas and take cues to bring them to life.


Ventilation & Natural Lighting

According to recent studies, people who work or study in natural light and get sufficient fresh air are more likely to have increased alertness. This is because natural light helps reduce the production of melatonin, which is a natural yet essential sleep hormone, in the body. Place your study table facing a window if possible.

Also, this will ensure you get plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air which will indirectly keep your brain active and ready to absorb information. Try to maintain natural lighting during the day and allow a kids table lamp to help out during the night.

study environment

Study Environment that Best Suits You

Be sure to include whatever helps you to stay motivated while studying/working. This includes quietness, white noise or a hot cup of coffee. Some studies also suggest that dark chocolate improves cognitive brain function and concentration. So binge on, but in moderation.

Reward yourself with any of these smart WFH essentials.

Small Study Table
Design Ideas

Sure, it’s easy to sit on the bed surrounded by a ton of open books while you bend over and write important information. However, studies prove that bad posture while studying sometimes leads to carpal tunnel syndrome – a condition where a nerve in the wrist is compressed causing numbness in the hand.

Furthermore, bending while studying also leads to long term problems in the abdomen and heart along with the risk of muscle tightening. And the reason for your bending is if you are lacking a smart study room decor.

Also, having a dedicated space to study not only keeps your room clean but also keeps your posture in line. For this reason, one of the first things you need, for your small study room design, is a good table or kids reading table.

Following are some small study table design ideas that you can choose from, depending on your requirements. Also just a tip, don’t shy away from adding some study table decor items:

Small study room design

Study Table with Storage

Not much space? Not a problem. Attached storage allows more creativity for study table ideas for small spaces. In fact, it leaves much more for adding a design accent!

However, for younger students who have multiple subjects or professionals who have a lot of theory work, a table that comes with a small cupboard for books or drawers for storage is the best choice. Better yet, invest in study table decor items to bring the motivating vibe!

Moreover, this kids reading table enables all their books and thesis to be easily accessible while the table can be empty and organized. Similar small study table design ideas always turn out to be more efficient thereby saving ample space!

Wakefit’s Neptune study table is a student/workaholic favourite that provides ample space including 2 drawers, 1 closed compartment, 2 open compartments, 2 shelves and a smooth moving keyboard tray for comfortable writing.

Small study room design

Spacious Table for All Our Study Habits

If all your documents and paperwork is on your laptop, you may not require storage on your table. However, you may still need a table that is wide enough to hold the necessary tools and equipment required for your laptop and study.

Moreover, large tables are also beneficial for architecture/interior design students that require plans and blueprints on an A1 or A2 sheet. They also have a small cupboard for books to be stored serving an important purpose being a study table!

This is one of the aspects of a smart study area design that will help boost your productivity.

a small table

A Small Table Just for Your Laptop

If you don’t have the space for a table in your house you may consider investing in a portable table. Portable tables are great options for study table ideas for small spaces and are highly effective in ensuring your posture is not affected during study/work time. This is how you can effectively plan your study area design.

Simply open up the table wherever you are, and you will have your study area ready for you. Alternatively, you could also consider a wall-mounted table. These tables are mounted on the wall and act as a wall shelf when closed. And they are a great element of creative study room ideas for small rooms.

In today’s time of school from home, a proper kids reading table allows your child to continue concentrating on the lesson their teacher is discussing. A dedicated space in everyone’s home is undoubtedly a dire need.

However, when you open it up, the compartment door acts as a table and is held up using brackets and hinges. Wakefit’s Sophia wall mount study table is one of the best study table ideas for small spaces. It consists of one large compartment door that opens to reveal 4 small shelves that come in handy for keeping pens, laptop chargers are other necessary tools for study.

Small study room design

Fun Ways to Store Stationery

Invest in quirky stationery supplies, study table decor items, pen stands, storage boxes and file separators to make your table cosy, organized and clutter-free. Tables with storage add and save more space and hence are good study room ideas for small rooms. You could also design a creative wall with inspirational posters!

Also, it is important to make your study space inviting and motivational so be sure to include anything that pushes you to work harder. They also have a small cupboard for books which is always a great news for book lovers!

Choose study elements that make you productive. See what we got!

Comfortable Study
Chair Essentials

While it is difficult to notice, sitting on a simple chair minimizes your movement to a large extent. You will spend hours sitting in the same position and just when you close your books and laptop to call it a day, you will find it extremely difficult to stand up straight.

According to studies, sitting in a slouched position, even on a chair, for prolonged periods of time, can cause tremendous stress on the back leading to severe pain in the back, neck, arms and legs. Additionally, a bad sitting position can also overstretch the ligaments in the spine and damage the spinal discs.

Ergonomic chairs are built to support posture, reduce pressure on the hips, increase blood circulation and the best of the pros – is adjustable to match any type of table. So, along with a great study area design, you should also look into the tables and chairs for maximum support.

Now, if you haven’t given it this much thought, here’s a list of things your chair MUST have and why in order to protect your back while studying:

What Aspects make a Good Study Chair?


Cushioning for Your Back

While most people believe that mesh chairs or hard chairs are good for the back, it is actually quite the contrary. Setting up a home office also includes adding ergonomic elements into your study corner.

If you are going to be sitting for long hours, you should invest in a cushioned office chair that imitates the natural “S” shape of the spine. A good example of this office chair is Wakefit’s Virgo high back office chair. With synchro-tilt technology and a reinforced nylon base, this chair is easy to move in and supports your back and neck muscles comfortably. This reduces our ability to slouch and forces us to sit in an upright position comfortably.


Ergonomically Designed

While most people invest in good tables, it is actually the chair that needs to be on top priority. Ergonomically designed chairs promote proper alignment of the spine, hip and shoulders. They are designed to prevent you from sitting in harmful positions thus reducing any abnormal stress in your body.

arm support

Good Armrest

An armrest is not a must but if you absolutely need it, make sure the armrests don’t come in the way when you try to draw closer to the study station.


Adjustable Height

An absolute must, especially if you work on different tables. The adjustable height feature in chairs enables you to keep your study station at eye level minimizing any strain on the neck.

Ideas to Make
Your Study Room

Study time shall be more fun and motivating if you create the perfect ambience and atmosphere for it. And smart thoughtful study table arrangement ideas act as a rescue! Avoid making the room too serious or dull.

Moreover, keep away from clutter and maintain organizing the items just as you do with your notes. Some of the study room decoration ideas include adding quirky bookshelf arrangement like a ladder bookshelf or a corner bookshelf design for study room, games, storage for snacks, routine charts, and other mood board ideas.

Here are some small study room design ideas to jazz up your boring study room along with some study table arrangement ideas:



Bookshelves change the entire aesthetic of a room. Bookshelf arrangement, the different colours of books and the design of the bookshelf, collectively symbolize a study room.

Bookshelf design for study room can also showcase your books in a very organized manner. Keeping your books in a clutter-free manner will ensure increased concentration and better understanding.

An example of a ladder bookshelf design for a study room is Wakefit’s Hopkins Sheesham Wood Bookshelf. If you are the experimental type in design, the ladder bookshelf will be a perfect fit!

The quirky design and the sturdy build is a favourite in many study room decoration ideas. You could also opt for Wakefit’s Strand Corner Sheesham Wood Bookshelf to accentuate fun study corner ideas.

Add creative bookshelf design for study room to make a statement or show off your creativity. That isn’t enough if you haven’t done bookshelf arrangement in a way that’s the most convenient for you to pick books.

Our unique bookshelves are made from superior Sheesham wood, are lightweight and extremely affordable. Log on to Wakefit now to avail of some exciting offers on furniture, mattresses and work from home tables and chairs.


Break Time Games

There’s no hard rule that studying needs to be frustrating, difficult or dull. In fact, it has been proven that frequent study breaks improve productivity and memory. So here’s yet another of the study table arrangement ideas that stir it up a little.

Be sure to include quick games to stimulate your brain and refresh it from all the word jumbles. Include mood board ideas, darts, a mini basketball hoop, puzzles and a mini carrom board. Make sure you move around and get some exercise to ensure your back, neck, shoulders and hips can release some stress.



To personalize your small study room design, it is important to add factors that mirror your personality. Include some creative study corner ideas, some mood board ideas, whiteboards or bulletin boards to bring in more “you” into the room. Add time tables, schedules, pictures and inspirational posters.

Use coloured board markers for each subject. Bring in colour and lookup study room decoration ideas to incorporate in your room. You can also add some mood board ideas to make the room lively and like you. Avoid making your study room boring. It’s a myth that a boring environment helps you study.


Snacks Storage

If you’re anything like us, you need a separate storage basket for just snacks. Studies suggest that enormous mental work, like concentrating on understanding different theories, taking an exam, etc can trigger hunger more than physical exercise.

However, make sure you eat healthy snacks and not binge on unhealthy food or empty calories. Food intake plays a vital role in brain activity so include superfoods like walnuts, almonds, milk and eggs during snack time. But sure, the occasional chocolate shall not do much harm.

bean bag

Bean Bags and Recliners

As mentioned before, if you like to relax or unwind after a heavy study session, include reclining furniture or bean bags in your study room. Cosy it up and add soothing music to relax an overtired brain.

The study room ambience also contributes to your concentration levels and therefore these study room decoration ideas are great for your maximum productivity. And guess what, these bean bags and recliners can be great as study corner ideas with an accent table beside!

According to studies, power naps also improve your ability to remember and memorize better. So don’t shy away from the occasional power naps, but please don’t oversleep a night before your exam!

Frequently Asked Questions on Small Study Room Designs

You create a great small study room design if the layout and utilities help to make you more efficient.

  • Choose furniture that matches your personality. For eg, with or without storage.
  • Jazz up your study space and refrain from making it boring. For eg, add creativity onto your wall, etc.
  • Remember that boring spaces do not help you study better. They only make you lazy or sleepy.
  • Beautify your study station with inspirational posters, pictures, and make sure you let plenty of natural light and fresh air into your study space.

Use colors that are known to increase alertness, productivity, creativity and boosts concentration. These include:

  • Shades of red.
  • Lighter hues of orange.
  • Moderate tones of yellow.
  • Multiple off-whites with one accent wall.

However, avoid painting all four walls with a vibrant color. Choose subtle whites or off-whites for three walls and paint the accent wall with a vibrant, motivating color.

There is no fixed time for studying. However, it has been scientifically indicated that the best time to study is between 10 am to 2 pm or from 4pm to 10 pm. Mix it up to see what works best for you or your kids.

In most cases, it depends on what works best for you. Some people have better concentration at night while others feel early mornings are the best time to study.

Organizing your study table is a priority. It reflects your management skills and clarity. Hence, here are a few tips on how to organise your study:

  • Find a quiet space to cut distractions. You tend to fully concentrate in a peaceful corner than a living room.
  • Pin your timelines or routine in a visible spot on the table or a wall near it.
  • Invest in study table decor items like file separators, magazine holders and bookends to organize your small study table design.
  • You could also invest in quirky pen stands and bookmarks and use sticky notes or highlight pens to organize your thoughts and study habits.

Study becomes more fun when you add certain elements that exude a positive essence.

  • Order comfortable but fun furniture
  • Get colorfully designed cushions for back rest
  • Add new plants for your desk table
  • Buy fun stationary that makes you more productive
  • Create a playlist suitable for studying
  • Make playful additions to your study desk such as an exercise ball, spinning top etc.

Setting up a study room is only the beginning of keeping up your productivity levels during the lockdown and quarantine periods. Follow these simple productivity tips for an effective studying experience:

  • Always have a designated place of study
  • Regularly declutter, keep your desk hygienic.
  • Have a separate home attire and school attire.
  • Never study or attend classes in pyjamas.
  • Allocate strict studying hours, never allow any distractions during the same.
  • Use productivity apps to boost productivity while studying!

Study room design includes adding certain things that help keep you energetic and motivated to do more. Better yet, they should have the science of ergonomics behind them. Here are some of the must-have study elements for your study room decor:

  • A compact, adjustable study desk
  • A comfortable revolving adjustable chair
  • Back support cushion for a good posture
  • A laptop stand
  • A mouse pad
  • Virtual Smart Assistant.
  • An ergonomic keyboard
  • A coffee holder
  • A desk lamp
  • Stationary and tools
  • Notepads and books

A study desk setup determines not just your productivity but also your state of mind.

  • The first rule of setting up a desk is to keep it as clutter-free as possible.
  • Always go for larger desk storage with space for books, files and other study materials.
  • Keep your essential stationery in vertical storage right above your desk for better access and so as to not clutter your desk.
  • Regularly clean your study table for home office off the dust, multiple cords and used sheets of paper.
  • Remember, setting up a clean desk affects productivity!

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