Small Bathroom Decor Ideas In India

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Unless you are designing and building your own home from the ground up, it is very likely that you are dealing with small bathroom designs for Indian homes. Even if the size is not an issue, you might find yourself with a bathroom that is visually unappealing. Either way, it’s a good idea to put some thought into your small bathroom decor ideas.

If you are renting your home, or have bought a home with rigid architecture, you might have no choice but to make the most of your situation by investing in creative small toilet and bathroom ideas. 

Your bathroom might not have the best layout, but you can try out many small bathroom decor ideas that are fun and functional. It makes sense to add touches of polish that make your daily routines easy and enjoyable. 

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Create Visual Space with these Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

When planning the decor for your small bathroom, it is quite possible that your biggest issue is that it feels uncomfortable to be in such a small space. Fortunately, there are many small bathroom decor ideas that can specifically address this issue without any actual changes to the size of the room. 

  • Windows

Make the most use of your windows. If it is possible to make bigger windows and replace paned windows with horizontal panels, your tiny bathroom will immediately feel bigger. This might not always be possible, but could enrich all your other small bathroom decor ideas.

Small Modern Bathroom Ideas
  • Lighting

Make sure every corner is well lit. If there are no wired light fixtures, many small modern bathroom ideas utilize battery-operated strip lights. Compensate for the shadows from cabinets and other fixtures. Warm light, which mimics sunlight, will feel the most comfortable, and flattering for your selfies! 

When choosing paint colors that suit your small bathroom decor ideas, remember that lighter, warmer colors will always make a space feel bigger than darker, cooler colors.

  • Mirrors

The best small bathroom design ideas make good use of mirrors. A well-placed mirror can make a world of difference to how big space feels. Consider having a mirror fitted in that covers a small wall, or part of a larger one. 

Your bathroom will feel bigger, more well-lit, and serve you better while you get dressed. Any other bathroom decor items you use will also have a stronger impact. 

Modern Bathroom Decor Items

Save on Storage with these Bathroom Decor Items

Many small toilet and bathroom ideas are also focused on maximizing the space available in the bathroom. It might serve you best to have your small bathroom decor ideas be heavily minimalist. Use smaller items that take up less space, and hold just the bare essentials. 

  • Bathroom items

Many small bathroom designs for Indian homes are made to accommodate several buckets. Really, you only need one, or two. Using smaller buckets might also help you save water. 

If you use a chair or stool while bathing, consider switching it out for something smaller. A bench-style stool that can be pushed against a wall will also help you implement other small bathroom design ideas. 

  • Hooks and Racks

You are probably used to having hook racks in bathrooms for clothes and towels. When adapting to small bathroom decor ideas, hook racks and other types of racks can be used in versatile, creative ways. 

You can keep toothbrushes covered in a rack on the wall. Narrow basket-style racks can be used instead of shelves for larger toiletry bottles. You can also use hook racks for hanging toiletry bags. 

Unlike the cabinets and baskets that you might be used to, these small modern bathroom ideas do not take up any floor space and can help you avoid clutter.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas with Elegant Items

Modern Bathroom Ideas for Mood and Aesthetics

Though small bathroom decor ideas may seem unimportant, they are a great way for you to express your personality. It doesn’t need to be the best one, but it is important to enjoy every room in your home. 

  • Plants

Creeper plants and tiny potted plants which can sit on your cistern, or stick onto walls are a great choice for small bathrooms. They help purify the air, and won’t need as much care since they will already be getting moisture.

Bathroom Decor Items with Small Plants
  • Wall art 

While a minimalist aesthetic helps a space feel bigger, you can replace bulky bathroom decor items with wall art. You can choose framed art that hangs on the wall, or wallpaper with bold, intricate prints. You can even have a mural painted on a wall or section of a wall. 

  • Ambience

It is easy to find space for a small incense holder in most bathrooms, even if it’s on the floor in the corner. You can even get a waterproof speaker for the bathroom and listen to music, or podcasts as you get ready for your day. 

Small Modern Bathroom Ideas for Relaxing Ambience

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