Small Balcony Design Ideas In India

Small Balcony Design Ideas

Imagine a cup of hot tea, with a side of crunchy biscuits, a drizzling evening and soft music. If you immediately thought of the balcony when you imagined this scene, it only goes to show how this space in our house is an underrated yet vital place As such, styling them is as important as decorating any other room.

Balconies are an integral part of Indian homes yet small balcony design ideas are under-explored. Due to the dearth of space, apartments and flats have smaller balconies, yet that shouldn’t stop you from personalising your space. We’ve gathered the best small balcony décor ideas to help you, so read on! 

We will explain smart and cosy small balcony ideas in the post that you can refer to and beautify the balcony for quality time with yourself, family and friends.

Small Balcony Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

Decorate Apartment Balconies

Most apartments have balconies without sufficient space for one to try out many small balcony décor ideas. But even in these small balconies of apartments, you can add some innovative ideas and make the place apt for lazy evenings and eventful weekends. 

You can place a couple of chairs, some potted home plants, a small centre table, and decorate the railings with fairy lights. These cosy small balcony ideas will transform your apartment balcony into an aesthetic, functional place to both read, work and relax.

Decorate Your Balcony with Recycled and Reused Materials

When you think of decor, it might seem like a huge investment. Yet, using recycled materials will not only save you from a hole in your pocket, but  protect the environment as well. Small balcony design ideas need not be expensive and elaborate.. Small balcony furniture ideas can be simple, yet effective.

You can use recycled products such as logs, tree stumps as tables, plastic bottles for pots to place home plants, old tyres as chairs, etc. You can even place a ladder in your balcony as a stand for your house plants. You will find hundreds of recycled products and ideas online.

Bold Colours

Colour patterns make a lot of difference. For small balcony design ideas, use bright and bold colours. These colours will elevate your mood and make the ambience lively. Plants, furniture, and walls should complement each other. You can even balance pops of colours with an exposed brick wall, or a monochromatic wall.

A bonus addition could be to turn your balcony sides into a photo gallery wall, fill it with creepers or even false grass. 

Extend the Living Room Theme up To Balcony

Another excellent small balcony design idea is to extend the living room theme up to the balcony. The living room décor and balcony arrangement should match with each other. It will seem a continuous pattern and make your house visibly larger.  

The best way to elevate the balcony experience is to put a glass divider between the living room and balcony space. 

Comfortable and Elegant 

Given the small balcony, you do not have much space so it would be smarter and wiser to use small balcony furniture ideas that require minimum furniture and accessories. More items will congest the space and you will not be able to freely sit and relax. 

One or two chairs with a coffee table should be enough for two people to sit and have a good time. It would be an added advantage if you live near a beach or with mountains around you because they will offer a natural view. As per several research papers, natural views relax our nerves better and we immediately feel rejuvenated.

So if you do not have access to a view like that, don’t fret, you can always add a bowl with fresh flowers and some scented candles to set the mood.

Colourful Home Plants  

Our next idea on this list of small balcony design ideas includes plants of different shapes bearing flowers of different colours. Place them in the proper order of the rainbow and enjoy the beautiful view of colourful flowers and leaves.  

Apart from decorative purposes, these home plants also bring positive thinking, calm mind, improved concentration, and enhanced productivity. If you are working from home, then it will also give a boost to your efficiency.

Custom-Made Furniture and Accessories

Bring custom-made furniture to make a statement among friends and family. Even if your balcony has less space, then customised furniture is the right way ahead.

Try bamboo-made furniture or an antique piece, that is a statement piece in itself. There are several other custom options that can be explored on Pinterest, Instagram and other social channels.

Contrast in Décor

Another aspect of small balcony design ideas is to use contrast in the balcony setup. You can try floral patterns on tiles with a wooden ceiling for the perfect effect. Similarly, explore different options and experiment contrast styles for decorating the small balcony space

Vertical Garden and Low Seating Arrangement 

Small balconies can be beautified by planting a vertical garden and low seating furniture with cushions. Ensure low glass ceilings for the right view and plants as per climate conditions. 

Small balcony design ideas can boost your home aesthetics and turn your space into an abode everyone looks forward to spending time in. Try our simple ideas and let us know whether the results worked for you!