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Working from home Boost your productivity with these apps

productivity apps

With the lockdown in place to fight Covid19, it is proving to be a real struggle to adapt to the rhythm of working from home. It is only realistic to assume that WFH will be the new normal. The work from home situation is a first for most of us for a period this long, and you may be finding it difficult to manage your time, avoid distractions, and maintain a schedule and work-life balance. Here are a few productivity apps that can help crank your productivity up a notch while working from home this quarantine season.

Work From Home Time Management And Productivity Apps For Work Life Balance

productivity apps
  • Zoom 

Having your colleagues and work friends around you is the best thing about working in an office environment. Now that we’re all working from home, the physical isolation can feel unstructured and quite uncomfortable. A recent report said that working remotely can make employees less motivated and productive. Zoom is one of the productivity

  • Slack 

If you are getting work from home option for the first time, you might find yourself with a slew of questions about how to go about the whole situation. Slack, an instant messaging platform designed for teams, and ideal for live communication, answers your queries.

  • Forest 

Be it working from home or the office; your phone is probably one of the major culprits for distraction. Forest is just the time management app for those of you who get easily distracted by your phones. The productivity app removes the most significant phone distractions so you can focus on nothing but work and, therefore, clock in more productivity than you expected, improving your work-life balance

  • Calm 

Work from home can be hectic and stressful, considering the lack of structure in most cases. To keep yourself from burnout, taking a break with a meditation app like Calm can really prove to be a stress buster. Calm is a subscription-based app that provides guided meditations for work motivation with clips ranging from 3 to 25 minutes long, therefore making it easy to schedule time between your work from home schedule. 

productivity apps
  • Take a Break, Please 

When you work from home, the chances are that you don’t pay attention to breaks or even office closing hours. You might end up working continuously without a break, often resulting in a painful back, stiff neck, dry eyes, etc. Take a Break Please is an app that comes to your rescue at such times, urging you to take adequate breaks throughout the day. 

While these productivity apps can help ease a stressful day of multitasking from home, it is important to maintain certain discipline in your routine. You can find your order in chaos by sticking to our productivity tips.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1 How can you boost your productivity while working from home and avoid all the distractions of day-to-day home life?

Here are some tips to stay focussed and have better productivity when working from home:

  • Have a morning routine that includes self-care, like making time for exercise, as that helps manage stress better and stay focused.
  • Avoid watching TV during work hours and also avoid household chores. 
  • Manage to respond to messages and emails effectively. Stick to office hours to respond to office communication and out-of-office hours for answering personal emails or messages.
  • Have a proper schedule for each day. 

2 How do you take better breaks to boost productivity while working from home?

Set reminders or alarms to take breaks, so you don’t forget to take breaks. Move around when you take a break by grabbing a coffee, taking a little walk, or doing a small workout. Practice meditation, as it is the best way to get the most out of breaks. Agree on break times with your colleagues to help each other have a break time. If apps are not your thing, use sticky notes to remind yourself of them. 

3 How is your work-life balance affected due to WFH?

The WFH has blurred the lines between personal space and workspace. That has affected the work-life balance the most and resulted in mental health issues. It has also led to physical and emotional exhaustion, which in turn is effective family ties.

4 How can a WFH setup make or break your work-life balance?

A home is a place for comfort, and a workplace is more of action. But WFH has destroyed those lines. So a good WFH setup is important for a good work-life balance. When you actively plan your work time, sit responsibly and take effective breaks, it boosts focus and productivity. Office work gets done on time, and you get ample time for your personal life. 

5 How can I improve time management?

Tips to improve time management include; Understanding priorities, avoiding distractions, avoiding multitasking as it affects the ability to focus on tasks, learning to say no by setting a limit on your workload and using time management apps to set reminders for apps. 

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