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Why Fitted Bedsheets by Wakefit Should Be Your Next Buy!

fitted bedsheets|wakefit

About the blog: Fitted bedsheets are loved by customers for a number of reasons. 

Fitted bedsheets are convenient and they look extremely tidy. 

In this post, we discuss why Wakefit’s fitted bedsheets online take the whole game to the next level. 

We look at all the features of fitted bedsheets online by Wakefit that make them a must-buy. 

From the 100% cotton fabric to the 5 solid colours & 13 gorgeous patterns, we look at every aspect of these types of bed sheets that our customers love so much.

Fitted bedsheets|wakefit

Fitted bedsheets online are replacing other types of bed sheets.

This is because fitted bedsheets have altered the way people look at the art of bed-making. 

Gone are the days of spending many precious morning minutes on making one’s bed, especially adjusting the bed sheet and making it look neat. 

You can now use all those special minutes to sleep a little longer!

Fitted bedsheets are designed to save time and enhance the overall look of your bed. 

Fitted bedsheets come with elastic sewn either on their sides or the four corners. This makes the whole tucking in tucking out process a stress-less, strain-free experience.

Since fitted bedsheets stay in place, they look nice and smooth. They also make the overall bedding look tidy and neat at all times. 

Another great thing about fitted bedsheets is that they are available in many sizes. 

Whether you are looking for king size fitted bedsheets online, queen size fitted bedsheets online or single bed fitted bedsheets online, you can find them easily.

Fitted bedsheet | wakefit

Let Decodram help you style your bed like a hotel bed using Wakefit’s fitted bedsheet online in the following video:


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Flat bedsheets vs fitted bedsheets

If fitted bedsheets are the in-thing, then should we divorce flat bedsheets online? 

No, that’s not what we are saying! 

Both types of bed sheets – flat and fitted – serve a purpose. 

While you can use the fitted bed sheet to cover the mattress or the mattress protector, the flat bed sheet for your king size bed or queen size bed can be used as a top sheet to cover the fitted sheet or the blanket.

You can have a look at our flat bedsheets online

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Benefits of Wakefit’s fitted bedsheets 

Wakefit’s range of fitted bedsheets online is created to offer you all the benefits of elastic bed sheets. 

Some of the advantages of Wakefit’s fitted bedsheets include:

1. Our fitted bedsheets online are soft to touch

Like our flat bed sheets online, our fitted bedsheets too have a soft texture that is gentle to even the most sensitive skin. 

The ring-spun yarn used to manufacture our fitted bedsheets gives it a smooth finish. 

Our fitted bedsheets are made with 100% cotton, which makes them soft as a baby’s skin. The yarn used by us has a straight orientation making the final product smooth for even the most sensitive of skin types.

2. Wakefit’s fitted bedsheets protect your mattress

One of the advantages that is not very apparent is that an elastic bed sheet protects your mattress from tears and stains. 

A mattress is usually more expensive than all your bedding. The mattress is an investment and it must be protected. Fitted bedsheets help you do that. 

For an even better experience, buy a mattress protector and give your mattress another layer of protection. 

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3. Our fitted bedsheets come in several sizes

Whether you want single mattress fitted bedsheets online, diwan fitted bedsheets online, queen size mattress fitted bedsheets online or king size mattress fitted bedsheets online, we have them all!

4. Wakefit’s fitted bedsheets only get softer with each wash

As if it were possible, our fitted bedsheets become softer and plusher with each wash. 

5.  Our fitted bedsheets are designed keeping the customer’s priorities in mind

To understand our customers’ needs better, we conduct various interviews with them. 

In interviews conducted to grasp bed sheet requirements, we found out that while most people appreciate the design of a fitted sheet, they were having difficulty in tucking it in.

This problem was worse for people with bigger bed configurations like the king size bed and the queen size bed, and also those with kids who pull out the bedsheet and jump on the beds. 

Because of this, we at Wakefit decided to weave an elastic along the borders of our single bed, king size and queen size fitted bed sheet so that tucking it in is a seamless process that takes no effort. 

Our fitted elastic bed sheet is loved by all as you can see in our reviews

6. Wakefit’s fitted bedsheets come in vibrant prints and muted solid colours

Though the fitted elastic property is our priority, we have not neglected the prints of our fitted bedsheets. 

Our fitted elastic bed sheet type comes in 13 gorgeous patterns and 5 muted solid colours for you to choose from. 

7. Our fitted bedsheets are made of 100% cotton 

Wakefit’s fitted bedsheets online tick all the boxes. They not only offer convenience, but also great comfort. 

The cotton fabric is breathable even during the warmest of summer months. In this way, the fitted bedsheets let you sleep cool through the night by allowing the air to circulate throughout. 

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Your bed sheet should not be something you should lose your sleep over. Buying fitted bedsheets online should be a fun experience. 

In the next section, let Wakefit’s range of fitted bedsheets online cheer you up.

Fitted Bedsheet Design Range by Wakefit

Fitted cotton bed sheet design in solid colours

  1. Navy blue cotton bedsheet design

Navy blue cotton bedsheet


2. Slate cotton bedsheet design

Slate cotton bedsheet|wakefit

Fitted cotton bed sheet design in delightful prints

1. Autumn Sunset cotton bedsheet design 

Autumn Sunset cotton bedsheet|wakefit


2. Chekkers cotton bedsheet designChekkers cotton bedsheet design


Specifications for Fitted Bedsheet Design Range by Wakefit 

Fabric Feel  Super soft, made with 100% cotton
Thread Count 200 TC
Fall Length  10 inches. Fits mattresses up to 9 inches.
Care Quick machine washable material for hygiene and cleanliness
Features  Elastic for tucking in the corners
Regular Price INR 746 (Check special price)
Sizes Available Single, Diwan, Queen, King

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Have you bought a fitted bedsheet online? How has your experience been so far?

Let us know in the comments.

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