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5 Best Ways to Make Your House A Home

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Your house is your space, but your home is your haven- which is why they say “home is where your heart is”. Furniture, walls and ornaments can make a house, but what does it take to make a house a home? Read on to find out!

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Simple Ways to Make Your House a Home

Home is an emotion consisting of safety, warmth, peace and serenity. It is a place where you feel the most like you belong. So in order for you to make your house a home, your space needs to be as personalised as possible.

Here are some decor ideas for a small living room that can help you transform your modern dream house into your happy place:

1. Display Your Personality

The only way to make your home design personal to you is to reflect who you are. Here are a few simple ways to infuse that into your decor:

  • Pictures that take you down memory lane, 
  • Souvenirs from your travels
  • Family Ornaments, 
  • Unique hand-me-downs 
  • Neon signs with your favourite quotes
  • Movie posters
  • Fragments of your childhood- old furniture, board games, old radio, etc.

An eye-grabbing way to display all of these could be either on your wall or even on a gorgeous bookshelf.

2. Green Makes it Serene

If you’re wondering, “how do I make my home a relaxing environment?”, look no further than adding a few fresh greens. Nothing makes you feel more positive and at peace than a few natural elements to make your home design come to life. 

Plants are not only visually refreshing, but they have proven scientific value to your health as well. There are several benefits of plants like:

  • Improves the indoor air quality- especially in polluted city life, you should come home to an environment that lets you breathe easy
  • Improves your work motivation- working from home has got all of us exhausted with little work-life balance, so some green not only makes your house a home but a great work environment as well.
  • Can help reduce anxiety and stress- With a fast-paced world, your home should be the one to ground you, and plants are an ideal way to do just that.

3. Make it Welcoming for Guests

Often when you look to build your dream home, you tend to wonder “how do I make my home cosy for me?” However, we often don’t consider making our house a home for those who visit us as well. After all, how you make them feel is how they are going to remember you.

Here are a few ways in which your home could be an abode for your visitors as well:

  • Ensure comfortable seating- Your couch is a reflection of your hospitality as well. The more comfortable they are when seated, the longer they’ll feel welcome to stay. Invest in a couch designed to pamper the user. 
  • Add healthy snacks- Place a bowl of nuts, raisins, or even fresh fruits on the table for the guests to help themselves. It’ll be a mindless yet safe option for you to munch on while you binge-watch shows on your couch as well.
  • Display a spread of assorted reading- Your coffee table isn’t just for newspapers, but interesting magazines and novels as well. Leave out a range of magazines & for your guests’ interests- such as fashion, entertainment, finance, homecare, etc. You can also add a few of the best books to read for beginners such as Harry Potter Illustrated Books etc.
  • Play music they like- A bit of music in the background, especially from artists they enjoy, will get them to feel at home much faster than most other attempts at hospitality. 

4. Have Personal Corners

You can only expect to make your house a home if it is functional for your usage. When we are constantly surrounded by people, your home can be your only escape to feel connected to yourself again.

If your children enjoy reading, create a reading corner for kids. If you enjoy gardening, transform your balcony into a home garden. If you enjoy travelling, fill your room with travel memories and goals as well. It is essential that you make your home design in such a way that it nurtures your individuality.

build your home with personal corners

5. Allow for natural lighting

In the office spaces and public buildings, the ventilation and lighting are artificial- from tube lights and AC ducts. However, when you’re trying to make your house a home, bask yourself in natural sunlight and breeze from open windows.

Natural sunlight stimulates you to feel fresh, active, and optimistic about your day. Similarly, a light evening breeze is always more inviting to relax in than the frosty air of your office buildings.

In order to achieve this, when you build your dream home, all you need to do is ensure that you have incorporated large windows, with light-coloured curtains.

No matter how you modify your space, the essential element in making your house a home is by adding your personal touch to it. This involves spending quality time at home, ensuring that it is functionally effective, and filling up your rooms with as much of your interests and memories as possible. 

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