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Create a Home that Grows Up with Your Child. Here’s What You Need to Know.

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As your child grows up, having a home that matures with them is important to their development. When direct surroundings shape so much of one’s character, having a home that evolves with you is necessary. Wakefit brings to you four major ways through which you can transform your home as your child grows up. 

1. Move from Crib to Bed 

As your baby grows older, making the move from crib to bed is a first. Not only will this change allow for more freedom, but will also make your child adjust to their slowly expanding surroundings. If you are someone that focuses on space optimisation, a crib-cum-bed is your best choice. A change that should be slow and gradual, your baby can have a smooth transition into higher development stages. 

2. Paint the Walls 

A change that is often underrated is colour. The paint on your house walls greatly affects the mood and tone of a situation and even controls your day-to-day emotions. All parents love to paint their children’s rooms bright and happy, and nothing is wrong with that! Bright colours are known to incite feelings of joy, and babies love them. However, if you want to make your home evolve with your child, gradually shift to lighter, muted tones. Lighter colours give a sense of maturity, and help you focus on your tasks better without being too distracting. 

3. Creating an Eco-Friendly Household

It is impossible not to prepare children for the future. With the pace at which the planet is pushing ahead, it is important to inculcate qualities of conservation and responsibility in young ones. Teach your children through your house! By creating an eco-friendly household, not only will your children fall into the process of sustainability, but you will also bring a positive change in your lifestyle. 

4. Less is More 

Heard of the term “less is more”? This might come in handy if you’re trying to create a space  that is comfortable for your child. A cluttered space means a cluttered mind, and the earlier one imbibes organisational values, the better! Minimalism has been on the rise over the past few years for a reason, the less junk you have lying around, the lighter you feel. With organisational gadgets and decor, you create your dream home while having unnecessary items out of the way. 

Wakefit’s Must-Haves for Creating the Perfect Kids Room

1. 2-in1 Megatron Sheesham Wood Crib Cum Bed

With this wood crib cum bed, you have a multifunctional wonder at your hands. As your baby grows, you can shift the crib into a bed, saving up on space and extra expenditure. What’s more, your baby will not have to undergo a sudden environmental change! The Megatron Sheesham Wood Crib Cum Bed is soft and perfectly sized to give your baby the best experience. 

2. Leatherette Bean Bag

Bean bags mean fun. By bringing a simple item such as a bean bag into your kid’s room, you can provide quality seating and a great entertainment source! Bean bags exude the fun energy required in a young child’s life, so why not change the decor and add coolness to the room? 

3. Athena Study Table

At Wakefit, we provide an extensive range of study tables. With different storage and height options, you’re sure to find a perfect match with us. Choosing the right study table for your child is important; it can determine their motivation to learn and level of engagement. With the Athena study table, you will not only get a study table that does the job, but you will also get a table that looks good in a room. Place it in any corner, and you won’t regret it! 

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4. Burns Bookshelf 

A bookshelf is a great investment to make and is something that belongs in your room, no matter the age. With our Burns bookshelf, you get a great platform to display your book collection and a place where you can display little pieces of decor. As your child grows, allow them to decorate their bookshelf with goodies, making the piece great for storage and decor!

Creating a house that changes along with the times can seem overwhelming, but why worry when you’ve got Wakefit? With our wide range of products and designs, you will always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. When you think of a beautiful home, think of Wakefit.

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