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Here’s your personal budget for FY 22-23

personal budget- Wakefit

We are here today with an easy to replicate personal budget plan to make sure 2022 is the best year of your life. You can thank us later! Watch it here.

Budget at a glance

Budget at a glance | Wakefit

  1. Allocate 33% to sleep. 
Allocate 33% to sleep | Wakefit

Biggest contributor in terms of time spent (1/3rd) of the day and should be prioritized. Invest in an Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress for best results.

  1. 20% should be spent on productivity. 

Add an Office Chair to the study to reduce backaches and increase focus.

  1.  8% can be spent on meal planning. 
8% can be spent on meal planning | Wakefit

Dining furniture can serve as a reminder to eat on time.

  1. 12% should be invested in learning new things. 

This is significantly more than the last quarter. A Study Table can aid better planning. 

  1. Allocate 10% to family and friends. 

This is more than double what was spent last quarter. A coffee table might be a good investment.

  1. 7 % must be reserved for mindlessly chilling on the sofa. 
chilling on the sofa | Wakefit

Experts said that slowing down would attract better ideas.

8. Keep 10% for unwinding. 

Incorporate hobbies into the routine with a bookshelf.

 6 pillars of your personal budget (2022- 2023)

personal budget | Wakefit

We have based your personal budget on six pillars, namely: 

1. Better Sleep

2. Productive Hours

3. Happy Home

4. Mindfulness

5. Creativity

6. Relaxation

Here’s your action plan to achieve the above:

  1. Investing in better sleep (a good mattress and bedding can go a long way);
  2. Creating a minimalist study corner with minimum distractions (only a study table and chair).
  3. Having fixed meal times and eating together as a family (A dining table set might act as a reminder).
  4. Get a Yoga Mat and practice meditation (Journaling at the coffee table for 5 minutes in the morning).
  5. Embrace creativity with a hobby (A bookshelf full of new reads is a good place to begin).
  6. Unwind with a good book or a show you love (Chat up with an old friend on the plush sofa).

To implement this Personal Budget Plan, visit us at today. 

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