29 Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas In India – 2022 Edition

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When it’s a housewarming party, it’s ideal to think of housewarming gift ideas that will help make the new home complete. We mean not with everything but with useful ones. Hence, you can think about practical housewarming gifts that will have high utility and your hosts cannot thank you enough for that!

Moving to a new home is the start of an exciting journey that deserves celebration. If you’re invited to a housewarming party or Griha Pravesh, then it’s likely that the gift selection jitters have set in.

The last thing you want is for your gift to make its way to the loft. Or to be the sixth crockery set for the day. There are many housewarming gift ideas that will leave a smile on your host’s face and bring happiness to their home.

So, let’s help you out so you can make a house a home.

Housewarming gift ideas

Decorative or Practical Housewarming Gifts?

The gift you buy depends on the recipient’s needs and preferences. You don’t have to restrict yourself to practical housewarming gifts. You can also get personalized, playful gifts that add fun to the home’s atmosphere. 

Whether your host has artistic taste, loves practical gifts, or enjoys a good joke, here’s a list of housewarming gift ideas for every part of the home.

8 Housewarming Gift Ideas for the Living Room

The family room or living area is a great place to add personalized elements and decor pieces. If you’re familiar with the person’s sense of style, then you can confidently execute your griha pravesh gift ideas and help them beautify or enhance their home. Better yet, you can also take hints from our decor ideas for a small living room. Here’s a list of great gifting ideas:

1. Indoor Plants

It’s almost impossible to dislike plants. Even if your host is uncomfortable with the burden of caring for the plant, there are low-maintenance varieties that clear the air and refresh the space. Gift your friend a vibrant money plant or a cute succulent.

New house gifts include plants and planters the most nowadays. That’s because of the many benefits that they have. Green plants help keep the mind calm, bring more life to the room, great decor items, and more. You can also find out some common house plants that they might find easy to manage.

Moreover, you can choose to gift either planter for the floor indoors or some hanging plants that make the living room design complete! Hence, this stands as one of the best housewarming gift ideas of 2022!

Plant Decor Unique House Warming Gift

2. Framed Photo

You can get a framed picture of good memories or personalized drawings. If you’re not sure about what to put in the frame, don’t worry. Getting a set of frames for the wall is one of the most well-received housewarming gift ideas. If they admire the artwork, you can find handpainted abstract or traditional styles and frame them with materials that will sync with the wall.

Moreover, you can take another step and make it even better. If you have a great candid photo of them, try framing it. This way, they will have a special photograph that they can hang in the living room alongside other members!

The idea of new house gifts is to help the host complete their house with elements that will help them call home. And a personalised framed photo of themselves is one of the most thoughtful gifts that remain memorable.

Custom Frames House Warming Ceremony Gifts

3. Smart Device

If your host is tech-savvy, then housewarming ceremony gifts such as an Amazon Echo, Philips Smart Light, or an Mi Robot Vacuum, are good picks. Help them add a new member in their new living room! Smart devices not only help save the hassle but also are pretty convenient. Plus, they provide a sense of modernity in the house.

Homepod mini or Alexa can help with a few tasks that don’t need your involvement in your phone. They would be really thoughtful housewarming gift ideas for someone who is tech-savvy! If they just speak out the command for example to remind them to add carrots to the grocery list, it’s on! This way, you can make way for a luxury living room!

Hence, this is one of the gifts for house warming ceremony that you can gift your techie host to help add a new tool to their collection!

Smart Devices Housewarming Gift Ideas

4. Family Name Sign with Home Address

Amid all the flashy gifts, something personalised always wins anyone’s heart. And as one of the housewarming gift ideas, a board with the family name engraved and the new home address. What’s better than finding your new address engraved as a board that you can set outside your house? Isn’t that a sweet and thoughtful surprise?

Moreover, creating something unique also shows the effort you took to think about your hosts. It’s something that will remain memorable, special and useful. Plus, you could also craft something similar to allow them to present it in their living room near the sofa or on the wall to be visible when someone enters the house.

Also, you can look into more styles while gifting this home address design for example gifting a cushion cover with the same content. Either way, this is one of the house warming gifts India that exhibits love and care towards your host.

5. A Doormat of Style

Something simple and useful goes beyond time. A simple doormat with a subtle minimalist design is always timeless and goes with every theme. If you want to present a mat with something written on it, make sure it resonates with their personality. However, it’s best to avoid any graphic text unless you are close to them and are sure that they would enjoy it.

A simple doormat that has a chic and elegant design works best for all interior designs. It will either match or contrast both of which are art! It remains one of the classic housewarming gift ideas in India!

Moreover, you can also choose different structures of doormats: rectangles and semicircles win the race as welcome doormats! That’s because the big rectangular shape as square and circle would take too much unnecessary space.

6. An Ornate Key Holder

When you plan to gift house warming ceremony gifts, always focus on how it will make the house and their space complete. An ornate key holder might just take your thunder! After all, it’s an important addition to a new house that’s yet to settle even more. Hence, you can save your host’s pain and get an elegant one for them to cherish and put it up!

This way, every time they pass and take keys from the holder, initially, it will remind them of you. If not, with time, you already know the power your gift has over its daily utility! This is how you make it memorable with thoughtful homewarming gift ideas like this.

7. An Elegant Mirror for the Living Space

Did you know that mirrors give an illusion of more space? Not that it serves only that purpose, it makes the room more luxurious while making it more spacious. Plus, placing a mirror doubles their chances of decor. They can place a big vase on one side and a hanging lantern on the other. Hence, a complete corner decor 101!

You can choose to gift a small ornate mirror to place on the wall with a dresser in front to place the vase. Or you can present a big long mirror for the bedroom to get dressed up! And help them top it off with a small round table with a few makeup accessories to help doll up! Now, this is how you can think of housewarming gift ideas for your host!

8. Bean Bag

What’s better than laying on a shape-shifting couch and reading your favourite novel? Moreover, a bean bag makes more seating thereby making the space more friendly for gatherings. Hence, this stands as one of the homewarming gift ideas that keep the house members closer as they come together and share more!

Bring comfort and bonding together with a cosy bean bag! Talking about the colour and design, go with cold tones that not only feel cosier but also maintain slight stealth in the living room. And you’re good to go!

7 Housewarming Gift Ideas for the Dining Space

A dining space is not complete with some elements that act as the heart of it.

If your host loves an exquisite dining table set up, the following are ornaments and beautiful cutlery that are great housewarming gift ideas. They help replicate the fine dining experience.

1. Table Linen

One of the chicest Indian housewarming gifts is a set of table linen. Look for table linen with elegant design and luxurious fabric. Table linen can include table cloths, dinner napkins, table runners, placemats, etc. It helps complete the dining arrangement for a great supper, breakfast and dinner! Table linens are one of the most elegant gifts that one can give.

Moreover, you can choose a table linen set that contains the basic table cloth, plate mats, table runners, etc. They are easily washable and hence have good longevity with themselves! Whereas plastic or other materials wear off easily due to the Indian food type. You can’t stay without washing and washing will ruin plastics or other materials. Whereas table linens stay strong and hence are one of the most thoughtful house warming ceremony gifts.

Table Linen House Warming Ceremony Gifts

2. Coasters

Is the homeowner a tea or coffee addict? If yes, you can look for ways to make it organised and clean. A set of coasters are useful housewarming gifts for the dining table. Coasters range from handmade pieces to printed designs and more. And a well-built coaster will be tagging along with them around the house as beverage lovers don’t generally stick to the dining table throughout the day!

You can present them with a bunch of coasters that they can keep at every room they generally take their tea or coffee with! Maybe one for the study room, one at the nightstand, a coaster in the balcony coffee table and one, of course on the dining table. These are small but thoughtful housewarming gift ideas for your friends and family!

Unique Housewarming Gifts

3. Cutlery

Cutlery is not as boring as it used to be. Even the trademark silverware, one of the most common housewarming gift ideas, have gone through modern updates. Colours like rose gold, matte black, and gold are chic. You can step up and choose a cutlery set that’s not so common. Stainless steel set is good for health and so is brass.

In Indian households, cutlery and crockery sets are generally kept as showpieces as well! Besides using them, they go up in glass cupboards for showcasing. Plus, you would help them complete a part of their dining or kitchen space!

Useful Housewarming Gift Items

4. Decorative Vase

Amid all the Indian housewarming gifts that cater to utility within a particular room, let’s think outside the box and consider some decor. Plants and flowers of course make the space lively. But a beautiful vase is the one that attracts the guest’s eyes. Why not consider gifting a decorative vase as one of the griha pravesh gift ideas? For doubts, you can head over to understand the benefits of plants at home!

A vase- big or small does not need much space. Anyone can place a small vase on top of any table be it a study or a coffee table. And the same is for a big one too. A big vase with flowers of greens can find its place at the corner of any room. It exudes life and youth and hence is the best gift for house warming function.

Hence, talking about housewarming gift ideas, a decorative vase stands tall!

5. Personalized Mug

While talking about various gifts for a great housewarming party, personalised mugs are great for the living room! Not necessarily do you have to stick a picture of your host but you can be creative with what we mean by ‘personalised’. You can either paste only the signature of your host in full black paint or leave the entire mug in white. Or, you can simply use their signature and the phrase they use quite often.

Now, the former idea of using a common phrase you use is for those who are really close to each other. And this will be one of the most thoughtful Indian housewarming gifts as it shows the effort of the person who created it.

Plus, such housewarming gift ideas may also find their way into their bedroom or study wherever they love to have their beverage in! It will be that special!

6. A Fruit Basket

This is a thoughtful gift as it contains all healthy items for a great diet. Although you can gift a fruit basket to anyone you want, you can typically present it to someone who is on strict diet and is picky about food. You can choose to add exotic fruits that will pique their interests and maybe also add some nuts and canned items.

Typically, when we say fruit baskets it means to cover the same with a transparent plastic and attaching a beautiful bow to it. the colours within not only look good but appear great as well.

You can add kiwi, avocado, blackcurrant, berries, strawberries, and more!

7. Serving Trays

When we say serving trays, we don’t mean the regular ones. We hint at stylish serving trays for helping them equip when their guests come over. A beautiful tray is one that has enough space to hold dishes and also has a great essence to it.

Moreover, the best part about gifting serving trays is that you will see your host use it in front of you and serve you on it! Isn’t that the best return gift ever? To see your gift be used just the way you wanted?

However, now comes an important part. Understand the purpose of the tray. Will it be only to serve beverages, snacks, or full meals? Likewise, you can go for sizes and designs for such housewarming gift ideas in India.

6 Griha Pravesh Gift Ideas for the Bathroom

You can never go wrong with bathroom essentials. One of the areas guests tend to forget to think about is the bathroom. That’s even a space most homeowners neglect as well. So, let’s not let them ignore the same. As guests, let’s present them with the best gift for house warming function that they find useful in every corner in their house, even their bathrooms!

You can make the griha pravesh special with thoughtful gifts as the following. Here are a few housewarming ceremony gifts to consider:

1. Scented Soap

If your host is obsessed with the smell of vanilla, it would be thoughtful to gift him/her with a vanilla-scented soap. This is one of the meaningful housewarming gift ideas and you get extra points for choosing handmade and sustainable products.

Moreover, you can choose the quality of scented soaps. Some are only scented with elements that are not gentle on the skin. You can use organic scented soaps that not only contribute to the environment but also is great for the skin. Plus, their fragrance lingers for a long time!

House Warming Ceremony Gifts for Soap Lovers

2. Hand and Bath Towels

A luxurious and high-quality towel set for the bath would make a very useful addition to the home. If you’re looking for unique housewarming gifts, you can also personalize the towels with the host’s initials. A set of hand and bath towels are some house warming gifts India that not everyone is going to buy. So, you can go slow with the selection and pick something that appears luxurious!

Also, make sure the fabric is gentle on the skin. Go for lighter shades as they have a calming essence to them! The brighter shades are too tacky while the dark ones are also a good pick. Once you choose your set, don’t forget to wrap them up like in this picture itself!

With a great wrapping, you will make the purpose and the vibe quite evident!

Unique & Useful Housewarming Gifts

3. Shower Caddy

Storage space in the bathroom is no joke. If your host already has cabinets, then storage won’t be such a problem but accessibility will. That’s why a shower caddy is one of the best housewarming gift ideas that give immediate access to frequently used products.

Moreover, you tend to help bring all the items closer to the person bathing. Hence, utility at its best! Generally, when we apply shampoo we only use our muscle memory to grab the products near us. Our eyes remain foamed with the shampoo. So, let’s think about that and come up with a fancy shower caddy!

A cute caddy with multiple storages can be a great choice as it will allow the person to store and get things easily form there! We are sure they will thank you for such a purchase!

Practical Housewarming Gifts for Bathroom

4. Hand and body wash set

One of the most common house warming ceremony gifts is presenting a hand and body wash set! A handpicked toiletries set is a thoughtful and elegant choice! This way, you can show your love and happiness towards the new space and your host’s new life!

You already understand that no one buys luxury hand and body wash sets every now and then. Well, isn’t it a great chance to shower them with such a pick?

This way, you can make them happy and keep the gift memorable for them as their reaction becomes memorable for you! Now, this would be one of the housewarming gift ideas that would make a difference!

5. Bath bombs

Most of us know that bath bombs are some fancy DIY bath products. But did you know that they have plenty of benefits? Once released in water, bath bombs release citric acid that fizzes up. This process helps ease the damaged layers of skin. Plus, bath bombs have oils that help moisturise the skin. Therefore, if you bathe using bath bombs, your skin is left soft and supple!

Again, this is something that Indian households don’t use often. Hence, you can gift this to show your love and care with one of these unique housewarming gifts. One of the housewarming gift ideas is also DIY bath salts that have ample benefits.

6. Scented candles

The bathroom becomes a vibe as you complete the setup with some good old scented candles! With this, you allow your hosts to use it at a time when they are exhausted and need some me-time. At night or in the late evening, the use of scented candles just creates the entire setting!

Moreover, they are great decor elements for candlelight dinners at home!

5 Useful Housewarming Gifts for the Kitchen Area

Another space that goes overlooked is the kitchen. Hence, guests don’t really think of housewarming gift ideas thoughtfully. Most guests will cover the traditional ones like buying a dining plate set. But let’s help you choose something different with this list. The kitchen area is a great workspace with unending needs. That is why it’s easy to choose useful housewarming gifts. Here are a few:

1. Dish Towels

The kitchen area needs consistent cleaning. A dish towel will keep the dishes dry and sparkly clean. You can gift plenty of dish towels in a set that allows for easy cleaning. Thereby, you save them the hassle to hunt for a towel at a good price.

Moreover, you help save the hassle.

Useful Housewarming Gifts for Kitchen Use

2. Air Fryer

How about a tool and something new for quick snacks? The air fryer is every house’s want but not all would buy. But you can bring one for them. An air fryer just adds so much more to the kitchen’s life. This way, you’d just allow them to have quick evening snacks.

Did you know that food made in an air fryer is healthier than ones made in oil? So, yes, your host will be thanking you for this gift!

3. Spice Jars

Every Indian home loves its spices. A good quality spice jar will hold all the spices and retain their flavour every time. It’s easily one of the go-to housewarming gift ideas. Now, not many can think of spice jars. Here, we are talking about spice jars that are simple and spacious!

Plus, you can help them with labels as well! This would be a great help and a memorable gift!

Homewarming gift ideas for Daily Use

4. Coffee maker

While most gifts for house warming ceremony are typically for the kitchen, you can try avoiding the dinner plate set and jump to something new. Something they might not have or may crave. A coffee maker might just be the right pick as not many Indian households have the same. You can choose different versions of coffee makers. Maybe the french press, or the filter coffee tools, etc.

However, the coffee maker would be something that they need in their kitchen. Better yet, if they are coffee lovers, your host will cherish your gift!

5. Rice cooker

Traditionally, we have utensils for making rice. But some tools just pace up the process limiting the hassles and the mess. So, a rice cooker may just be one of the best housewarming gift ideas for your host’s new abode! This way, you will relieve them to run to the oven and check if it’s done or not. They can put it on and allow the machine to decide if it’s complete or not!

3 Homewarming Gift Ideas for Bedroom

The bedroom is everyone’s temple. So, let’s help you find something that’s actually good! The most personal space of all, the bedroom has the potential for all sorts of griha pravesh gift ideas.

Better yet, have a look at the ideas for a complete bedroom makeover to take cues! You may choose items that help your host come closer to themselves. Here are the most useful housewarming gift ideas for the bedroom:

1. Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are great for hiding bedroom clutter and improving organization. Make sure you follow a certain theme or get a heads up from the recipient.  Storage baskets allow them to create additional space for keeping items that have nowhere to go otherwise. Sometimes, people also store personal belongings in storage baskets. Plus, they also make up for an aesthetic element.

house warming ceremony gifts for laundry use

2. Oil Diffuser

A diffuser freshens up the room and relaxes the mind. It’s a great addition to the bedroom and could be considered as one of the unique housewarming gifts. A room that smells good makes the person in it feel good as well. It changes the whole vibe of the room to something cleaner and more serene than it was!

You can also try gifting potpourri for the same purpose. It is milder than the oil diffuser!

Aesthetic Housewarming Gift Ideas

3. Bedding Set

Bedding is one of the most useful housewarming gifts. You can be sure that your gift won’t remain unused. If you’re not sure what kind to get, consider the fabric, and also stick to neutral themes. One of the most common housewarming gift ideas is the bedding set.

But, try not to stick to the convention and experiment with colours. You can look at some chic bedding decor ideas to find cues. We recommend sticking to whiter colours as they are conducive to sleep!

Useful Griha Pravesh Gift Ideas

No matter what housewarming gift ideas pop up in your head, make sure you know your host and their taste well enough. Gifts don’t have to be a surprise. You can always let them choose exactly what they want so that you fulfil their need perfectly. 

With a meaningful gift in hand, you can now enjoy the celebration and wish your friends the best of times in their new home.  

Frequently Asked Questions on Housewarming Gift Ideas 2022 in India

What are some thoughtful gifts for house warming ceremony in India?

You can make your new house gifts to your host memorable with these gifts that show your effort to give something unique and useful.

  • Family name and address placard
  • A cutlery set
  • An elegant dinner set
  • A personalised mug and a coaster set
  • A set of scented candles
  • Table linen set

What is the best gift for house warming function in India?

The best house warming gifts India is always something that has a personal touch and which has a lot of utility! Here are some examples for you to draw cues from:

  • An ornate key holder
  • A painting for the living space
  • A framed candid photograph of the person
  • A smart device
  • Plants and planters to bring life
  • A chic wine rack
  • Spacious storage baskets
  • Luxury bedding items
  • Bath and body wash or lotion set
  • Coffee maker
  • Rice cooker
  • Air Fryer

What are some new house gifts in India that you can give?

Gifts show your love and care towards the person you are giving. It’s also important to give something that’s important for the occasion. And you can be creative with it. A useful item or something that has a personal essence to it is the best gift for house warming function. Better yet, let’s hand you a list:

  • An ornate key holder
  • A box filled with traditional Indian sweets
  • A painting for the living space
  • Fresh baked goods
  • A framed candid photograph of the person
  • Spice jars with labels
  • A smart device
  • Plants and planters to bring life
  • An ornate idol for the entry table
  • A chic wine rack
  • A cosy luxe blanket
  • Spacious storage baskets
  • Luxury bedding items
  • A personalised reminder of their last home
  • Bath and body wash or lotion set
  • Coffee maker
  • Rice cooker
  • Oil Diffuser
  • Air Fryer

What are some practical housewarming gifts that will have high utility?

Gifts with high utility for the home are ones that reduce workload or add to the vibe. Here is a small list of example:

  • Cooking accessories
  • Table lamps, floor lamps
  • Decor for the living wall
  • Handpicked Indian sweets
  • Packed set of selected fresh fruits

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