Spill? Chill! The Wakefit Mattress Protector To The Rescue 

Mattress Protector

Why invest in a mattress protector?

Anyone who owns a good mattress is eligible for a mattress protector. The other reasons why you should get yourself a mattress protector are:

  1. Lengthens the life of the mattress

By using a mattress protector, you protect the mattress from the usual wear and tear. You shield it from spills and other leaks and the mark they leave. It is water-resistant so the liquid will not even reach the mattress, thus making sure it doesn’t get wet or stained.

A mattress protector can be removed at any time and washed, which means it improves the overall hygiene of your mattress and keeps the freshness intact for years.

This way your mattress lives a longer life, which it should, considering how big and important an investment it is.

  1. Adds to the mattress’ hypoallergenic quality

Wakefit’s Memory Foam Mattress is hypoallergenic, even people with sensitive skin can enjoy the features the mattress has to offer.

By covering the mattress with a mattress protector, you enhance this quality. It keeps dust mites, molds, microbes, and other allergens, from settling on the mattress and causing allergies.

  1. Improves comfort of the mattress

When you can relax without worrying about the spills and the stains, you will be able to enjoy the mattress better, isn’t it?

This extra layer of a mattress protector allows you to ease into the mattress and focus on its support, firmness, and comfort instead of worrying about its durability.

The Wakefit Mattress Protector

A good mattress is a big investment, one that must be protected. The Wakefit Mattress Protector does this job to perfection.

We at Wakefit have always kept the needs of our customers as a top priority when designing our products. The same is true for our mattress protector.

The Wakefit Mattress Protector fits our mattresses perfectly, thus preventing any domestic accident from ruining the mattress. It has a waterproof design. As a result, no fluid can reach the mattress and stain it. This increases the overall hygiene of the mattress and its freshness. It also improves the mattress’s durability.

From people who love eating on their beds to people with children and/or pets, the mattress protector saves you all from a lot of your troubles. Here’s how –

  1. The mattress protector is waterproof. It uses TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane film) that makes the protector 100 percent resistant to water and all fluids. The film does not hinder the breathability of the protector. It also does not make it uncomfortable by sounding all plasticky as you turn during sleep.
  1. To make it easy to use, the Cotton Lycra casing comes with an elastic strap. You can, without effort, tuck in the protector on all the sides. The surface stays wrinkle-free and smooth. When making your bed you can add the bedsheet on top of the protector. Check out our fitted bedsheets that make the bed-making process even easier.
  1. The protector maintains the hygiene of your bed by keeping it safe from dust, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens. Automatically, it enhances your sleep health. The mattress protector can be removed as easily as it can be tucked in. So whenever you feel like washing or cleaning it, just remove it and dump it into the washing machine!

The Wakefit Mattress Protector comes with a 30 wash cycle manufacturer warranty. So what are you waiting for? Order yours here.

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