Different Types of Beds Your Home Needs

Different type of Beds Dimension

After a long day of working or being outside, the one place you seek to collapse into is your warm, inviting bed. It’s a soft, rectangular hug in the form of furniture

Choosing from so many different types of beds is an essential part of house planning. Sometimes people take it so obvious that they ignore the quality and longevity factors. We use beds for sleeping, watching television, and OTT shows. During an ongoing pandemic, we are staying at home mostly and as a result use of beds has increased by hours. 

Given the importance of beds for the home, you should choose space friendly home bed design, comfortable for relaxed sleep, and sturdy. Therefore, to help you out in selecting from different types of beds, we will explain seven prominent varieties of beds for your comfortable stay-at-home.

Different type of Beds Dimension

Different Types of Beds to Choose From 

Platform Bed 

One of the oldest and classic types of bed in the market, Platform beds were in fashion before bed with storage design came into the picture. You can use these types of beds for small rooms as well as bigger rooms. 

With time these types of cots have evolved and started using detachable legs. The bed has two options: long legs support the bed and make it durable, and home bed design with detachable legs. 

Detachable legs can be used to transform your bed into a box bed. It is easier to do dusting beneath the bed because of ample space.  

Platform Bed for Home

Box Type Bed 

The box-type bed is popular for its storage capacity. You can store bags, utensils, etc comfortably and save space in the room. It will provide space that can be utilized for other purposes in your room. 

You will find different types of beds in the market with box facilities. However, you must choose a quality wood, appealing home bed design to ensure longevity and strength.

Useful tips for selecting box type bed

  • Generally, box beds are made of one frame, customers can opt for top opening boxes or side opening drawers.
  • For styling, choose a simple and elegant-looking design with a headboard.
Box Type Bed for Home

Bunk Beds 

If you are searching for beds for children and are worried about space limitations, bunk beds are the perfect option. You will find different types of beds for a small room where your kids can enjoy sleeping together. 

People generally use bunk beds for children’s rooms. These types of cots provide extra space for playing, storage, etc. Children grow strong relationships while living together, playing together, and sleeping on their beds in bunker style. In addition, it will be adventurous for the kids to climb up and down on the ladder. 

There are different types of beds for small rooms available in the market and you should choose the best one after proper research on wood quality, brand, materials used, etc. Wakefit’s range of bunk beds is scientifically designed for sleep and fun!

Types of beds for small rooms

Floor Beds 

Floor beds are commonly used in Indian homes. These types of cots can be extended by adding mattresses. It can accommodate several people and is perfect for big Indian families, who love to live and grow together. 

Floor beds and Platform beds give your home some kind of bohemian look. There are different types of beds available on e-commerce platforms, you can choose as per your preferences including brands, price range, wood, etc. 

Modern Floor Home Bed Design


Sofa-cum-bed is a modern innovation of living. With urbanization, hostel culture, small apartments, high rent, etc people are looking for smart furnishing solutions. Therefore sofa-cum-bed serves the purpose. 

As the name suggests, you can use it as a sofa and convert it into bed at night or whenever you want to get some rest. It is comfortable, space-efficient, and available in different types of beds options with a seating facility. 

Sofa Cum Bed for Home

Round Beds 

Round beds and Canopy beds can be traced back to royal European culture where kings and queens use round beds larger than normal beds with designs and decoration. 

These types of home bed designs are comparatively costly and spacious to stretch and relax.  

Round beds save you from unwanted sharp edges and make you different from the crowd, because only a few retailers design and prepare different types of beds in this category on demand. 

Canopy Beds 

As mentioned above, canopy beds are also used extensively by royalty. These types of beds for home come with a canopy for hanging curtains. Curtains are useful for design as well as protection against mosquitoes, bugs, etc.

 The curtain on canopy beds also works as a sight and light to keep the bed warmer. Warmer beds are more comfortable for sleeping or spending quality time. 

You can buy from different types of beds for ornamental purposes or just a sound sleep after work. 

This is all for the passage regarding prominent beds for home improvement. Read through and refer to research for the best bed for yourself.

Canopy Designed Bed for Home

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